Salvos Red Shield Appeal funds illegal refugees, while they knowingly employ pedophiles

Donations to the Salvation Army make their way to supporting and encouraging illegals in this country.  The Salvos have lost their way (if ever legitimate) becoming an onshore Oxfam, side-lining needy Australians.


The Salvos claim to be focusing on Australia’s homelessness and the 2017 slick bleeding heart television advertisement misleading shows a single mother with blonde hair and blue eyes.  They pay propagandist agencies to run ads psychologically tugging at heartstrings.  This is another one: Not worth playing – they’re all paid actors. 

Typical 60 second TV adverts like this cost upwards of $400,000.

It’s all crap.

Salvos website:

“The Salvation Army operates migrant and refugee assistance programs in each state. These offer a range of different programs including financial and material aid, personal support and access to mainstream community networks…The acceptance of The Salvation Army’s programs by migrants is evident through the growing number of migrants who maintain contact with The Salvation Army. In some cases they have established Salvation Army churches, worshipping in their language of origin. Their involvement in the life of The Salvation Army reinforces our internationalism.”

“From August 2012 until February 2014, The Salvation Army, Humanitarian Mission Services provided humanitarian support services for asylum seekers in the Manus Island and Nauru Offshore Processing Centres…No funds donated to The Salvation Army for providing services to disadvantaged Australians were used to undertake this work.

The Salvation Army was responsible for supporting the welfare and emotional well-being of people waiting to be processed. The Salvation Army provided educational and recreational activities, as well as counselling and pastoral care.  The Salvation Army remains opposed to offshore processing.

At Auburn Corps in Sydney’s West, there are a multitude of support services, programs and activities to assist asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants.

In Melbourne, The Asylum Seeker Support Services in Brunswick provides food, clothing, furniture, vouchers and other necessities to asylum seekers living on Bridging Visas. In addition to this, our Community Detention program across Australia supports asylum seekers released into the community through case work and living assistance.

Many Corps and outreach centres are extending their services to support asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants. We remain committed to serving these people through legal support, food, clothing and furniture, language programs and case work.

The Salvation Army has also conducted holiday programs for families and children in mainland detention centres.”

True recipients in a Salvation Army advert?  Yeah right!

Salvos Employ Pedophiles, Knowlingly

Not only has The Salvation Army sidelined needy Australians, it has abused the most vulnerable Australians – our children – systemically over decades, knowingly.  That makes The Salvos not just irrelevant to Australians, but an unwanted evil cult.

No More!  Australians no longer trust this religious sect.

During the 2013 Victorian sex abuse inquiry, The Salvation Army was exposed with having 50 Salvation Army officers named as pedophiles who had sexually abusers in its homes.   It paid $15 million of its donations as part compensation to victims.

In a statement to the Victorian parliamentary inquiry, Salvation Army legal secretary Malcolm Roberts said, “The Salvation Army is ashamed of the treatment many children placed in our care in children’s homes received.

Under intense questioning, Salvation Army legal secretary Captain Roberts said the Salvation Army had not conducted an investigation into allegations of systemic abuse at homes including the Box Hill and Bayswater boys homes and the East Camberwell girls home, in Melbourne’s east, even after a judge found there was a “nest of pedophiles” at Bayswater, who would abuse boys at the home and take them away from the home to abuse and torture them.

“The difficulty of this situation is that so many of these people are dead,”  he said.

In Australia’s 2016 national Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, The Salvation Army, the commission heard how dozens of Salvation Army officers brutally abused boys at homes and orphanages run by the Salvation Army, notably at Gill Memorial Home in Goulburn (‘Gill’), Bexley Boys’ Home (‘Bexley’), Indooroopilly Boys’ Home (Alkira), and Riverview Boys’ Home (Endeavour).

Major Victor Bennett started his career at Gill in 1948, and was at some time appointed to each of the four homes above. He was quick to physically punish the boys and became known to do so in an excessive and sadistic way. More than one survivor recalled how Victor Bennett would organise fights between the boys and make them fight each other. He was also known for forced oral sex and sodomy of the boys.

Major Lawrence Wilson was the Salvation Army’s, “most serious offender.” Like Victor Bennet, Lawrence Wilson also served at all four homes. By the time of the hearing, the Salvation Army had received complaints of abuse by twenty (20) individual boys each from one of the above four homes. His abuse consisted of extreme physical punishments, and forced oral and anal sex. He was dismissed from the Salvation Army in 1961 for having sexual relations with his then fiancée. He was reprimanded for his harsh treatment of boys at Berry Training Farm in 1965 before being accepted back into the Salvation Army where he continued abusing the boys, and complaints continued to emerge. He was transferred to a management role at Gill in 1970 and in 1973 he was transferred to Alkira. At each home he continued to abuse, and the complaints continued to emerge. Lawrence Wilson resigned his officership in September 1982 having never been the subject of disciplinary action. As at the date of the hearing of Case Study 5, the Salvation Army had paid out $1.2 million to survivors of abuse by Wilson.

