Sydney tourism at a stand still and Sarah Hanson Young has gone all quiet

The Muslim asylum seeker this week effectively killed Santa in downtown Sydney. Safe shopping is over.  Lindt Chocolates will never be able to recruit staff again in Martin Place.

Who’d walk in to buy a coffee?  The risk is not worth it.

A hostage runs towards a police officer outside Lindt cafe, where other hostages are being held, in central Sydney

Pro-asylum seeker Senator Sarah Hanson Young has gone all quiet since the Iranian Asylum Seeker terrorised a Sydney chocolate shop, the entire city and lead to the loss of life of two innocent Sydneysiders.

Who would trust to walk Sydney’s city streets when thousands of Islamists have ghettoed themselves across south-west Sydney?  It all exacerbated under the Rudd-Gillard Labor era 2007-2013 when we had no borders.

Nearly half a million Islamists now inhabit Sydney.  Every month a new mosque is sought. And Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just announced plans to unleash an international airport at Badgerys Creek to attract more of them.

Police are now swarming the Sydney CBD.  Police Operation Hammerhead has been reactivated following the Martin Place Terrorism Siege this week.   General duties officers are typically supported by officers from specialist commands such as the Dog Squad, the Public Order, mounted police and Riot Squad and tactical police.

Sydney Shopping

New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Fuller has announced plans for high-visibility policing operations across the state for 24 hours a day over the next three weeks.

Downtown Sydney remains unsafe.  Sporting fixtures and other large-scale public events will also be patrolled. Muslims could arrive by train from Lakemba without any warning.

Police Operation Hammerhead was first used in September this year (2014) following a string of counter-terrorism raids across Sydney and Brisbane.  The raids, which saw two people later charged with various offences, followed a reported threat to publicly “behead” an Australian in Martin Place.

Sydney CBD
Pitt Street Mall, downtown Sydney during the Muslim riots
Termite-eaten flag needs Rentokil

Rentokil for Islam

Known violent hotspots identified by police include Martin Place, Circular Quay, ethnic Parramatta, and Muslim-dominated suburbs of south-western Sydney centred around Lakemba, Bankstown, Punchbowl, Mount Druitt and Liverpool.

Assistant Commissioner Mick Fuller, who commands Sydney’s Metropolitan Local Area Command, led Hammerhead previously and is considered the NSW Police Force’s go to man for counter-terrorism related duties.

Sarah Hanson Young will cry and demand taxpayer sympathy for anyone who is foreign to our shores, non-White and cannot speak English.   To the bitch, such a person is assured future voter for her Leftist socialist politics.

Sarah Flood-Gate YoungSarah Hanson Young:    “This is just more cruelty at the cost of Australia’s generous heart and it is trashing our global reputation.”
– THE GUARDIAN OF THE LEFT, August 4, 2013



Greens Party refugee advocate, Sarah Hanson Young, is loyal to any breed of foreigners seeking asylum in Australia for what ever reason.  Sarah Hanson Young has closer political ties with Middle Eastern emigrants than with Australians.  Some generations ago , she would be tried for treachery and for being a traitor to her nation.

Liberal and Labor’s joint unAustralian policy of Gough Whitlam’s “multiculturalism ideology” allows the socialist Trojan Horse infiltration of Australian traditional values.

The Australian Greens are considering changing their name.

Asylum Seeker Party” would seem most suitable, given the passions of The Greens’ senators.  Yet voter support in Sydney would be hard to convince.  One fact is certain. The Greens no longer stand for conserving Australian conservation.

Islamic Riot in SydneySydney’s Hyde Park