Sarah Hanson Young directs Australian charity to illegals

Queen of the illegals, Sarah Hanson Young, continues her foreign aligned treason against Australians and our national sovereignty.

Every public comment this wicked bitch exhales and Australian taxpayer dollar that she gets her hands on goes in support of her third world contraband campaign.  Hanson’s loyalty is to anyone bar Australians.  With her birthplace and misandrist frustrations, she should extricate herself to the dark places her foreign loyalties lie.

Witch Hanson Young

Guess we’re not on the sad bitch’s Chrissie card list.

But in our first world Australia, according to the Smith Family charity, a staggering one in ten Australian children continue to live in financial disadvantage; their families or carers can only provide the bare necessities.

But instead of needy Australian children being looked after, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young in the weeks leading up to Christmas worked with Save the Children to get hundreds of toys to the children of 109 illegals in detention on Nauru.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army fundraising saw it diverting Australian charity to illegals in offshore processing centres.  Under Gillard Labor, the Salvos were contracted to provide “emotional support, humanitarian assistance and general education and recreation programs” to asylum seekers in detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island.

What foreign invading scum are we dealing with here?

Recently, a 28-year-old Iranian illegal was arrested in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee and charged with one count of aggravated people smuggling.  Police will allege he was involved in organising an asylum seeker boat that capsized on the way to Christmas Island in March this year, leaving two people dead.

Also, Australian police are investigating a report that a female asylum seeker in detention on Christmas Island has been raped in Christmas Island’s Aqua Compound by another asylum seeker – her fellow illegal.  Nice culture.

In November 2013, an illegal was remanded over the savage rape of a woman with down syndrome aboard a train in Sydney.

In 2012, Afghan illegal, Esmatullah Sharifi (30) was sentenced for the brutal rape of an 18-year-old woman who he offered a lift after they met outside a Melbourne nightclub in 2008.  Sharifi is already serving a prison term for a similar rape five days later.

Still, Greens Morticia turns a blind eye to illegal ‘scallywagging‎’.

Turn dem boats back and if d’ invading scum give lip, encourage em with Mark 75ers.  Nice rough justice and all.  Serving Australia with pride, luv ya work!

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