Political Class just gave themselves another pay rise out of taxpayer anaemic real wages

Julie Bishop:  “Meet my polly protégé, spoilt parachuted princess Emma Husar.  She’s bred of Party Political Class sense of entitlement.”

Canberra Elitism:  Spoilt princess-come-MP on taxpayer $200,000 a year committing Parliamentary Rort Privilege


Emma Husar MP, an ethnic, was parachuted by Labor in 2016 into the underprivileged seat of ‘Lindsay’. Australian locals know this outer western Sydney area as the Penrith Valley.  No-one in Penrith is rich, and so that’s why most voted Labor as the least worst option – they traditionally thought Labor would look after them more than the Libs.

But contemporary Labor since Whitlam, has long morphed out of from its traditional labour values to United Nations globalist and neo-communist values and else just the self-interest of its lackeys.

Ignorantly wrong again!

Neither Labor or the Lib (LibLabs) have cared for outer western Sydney, only exploited it.  They have jointly over-promised during electioneering, then reliably under-delivered, and down right abused residents of underprivileged Penrith Valley.  It’s just as LibLab elites have ignored and abused Caboolture and frankly all of Australia.

Wake Up Australians to LibLab treachery ruining your nation!

Parliamentary Rort Privilege, so unAustralian

Emma Husar in just two years has not only abused taxpayer funds by overusing her parliamentary Comcar like a personal limousine.  She has treated her staff like slaves. She has harassed, intimidated and bullied her staff, calling them “c***s” and “f***wits“, making staff do cleaning, babysit her children during and outside work hours, ordering staff to walk her son’s dog that she brings into her electoral office, and clean up after its poo.

Husar’s office smells of dog, which seems appropriate.

At least one former staff member attempted to launch an unfair dismissal case in the Fair Work Commission, but the case failed to qualify because Husar sacked him a day before he had worked the minimum term of six months. She got away with it. Another of her staff says that he was so distressed by Husar’s “constant verbal abuse” towards him that he spent a month in a psychiatric hospital.  As many as twenty staff have left her office in the two years that she has been elected.

She must be making a record for pissing people off.  Princess Emma must be on the spectrum and up herself. She can’t have normal relationships – even her daughter won’t live with her hissy fits and tantrums.  On one occasion her own daughter had to call police and apply for an AVO against her.  The daughter now feels safer living with her father Peter Fenton, Emma’s former husband, who long escaped the crap.

Childrens’ charity Story Dogs in tropical Murwillumbah (1000 km away from Penrith) wants to know what Princess Emma spent its $30,000 fundraising cash on that she had arranged for them.  Pearls?

This is the low-brow characters that Labor and Liberals bring parachute into their safe seats to con voters.  If it’s female, auto-parachute her in.

We know LibLab female quota-filling elites have a culture of adorning themselves with pearls once they taste Parliamentary Rort Privilege, so we’re monitoring Emma’s neck.  Gillard was a corrupt union hack lawyer parachuted in 1998 into Melbourne’s Labor safe seat of Lalor.  Lalor is now rife with marauding Sudanese gangs.

Just like this lot..who now all wear da pearls of political class entitlement.

Parachuted Feminist quotas know they’ve arrived as elites when the taxpayer-funded pearls are adorned

It’s Canberra’s breed of political elitism..’Parliamentary Rort Privilege‘.

Princess Emma is only following the rorters before her, like indulgent Greens Sarah Hanson Young.  In September 2016, Young went on a whale watching all-inclusive fly-in boat charter holiday with her 11-year-old daughter to the Great Australian Bight and billed the lot to the Australian taxpayer, some $3874.  Greens leader Richard Di Natale tried to justify the charge, claiming she was “doing her job as a senator” by visiting the region, “championing environmental protections in the area.”

Family whale watching is Greens senate business, so “cry me a river” taxpayers!

