Deport criminal Russell Packer and sue NZ for damages

New Zealand immigrant Newcastle Knights player, Russell Packer (24), has today pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in Martin Place, Sydney

Last year Packer while intoxicated and abusive, refused to leave the licensed Crystal Bar in Martin Place around 1 am on Saturday November 23, 2013.  Outside the venue Packer then repeatedly punched a Summer Hill man (22) unconscious then stomped on the victim’s head inflicting a fractured eye socket and two fractured bones.

Today the Magistrate Greg Grogan of the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney said Packer’s behaviour was cowardly and deplorable, and has sentenced Packer to two years’ gaol.

Packer has form.  Last June Packer was fined $15,000 for urinating in his shorts during an NRL match at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

Russell Packer NZ Criminal
Packer is a criminal convicted of a serious violent offence.  He rightly deserves gaol time.

Packer is an immigrant to Australia, who has arrived conditionally on the basis of accepting and complying with Australian laws and values.  Packer has been found by an Australian court to have fundamentally breached our laws and values on our Australian soil.  So like the just law of any nation, immigrant Packer has forfeited his conditional rights to remain in Australia.

Australians have standards for immigrants arriving on trust and we’ve had a gut full of immigrants abusing that trust.

Ethnic thugs are unwelcome in Australia.  Get the message!

NZ’s Russell Packer, like all foreign-born criminals upon sentencing, deserves to have his Australian residency automatically revoked, his Australian citizenship automatically revoked (if he has acquired citizenship), and expect to be deported immediately back to New Zealand, the nation from whence he came.

Packer must serve out his imposed sentence in commensurate custody there.

A lifetime ban on re-entry to Australia must also be imposed on Packer.

Foreign born criminals have no right to burden Australians by overcrowding Australian gaols at great cost to Australian taxpayers.  Why should we?  Australian gaols are only for Australian criminals.

Russell Packer’s criminal damage costs inflicted on his victim need to be tallied and invoiced by the Australian Government to the New Zealand Government.  It is up to the New Zealand Government whether they pass on the costs to Packer to repay.

The associated legal costs of the trial also need to be recompensed by the New Zealand Government to the Australian Government, since it is one of New Zealand’s own that has caused these costs.

Russell Packer is an antisocial alcoholic and now a convicted criminal.

He is unwanted in Australia.  Piss him off.