Mandate Scomo so short-sighted and PC-ignorant of Australia’s indebted billions, Chinese renewables and mass immigration

Busy working Australians have voted to reject Greens-Labor coalition’s neo-communist threats of taxing to death working Peters to subsidise lazy Pauls.  Decent Australians have voted to reject:

  • Knuckle-dragging Third World invasion
  • Greens-imposed Stone Age blackouts
  • Venezuelan welfarism, extreme poverty and civil riot?
  • Mexican gang criminality
  • Islamic deviance
  • Soviet censorship

Basically, to any incoming lot…any intending import must adhere to:

  • Renouncing anti-Australianism
  • First World civility
  • Australian patriotism
  • Reading and Writing English
  • Supporting legitimate small business
  • Never relying upon taxpayer funded welfare

So where is Australia’s bold vision for affordable energy, water security, small business viability and sustainable population?

Scomo has a mandate after the Liberals won the national election by a majority on May 18, 2019.

Yet where is Scomo on addressing Australia’s national interest and the prospects of Ordinary Australians who voted Lib Scott ahead of Lab Bill.

  • So ‘where the bloody hell are you?‘ ..walking the affordable coal talk?
  • Where are the new HELE coal-fired power stations announced to replace Liddell, Hazelwood, Mount Piper, Bayswater, Muja, Playford, Yallourn, and Redbank to restore affordable Australian decent living standards and local business competitive advantage?

  • Mandated Scomo you have installed some population fairy, but no immigration gatekeeper to stem White Flight from our capital cities.  The shire squire needs to get out of his comfort zone to witness the crime wave of ethnic ghettos infesting Australia
    • Third World Savagery
    • Greedy drug related

Australia’s police and emergency service professionals are repeatedly opping military-style assault from both these ethics, yet denied side-arms

  • Mandate Scomo blindly perpetuates leftie Rudd-Turncoat’s renewable subsidies to foreign solar and windfarms, all thieved from Australian taxpayer wealth.

  • So why stupid tax cuts when the national government debt is half a billion and annual the interest cost $20 billion, you uneconomic dumb shits?
  • Meanwhile Scom continues to let the multinationals avoid billions in tax, cult elite leftists to pursue Paris Climate wealth re-distribution, deviance and irrelevant curricula in schools so only scab foreigners get jobs, and to perpetuate Third World dumping on Australia to send Aussie farmers and businesses to the suicide heap.

Labor’s shadow puppets have since managed to scam they way out of the post-election public scrutiny by skidaddling to Japan for some irrelevant yet indulgent 5-star business class trip on the Australian taxpayer purse.  Australians did indeed just dodge a leftist bullet.

Labor’s elite socialists in attendance – all entitlement funded by taxpayers just like union slush.


Scomo’s GDP growth is urban and despite per capita Australians.

A stronger economy and future for whom, Scomo?  High-rised immigrants?

White Flight and White Suicide is excluded from GDP metrics – Canberra pollies and bureaucrats get their lurks and perks irrespectively.