A document made by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) was recently forced to be released under freedom of information laws, revealing the agenda behind the Voice. In this document, it is shown that the advocates for the Voice are plotting to usher in what they refer to as a “treaty”. A treaty will be used to usher in changes such as reparations, financial settlements, tax changes, land changes, and more. The Voice is the bureaucratic body that will be used to destroy Australia. They wish to also change the Australian flag to an abomination as seen below:


From the document…


“In addition to interest in a Treaty, on this first day of the Dialogue, people put forward a
range of other ideas for change, including reserved seats in parliament, an Aboriginal
Assembly or Parliament across Australia, Aboriginal self-government, a Charter of Rights and
Freedoms or a Bill of Rights, limits on federal law-making to guard against racist or
detrimental legislation, a provision that protects Aboriginal rights like section 35 of the
Canadian Constitution, and the Aboriginal flag in the corner of the Australian flag.”




“The Dialogues discussed who would be the parties to Treaty, as well as the process, content
and enforcement questions that pursuing Treaty raises. In relation to process, these questions
included whether a Treaty should be negotiated first as a national framework agreement under
which regional and local treaties are made. In relation to content, the Dialogues discussed that
a Treaty could include a proper say in decision-making, the establishment of a truth
commission, reparations, a financial settlement (such as seeking a percentage of GDP), the
resolution of land, water and resources issues, recognition of authority and customary law, and
guarantees of respect for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.169 In
relation to enforcement, the issues raised were about the legal force the Treaty should have,
and particularly whether it should be backed by legislation or given constitutional force.”