Replacement Migration – The term coined by the United Nations is the official agenda against YOU! 


“Replacement Migration” (literal meaning) is the term used to refer to the establishment’s agenda in flooding (primarily) White-majority countries with foreigners and replacing them. This term was referenced in a press report on the United Nations website: and as a more in-depth document:

The justification for this agenda they use is it “would be needed to offset declines in the size of population, the declines in the population of working age, as well as to offset the overall ageing of a population” (source: UN’s document on Replacement Migration as referenced below). So, in other words, because fertility rates are negative – Instead of attempting to revive the fertility rates, they would rather flood and replace the host country with foreigners.



“Focusing on these two striking and critical trends, the present study addresses the question of
whether replacement migration is a solution to declining and ageing populations. Replacement migration
refers to the international migration that would be needed to offset declines in the size of population, the
declines in the population of working age, as well as to offset the overall ageing of a population.”


“According to the United Nations population projections (medium variant), Japan and virtually all
the countries of Europe are expected to decrease in population size over the next 50 years. For example,
the population of Italy, currently 57 million, is projected to decline to 41 million by 2050. The Russian
Federation is expected to decrease from 147 million to 121 million between 2000 and 2050. Similarly,
the population of Japan, currently 127 million, is projected to decline to 105 million by 2050.”


So what is causing this decline? Because of the lack of thorough research explaining this phenomenon, largely we can only make educated guesses as to why: Introduction of more contraceptive methods, Feminism getting women into the workforce instead of being with kids at home, a steady decline in Christianity and its followers (Christians have a higher fertility rate than non-Christians), microplastics damaging the body including the endocrine system, mass vaccinations with adjuvants and sterilants in it – To name a few. Considering that the establishment has promoted pretty much all of these changes – One can argue with a lot of evidence that they are the culprits in this fertility and population decline.


Note that in their documents, they, for the most part, are attempting to speak objectively on the matter of “Replacement Migration” and covering the issue itself; however, they are rarely seen to admit taking steps towards it in these documents. This is because these documents would’ve provided the framework to facilitate the now active immigration policies, which are causing a flooding of the countries they referenced. The press report on their website was from 17 March 2000, and the more in-depth document is from 21 March 2000. 23 years after the creation of these documents proves that “Replacement Migration” is now very active.




The establishment is largely responsible for this decline, so their solution to the problem they created is to mix different ethnicities and destroy homogeneity. This “Replacement Migration” is very relevant to Australia and is the driving factor as to why immigration is so high. Their justification is the population is not growing, nor is the workforce, so they need to get it from somewhere else. Why not start programs to encourage more kids? Why not run campaigns encouraging Australians to have more babies? Why not reward them with a sum of money when they do have more babies? All of this is possible for a Government which isn’t hellbent on promoting a Globalist agenda. Instead, they would rather flood Australia with foreigners and attempt to undo all that our ancestors built.


The United Nations’ agenda on “Replacement Migration” is them showing their hand. They realise that the majority of the world’s population is too docile and dumbed down to realise the significance of this, so they can wave it in people’s faces while using bad sugarcoated excuses to justify it. They do this as an attempt to normalise and mainstream their agendas. By Nationalists understanding that they commonly use this tactic – It means we have readily available and ADMITTED information to use to persuade people that there is a serious problem. All we have to do is articulate it well for the average Australian.