Gang Greens adopt Australia First’s concern about Australia’s Homeless

So The Greens huddled again for their annual national conference behind closed doors at NSW Uni Kensington Campus this month.  Interspersed with pub crawls to the local watering holes and local chinese, it seems some ‘ratification’ has seen some of their more extreme Leftist policies scrapped to desperately win back electoral “respectability”.

So no more Death Tax to fund communes.  No more gouging Australian worker superannuation nest eggs.

No more talk of unfunded free education for all, including asylum seekers.  No more talk of scrapping Defence training or abolishing private health insurance.

But legalising cannabis, self injecting rooms, open door on illegals (15,000 to get Australian taxpayer welfare so far this year), Gillard’s carbon fraud tax with a bottomless price on carbon, and mining taxes are still core Greens wacky policies.  And the Greens policy of lowering the age of consent only plays into the hands of pedophiles.  Nice.

But with recent elections around the nation casting the Greens to the irrelevant wilderness, out comes popularist policies to try to win back the LibLab disenfranchised mainstream.

Look out farmers, the bright Greens are opposed to coal seam gas, and returning to tree hugging.

But wait, there’s more.  To our disbelief the Greens have nicked Australia First’s concerns about Australia’s chronic growing homeless.  Greens Western Australia Senator Scott Ludlam, just off the red eye flight from the Sydney conference, has come out crying that it is “a grim sign of a growing national tragedy” and calling for urgent action on homelessness in Australia.

But it’s just more Greens hollow rhetoric to re-engage with non communist Australians.

More Greens Empty Promises

The Greens answer is to roll out another unfunded Labor programme like affordable housing, except that the queue jumping illegals will get first dibs.

Meanwhile, to the pleasure of The Greens, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has outsourced and diverted core services of our Salvation Army from Australia’s own homelesss to provide welfare services to economic illegals on Nauru.

Labor’s Pacific Club Med Solution appeases the Gang Green Leftists.