Pseudo Anarchist Threatens Poll Disruption?

A supposed anarchist based in Melbourne has used a website to suggest that there will be a disruption on polling day – something directed against Australia First members.

It was said that a character who calls himself “Kitler” would appear, as he did once before in the Sutherland Shire poll of September 2008, to abuse and restrict the activities of our polling day workers.

The “Kitler” character was chased away by other polling workers in 2008 after appearing at a few booths. He was styled as a parody of Adolf Hitler.

The supposed anarchist who has made the ‘threat’ is one of a number of cyber-world characters who use the name ‘Andy’ to issue libels and to offer analysis of Australian nationalist politics. Much of the rubbish centres on the proposition that any expression of nationalism in Australia in this century is related to Nazism. Hence the “Kitler” character.

Readers should note that the original “Kitler” was a household cat dressed to look like the former German dictator. It was an amusing effort. Is a human Kitler the best the disruptors can do?