The Australian Peoples’ Movement of Australia First announces the release of the Aboriginal Dreaming Flag for Australia, representing our Aboriginal Races by encompassing and displaying elements of

Aboriginality is the core of the design.

The organic symbolism of the design consists of,

  1. The background of the flag represents the sandy soil of our ancient continent.
  2. The Rainbow Serpent represents the giver and director of life in Aboriginal mythology.
  3. The boomerangs of different sizes reflect the physiology of the three major races that migrated into the continent over the centuries.

The design reflects values to aid knowledge of traditional Aboriginality, for objective cultural education, and for ensuring the biological-based survival of our Sacred Aboriginal races, an integral component of

Australianism, the Political Theory of Australia First. The flag compliments the development of our Aboriginal Program to secure these directions.

Flags and T-shirts are in the process of being printed and can be purchased in due course.

The Copyright on behalf of Australia First is held by 
B Witiyana Walsh. Reproduction via social/public media in order.