Refugee Encouragement Week was last week, more Leftist propaganda

Refugee Week was last week.  Must have missed it.


Plight of Refugees in Australia

Refugee” has come to mean Third World economic migrant attracted to First World welfare; nothing more, nothing less.

If genuine refugees existed then the United Nations would be seriously tackling the common cause: civil war.

But the United Nations agenda 21 programme is about solving Third World disadvantage by having it up and moved to the First World to spread the breeding misery.

It’s all economic.

Australia has already been invade by more than 50,000 illegals under Greens-Labor Refugee Decade.

Once Muslims Get the Numbers we are Toast

Australia is the twelfth largest financial contributor to the United Nations.  Liberal and Labor governments in succession, contribute a regular budget of US$23 million annually to the United Nations for it to address civil wars and consequential refugees.  In addition, Australia annually contributes US$60 million to support civil war peacekeeping to mitigate refugee migration, as well as a further US$4 million to fund international war crimes tribunals.  In addition, Australia’s generous annual foreign aid budget varies is about $8 billion.

So Third Refugees should not come running to over-generous Australia for more friggen welfare.

Labor's Asylum Seeker Welcome Mat


Austcare, the Refugee Council of Australia and all the other bleeding heart treacherous supporters of Third World invasion of Australia can go an pull themselves.

Their leftist propaganda labelled ‘Refugee Week’ serves to provide a platform where positive images of refugees can be promoted in order to create a culture of welcome throughout Australia. Their aim is an open door free for all stream of Third Worlders.

Sarah Hanson-Young is the anointed Queen Morticia of the Illegals.

Greens Family Mortitia“Refugees have more rights than Australians, and I will fight for their rights.”


The stated aims of Refugee Week are:

  • To brainwash the mainstream Australian public to pity and sympathise with Third Worlders to garner support for opoen door immass immigration to Australia
  • To lie that refugees contribute to the Australian community and don’t drain it and criminalise it
  • To spin a line to Australians to welcome refugees
  • To argue for more welfare from CentreLink, Medicare, the Housing Commission, TAFE and other Government Services to ensure the best possible services to refugees ahead of needy Australians – just tick the government application form box ‘I am on a humanitarian visa’ and the Aussie taxpayer will make your life a dream come true.

“Refugee Week is a unique opportunity for us all to experience and celebrate the rich diversity of refugee communities.”

Think of the tasty exotic food from diseased Afghanistan and Somalia?  Yum!

“Through Refugee Week, we aim to provide an important opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees to be seen, listened to and valued.”

The Australian newspaper this week was on to it about Labor hypocrisy without using this obviously apt descriptive word.

Rudd Labor in 2009 gave ASIS $21 million to pay bribes to stem the people smuggling trade.

“Early this week there was at least one person, even at the ABC, who could see the hysterical absurdity of the so-called “bribes for people-smugglers” scandal. “Indonesia accuses Australia of bribery,” tweeted the political analyst, Annabel Crabb. “Which I guess means satire is dead.” We hope her colleague in Indonesia follows her on Twitter because the ABC’s George Roberts (who erroneously accused Australian sailors of torturing asylum-seekers) seems to dutifully echo Indonesian criticisms of Australia without either a hint of scepticism or a sense of his own nation’s interests and perspective.

Still, it has been Labor’s Richard Marles who has been leading this frenzy, along with former immigration minister Tony Burke. That MPs who were part of a government that presided over more than 50,000 asylum-seeker arrivals in more than 800 boats while upwards of 1200 people drowned have the gall to launch brazen attacks on successful border protection policies is gobsmacking. Sure, we would want them to seek information, as this newspaper has done. But wild claims, infantile rhetoric and hypocrisy only show a failure to comprehend the gravity of the border task. Little wonder Labor oversaw an unmitigated humanitarian and security disaster.

It grossly insults our dedicated Navy and Customs personnel to have their vessels described as “floating ATMs” by Mr Marles. These are men and women who routinely put their own lives in peril in order to protect our borders and save the lives of asylum-seekers. To suggest their operations entice people to sea to collect cash is a barb unworthy of an alternative government. The stupidity of suggesting smugglers might forgo up to $650,000 from 65 asylum-seekers to collect $30,000 from our personnel is beyond words. Yet this is the claim from Mr Marles. “It is the equivalent of paying murderers not to go out and murder,” said Labor’s immigration spokesman, aiming at the Coalition but demeaning our sailors and making Labor look foolish.

International Week of Refugee
Labor attempted to distinguish these events from cash hand-outs during disruption operations when it was in power, saying it never paid for boats to be turned back. This is disingenuous. It was cute enough to be parroted by the ABC and others but the public won’t be fooled. After all, voters know that Labor refused to do anything to turn boats back — not payments, instructions, suggestions or even polite requests. That’s the point. This insistence from the opposition that Australia does not have the right to refuse the entry into its waters of unauthorised vessels remains in place as their policy.

Boat Illegals

Labor’s tactics have served only to reaffirm this policy contrast. The Labor lines have been regurgitated on Q&A, in the Fairfax Press and by the Greens; and this should worry those in the ALP who understand their party needs to contest the centre ground. The ALP’s politicking seems indistinguishable from the emotive posturing we see from minor parties who know they will never be burdened by the difficult choices that governments have to make in order to implement serious policy.

Like stopping the people-smuggling trade.”

So how did Iraqi people smuggler, Abbas Allami (37), manage to get bail from a Mildura court last week?

Asylum Seekers with TB