Why the Liberals are failing Australians while the lapdog Gnats do nothing

Turncoat’s coalition team is in election mode, and launching in Sydney of course.

In America, ‘liberals’ are of the Left of politics. Turncoat’s trumpeting of liberal values holds true because he is of the Left and no different to Bill Shorten’s union stoked Labor lefties. Bill 2019 will just be a Kevin ’07 under the CFMEU thumb.

Liberal Party’s 5 Pillars to undermine First World Australia

  1. Overdependence on imperialist China for everything – imports, exports, cash, polly donations, fake students, and owning Oz
  2. Duped by the Renewables cult hurtling Australian homes and industry into a looming energy crisis
  3. Mass immigration devaluing our cities with Third World congestion, sardine high-rise, unaffordability and ethnic crime
  4. Good debt Scomo’s $600 Billion debt exposing the nation to a Depression (as if Rudd’s $250 billion debt wasn’t bad enough)
  5. Free trade globalism for foreigners to dump on Australian businesses and jobs, so we can all live like Venezuelans

And the elitist Gnats like adulterous Barney watch on in dumb silence while real Australia is ignored and left to die a slow death.

The Labor alternative is to jump from the frying pan into the fire – the boats will be back, the incompetency will return, the debt spiral will perpetuate.

Many Australians feel helpless at election times.  So more and more disaffected Aussies are voting informally.

Election 2007, 2013, 2019…different year, same outcome.