Victorian Liberals under Denis Napthine will grow Melbourne out to Ballarat

The Victorian Liberals are about real sprawl to supply stronger immigration!

Big Australia demands a Big Melbourne pushing into a bigger urban Victoria.  The Victorian Liberal Coalition Government’s election platform declares that it wants to unlock regional Victoria’s growth potential to accommodate a seriously Greater Melbourne.

Liberal Greater Melbourne

Liberal Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, last May said, “Unlocking the growth potential of regional Victoria so it can accommodate a greater proportion of the State’s growth will create a ‘state of cities’ where there are greater choices for people about where to live, work or start a business.”

He has even set up a Rural Council Planning Flying Squad to fast track progress development in regional cities like Ballarat, Bendigo, Moe and Geelong so they can seamlessly become Greater Melbourne.   The Great Ocean Road is set to become the Great South Coast.

“It’s all about growth and re-invigorating rural cities and towns to offer more affordable housing choices, employment and infrastructure.”, claims Guy.

The 200,000 immigrants landing in Melbourne every year need to be housed somewhere and with congestion out of control, towns like Ballarat are considered to be the new frontier for Victorian Government departments employing foreigners.  For instance, Denis Napthine has just announced that VicRoads public servants are going to be forced to move from Kew in inner eastern Melbourne, right out to Ballarat.  Of course Melburnians employed by VicRoad won’t uproot to the goldfields, so the Liberal Party’s promised 400 VicRoads workers will mainly be immigrants.  They will have to be trained and relocated at taxpayer expense.

Liberal Premier Denis Napthine is all about growth – growth in population, sprawl and congestion.   More immigrants mean more economic demand.  So Napthine is creating 200,000 jobs for 200,000 immigrants.  That is just for 2015. What about the 200,000 each year thereafter?

Victorian Premier Denis NapthineGrowth is good for my economic performance

Napthine is set to spend $5.2 billion of Victorian tax wealth to train 850,000 immigrants who now call themselves Victorians, in order to ensure they get the skills needed for jobs now and into the future.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East and Latin America will be able to construct new houses in massive land releases 200km from Melbourne and beyond.

Urban Growth Zone Victoria 2012

To get them to work in Melbourne, the Victorians Liberals want to build a $27 billion transport and infrastructure programme that will employ 27,000 immigrants, from office-based engineering and design roles to onsite roadworks and building and construction jobs, plus the thousands of small businesses that support them.

Denis can get the immigrants to work as soon as they get of the plane with his new Airport Rail Link.  Then there’s the $21.9 million to establish a Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Trades at the Chisholm Institute in Frankston.   Frankston is to become the new skills training hub for asylum seekers from Melbourne ethnic south-east (Dandenong to Narre Warren).   The new ‘Spot-the-Aussie’ Cranbourne-Pakenham Rail Corridor will funnel non-whites to the Liberal Party’s new jobs centres.    It all builds on the success of the Napthine Government’s 78 outbound trade missions such as to Singapore and Latin America, as well as establishing an inbound programme for skilled immigrants on 457 visas.

At 4.4 million, Melbourne’s greater population is scary.  Continual immigration encouragement is forecast to almost double Melbourne’s swelling population to 7.7 million by 2051.  And Liberal Mr Guy says “population growth is good for the state“, just like multiculturalism.

Melbourne Multiculturalism

Melbourne is on track to be Ankara or Shanghai sprawl downunder – rooves and road rage to the horizon.

In Victoria, both major parties accept that Melbourne will get bigger, much bigger, and that growth is good. More people means a greater demand for goods and services, more houses and the creating of more jobs. Grow the population, grow the state. Both Labor and the Liberals think that by continuing this immigration-dependent policy it will also boost the ratio of workers to retirees.

Rational voters need to recognise the pluralistic ignorance of the economic new clothes worn by Liberal and Labor.

Since Australia First Party is regrettably not running in the Victorian State Election for 2014 (may be), voters could do a lot worse considering People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters.

People Power VictoriaThis new party has deep distrust of both Liberal and Labor.  Ordinary Victorians are being treated with disdain by government departments and by privatised utility providers.

Make your vote a protest vote.  Remember dumb votes and donkey votes by law just return the incumbent bastards.