So Princess Emma reckoned that like Sarah, she could fly business class with old school buddy from Sydney to Brisbane to go to a Bruno Mars pop concert, live it up using a parliamentary Comcar for transfers, share a fancy hotel suite and send the bill to the Australia taxpayer.  “I went on senate business in the interests of the voters of Lindsay.”

Actually she didn’t.  Princess avoided senate committee meeting commitment to party in Brisvegas instead.

Princess Emma’s resembling Raging Bitch Sarah more every day

Currently poor spoilt princess Emma Husar is on extended leave, still getting taxpayers $200,000 to go into hiding and do nothing for the voters of Lindsay.

Aussies Copping Real Wage Decline

Ordinary Australians earn the same purchasing power as they did over a decade ago, so as inflation beyond the CPI has let costs soar, disposable incomes have shrunk and our way of life with it. Thank Canberra – the bastards in bullshit castle shape our nation’s socio-economics.

Wages in Australia have not kept price with inflation of utility bills, food, highway tolls, fuel, insurances, childcare, the cost of living.  Banks offer crap rates to encourage saving. Real wages, that is wages today that factor inflation reducing their purchasing power, are less than a decade or more ago.

Real wages in the private sector are now in decline.  Wages are anaemic – weak, sluggish, unhealthy, wasting. 

Public servants are immune because they’re part of the political class elite – those in Canberra who rule, agree on their own annual pay rises, then take those pay rises out of largely the taxpaying private sector.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics measures Real Wages by its Wage Price Index.

Here’s a trend showing basically how Australia’s business growth compares over the past two decades with how this has not been passed on to workers wages, so the fat cats of business have got fancier cars and creamed uber wealth.


This is where the political class extract their pay rises irrespective because they indulge in the isolated bush capital sheltered workshop of privilege.

Polly Annual Pay Rise Privilege

The five foreign citizen pollies re-elected out of ignorance last weekend will return to Australia’s political class with pay rises.

At the same time as Australia’s cultural value of the weekend has been corroded by politicians in Canberra, denying weekend penalty rates for Aussie workers in hospitality, retail, fast food, and pharmacy; the very same politicians have scammed a 2% pay increase.  The oddly named Fair Work Ombudsman in 2017 also cut penalty rates for public holidays because he reckons public holidays are not worth what they used to be – not for plebs anyway.  No weekends and public holidays are now reserved for Australia’s new political class elite.

Another faux ‘independent’ tribunal, Canberra’s self-appointed ‘Remuneration Tribunal‘ reckoned that Canberran pollies, elite public servants and judges (aka themselves) deserve a pay rise from July 1 2018.  So the federal backbenchers pay has gone from $203,000 to $207,000.

It’s the same as in July 2017 and January 2016, and pretty much most years.  Poor taxpayer exploiting scum.

The pollies reckon that they should be able to wine and dine 24/7 so all shops should be open all the time, and to make this affordable for business owners, well Aussie workers need to be paid less for the privilege.   Canberra’s globalist plot anyway is for full workforce casualisation in time, so that they can get rid of leave entitlements too, except for themselves of course.

Let them eat cake.

Parliamentary guarantee of selfie pay rises


Australia’s pearl indulgent Julie Bishop, Australia’s most arrogant, ignorant and self-effacing Canberran munster of all time reckons in taxpayer sheltered Canberra..is Turncoat liberated to rob Treasury to socialist disperse a new aid paradigm to non-Australia needy.

“Australia is a wealthy generous country and my sheltered Canberra knows it.”

Well, pearl bitch, go live with the golliwogs and Aussie taxpayers will cut your privilege.

Bishop:  “Today I am pleased to perpetuate The Colombo Plan by launching Canberra’s massive foreign aid policy to the countries of South and Southeast Asia.   Today China – once a recipient of aid – has an aid budget around the same size as ours, yet United Nations subscribed Canberra takes from hardworking Aussie taxpayers to encourage the Third World to keep mass breeding, so denying hardworking Aussie taxpayers.


“Time to pump out Lake Burley Griffin – it’s artificial anyway.”