Richard Finlayson’s anti-Australian prejudice no place at ABC

In April 2013, Labor’s vested interest Julia Gillard (awaiting trial for fraud) appointed Leftist foreign SBS TV executive Richard Finlayson to the post of ABC director of television.

Since then, ordinary taxpaying Australians have been directly and subliminally subjected to Finlayson’s Leftist pro-immigrant SBS propaganda.

Foreigners Take Our Jobs

ABC managing director Mark Scott confirmed Finlayson’s appointment.  Scott and Finlayson need to be jointly sacked for their repeated and organised Leftist political bias and propaganda bringing the national broadcaster into disrepute.

Tony Jones Q&A programme and Barrie Cassidy’s Insiders have both been exposed as pro-Labor platform and cliched smug Leftist outlet long rejected and abandoned by middle of the road Australian viewers.

Insiders is an ABC Labor Party love-in.

Finlayson was indoctrinated at SBS for more than seven years driving multiculturalism.

Happy MuslimsSack the self-serving anti-Australian propagandist!

Richard FinlaysonFor me more ethnics da betta!