PRESS RELEASE: Dr Jim Saleam to contest ‘Lindsay’ in 2016 federal election

Dr Jim Saleam, the president of Australia First Party, will contest the far-western Sydney seat of Lindsay in the 2016 federal election.

Jim Saleam, Australia First Party

One of the campaign’s foci will be exposing  the Liberal Party’s ulterior game-play up to deflect the people’s attention off certain so-called ‘developments’, whilst pretending to direct a people’s protest at mosques’ building in Kemps Creek.

Stop the Penrith MosqueLocal protests against the Liberals’ islamisation of Penrith

Jim Saleam said:

“I oppose the mosques at Kemps Creek and whether they are ‘lawful’ or not I intend to encourage a people’s civil resistance movement against their construction. In doing so, I must expose the devious games the Liberals have been playing. While they are leading people up the blind alley of protests and losing big money court cases, they are getting on with so-called development in Penrith City that will change the face of the area for the worse. In particular, they are going to sell out to Chinese interests.”

It was Australia First Party which drew the connection with Windsor’s Thompson Square people’s heritage defence campaign, an out-of-electorate matter that impacts directly on the Liberals’ strategic game in the Penrith City area.

Jim Saleam said:

“A lot of waffle has been printed in the press of late about Liberal Party factions. Suffice to say, it is the same so-called conservative ‘right’ group in Windsor who are trying to violate the heritage of Windsor Bridge and Thompson Square as are planning to make Penrith a Chinese city on the Nepean. 

Defending Australian Heritage

So we see a patriotic-looking campaign to defend Penrith heritage against the mosques – designed to take the eye off the ball. The destruction of Windsor Bridge and Thompson Square is all about sand-mining and stone-quarrying, the very essence of big development in Penrith now that the old Castlereagh quarry is gone. These people must think they are Svengali game players and that the people are idiots. If they are against Aussie heritage in one place, they can’t be for it in another.”


The Australia First Party campaign shall begin now, prior to the party being re-registered.


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