Major John McIver started at Bexley in 1968 then at Alkira from 1974. At the hearing of Case Study 5, ten (10) survivors of abuse told how they were brutally physically and sexually abused by John McIver at Bexley and Alkira. He was known for his “kidney punch” as punishment for some perceived misdemeanour. He made the boys remove their pants, and bend over naked to receive lashings with a cane or belt. He was also known for forced oral and anal sex during the night in the dormitories. Complaints began to emerge in 1975. He came to the attention of the Queensland Department of Children’s Services.

Major Pedophiles!

Other filth include Major Ray Pethybridge (14 pedo rapes),  Major Errol Woodbury (11 pedo rapes), Major Maurice Press (11 pedo rapes), and Colin Haggar (3 pedo rapes) as well as William John Ellis jailed for 16 years for raping four boys between 1960 and 1971.. Pedo Major John Richard Kerslake committed suicide last November while awaiting a verdict on charges that he systematically abused five boys in the 1970s. Captain David Osborne was convicted of assault last year, but the jury could not reach a verdict on sexual assault charges.

No!  Just wind the Pedophile Army up. It needs to be outlawed in Australia as an evil pedophile cult and fake charity

The Starvation Army

The Salvation (‘Starvation’) Army had no policies or procedures on abuse complaints and had failed to comply with its own orders and regulations governing staff misconduct.   It failed to protect Australia’s most vulnerable, orphaned children in its institutions between 1940 and 1990.

It encouraged a seething pedophile culture where kids felt afraid and powerless to resist ongoing abuse.  Some 418 compensation claims have come forward, exposing the so-called ‘Army’ as a pedophile cult – an army of slaking kiddy-fiddling rapists – all of whom deserve to be imprisoned for the term of their unnatural life with the general prison population and chemically castrated.

Worse, if that’s possible, during the Royal Commission, The bosses of The Salvation Army have continued to avoid accountability deploying technical legal defences to avoid paying fair compensation to the hundreds of victims and their families.   It has underpaid dozens of victims of its institutional physical and sexual abuse they suffered in Salvo children’s homes.

A review of almost 200 claims in the eastern territory, which covers NSW, Queensland and the ACT, found more than a quarter were incorrectly assessed according to the Salvation Army’s own formula.  The review of claims from 1997 to 2014 found 134 male victims were paid a total of $5.8 million for alleged abuse in boys’ homes and 52 women received $1.4 million for alleged abuse in girls’ facilities.  Of the claims, 59 were found to be incorrectly assessed, with about half underpaid, the inquiry heard.

A similar review of 422 claims in the Salvation Army’s southern territory found 73 were underpaid, with the organisation granting top-up payments of an average of $13,000 each. Yet The Salvation Army would not contact claimants directly to advise them of the outcome.

An analysis of 53 claims in the eastern territory between 2014-2016 found the average payment increased from $74,000 to $114,000, the maximum rose from $120,000 to $205,000 and the minimum increased from $30,000 to $60,000.

Royal Commissioner Floyd Tidd decided to cap compensation at $150,000 to save the government money, making the entire exercise a disgraceful and deceptive sham.


Commissioner David Jeffrey (National Commander) and Commissioner Barbara Jeffrey (National President of Women’s Ministries)

Cronyism just like Bill Hamilton-Byrne and Anne Hamilton-Byrne of ‘The Family’.

Read More:  The Family , The Doco on The Family

It’s odd that the ‘Salvationist Handbook of Doctrine’ (Salvos Manual) used to train Salvation Army “soldiers” and members refers to “the sin of homosexuality,” including a section that cites Romans 1:18-32, which includes an admonition that homosexuals “deserved to die.”

Other complaints of serious sexual and/or physical abuse by Salvation Army Lieutenant Rogers, Captain Gillham, Lieutenant Terry Smith, Captain Ronald Cotterill, Captain Reginald Cowling, Captain Kenneth Judge, Envoy Norman Mann, and Lieutenant Kingsley Pratt.

Predatory Salvo Pedo, Robert Burnett


Don’t knock, don’t answer the door, don’t donate.

Charities Siphon off donations to secret ‘Admin Fee’ rorting

And don’t donate to any registered charity.

The fundraising activities can include telemarketers, street fundraisers and events such as dinners and balls, sees much go to so-called ‘administration fees‘.  Currently, there is no Australian reporting standard and it is up to individual charities to determine how fundraising and other costs are disclosed, which has led to huge differences in accounting practices.

Charities that spend 40% or more of their fundraising revenue on the cost of fundraising are:

  • Surf Life Saving Foundation – which uses 62% of its $23.8 million fundraising revenue on administrative costs
  • CareFlight (NSW) Ltd – 51% of $11.2 million
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation – 51% of $11.9 million
  • Days of Difference Foundation – 48% of $1.5 million
  • SIDS and Kids NSW – 47% of $1.15 million
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute – 46% of $6.7 million
  • Barnardos – 40% of $4.49 million.

In 2011 Australian charities that spend less than 10% of their fundraising revenue on the cost of fundraising:

  • Diabetes Australia – Just 2% of $1.4 million
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia – 3% of $4.7 million
  • Alzheimer’s Australia NSW – 3% of $5.2 million
  • Arthritis Foundation of Australia – 7% of $2.3 million
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation – 7% $7.6 million
  • Guide Dogs NSW/ACT – 9% of $18.5 million

Best solution to avoid the scams?  Volunteer your time to your preferred local cause, of course avoiding any requests for begging.