Sydney Terror Hostage Killings – two politicians culpable hiding under the bed

Sydney is not safe.  New York is probably safer.

At 2am Sydney time, whatever the slow investigation finds, killed hostages were lawyer Katrina Dawson and Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson – both local Sydneysiders.

Lindt Cafe Hostage CasualitiesThese two people matter, not the political excuses


One trying to save his staff and customers, the other protecting her pregnant colleague. Crikey, who could ask for more of ordinary Australians going about their business suddenly entrapped by foreign ideological terrorism in a quality Sydney chocolate shop?

Attractive Sydney is a victim of abuse by national immigration policy, border protection policy, asylum seeker policy, bail law makers, lenient criminal courts, distracted national intelligence and politically-correct police command.

Martin Place Lindt Cafe Terrorist Attack

The Lindt Cafe Terrorist Attack shows that no Australian can feel safe or can trust our governments to protect us from foreign harm – borne foreign or of foreign offspring.

Katrina Dawson (38) mother of three and a top bright Sydney barrister and Tori Johnson (34) the loyal manager of the Lindt Cafe.  They are heroes in this tragedy.  They risked their own lives saving others. It was just Martin Place and it was just a chocolate shop where office workers could get good coffee.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore is urging locals to return to the CBD after the Martin Place siege to boost retail Christmas sales:  “Nothing has changed”.

Go hide under a rock Clover, you insensitive spin doctor.

Islamic Terrorism

The two politicians culpable hiding under the bed?

  • New South Wales former Attorney General Greg Smith who on May 1 2013 introduced the lenient bill that would become the Bail Act 2013.
  • Greens Senator Christine Milne and her Gangrene Party encouraging the asylum seeker flood to poison Australian society.

If Greg Smith and Christine Milne have any morals, they need to each address the people of Sydney in Martin Place this week and explain their political excuses.

Man Haron MonisA fake refugee to Australia, come Islamic Terrorist