Local Zionists and their collaborators in politics, media and otherwise, are saying anti-semitism is everywhere in our country. In Australia’s streets, schools, universities and parties, this thing, perceived as something as onerous as the plague, is said to be spreading. In words, in actions, in symbolism, they say it threatens liberal democracy itself and not simply the Jewish community.

If it is not large Muslim groups who speak negatively of Israel, anti-semitism is said to be expressed by thoughtless people (sic), naive lefties, or a small neo-nazi club in Melbourne whose members give each other Hitler salutes. Recently too, wartime Nazi memorabilia was declared to be subject to restricted sales, lest it drive people to hate Jews.  All this met with Zionist approval.

The anti-semitic ‘threat’ may now occasion further legislative action to toughen ‘hate’ laws and so forth. Opposition Leader Dutton has called for criminal prosecutions of supposed anti-Semites. A welter of journalists cheer him on.


Yet, what do we see? If anti-semitism is reflected in thoughts and actions, there is a case of it in the sprawling Greater Sydney municipality of Penrith, standing in silent testimony to something being badly amiss.

Imagine if an Aussie town decided to name a square ‘Rudolph Hess Plaza’ because this Nazi tried to make peace with Britain in 1941 and the local council then spun a yarn that this man could be conceived as a peace warrior? We would expect every Jewish community group in the country to scream blue murder and lobby every politician and ethnic body and so forth to have the plan scotched.

But in Penrith City, there are three streets named Bandera Road, Mazepa Avenue, and Lemko Place. They were named in stages from the late 1960s through lobbying by a Ukrainian migrant and businessman, George Borec (who also has a street named after him, Borec Road). The three streets are named in honour of Stepan Bandera (note the one ‘r’), Ivan Mazepo ( a Cossack) and Lemko (a reference to an ethnic group, important to Ukraine’s ‘identity’ ideology). These historical symbols were major ideological reference points for the 1930s and 1940s Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and for a modern CIA-constructed ‘nationalism’ (yes, you read that right) that has lived a shadowy life since 1945 and which ultimately played a key role in bringing on the madness of the Ukraine war.


So-called ‘nationalists’ parading in 2014 in Ukraine with a portrait of Bandera

We do not intend to give you a long history lesson here, but merely wish to state a few available facts relevant to the background of this story:

  1. The OUN and the UPA murdered prisoners on all sides after 1941, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, and then murdered Polish civilians (in western Ukraine) on a mass scale. Indeed, in 1943 there was a massacre of tens of thousands that is well known to the present Polish government. Yes, they killed Jews too. They had tried to collaborate with Germany, but that proved unworkable and the ones on the ground in Ukraine opted to oppose both Hitler and Stalin.


  1. Bandera and his deputy Jaroslav Stetsko meantime had been imprisoned by the Germans in a concentration camp in 1941 but were released in 1944 when Germany was scraping the manpower barrel. But they did little for them except set up an ‘Anti-Bolshevik Bloc’ (ABN) and when the war ended, they defected to the Americans. The name ABN stuck to them.


  1. Massive releases to US archives prove beyond doubt Bandera and Stetsko and the ABN were creatures of US (and British) intelligence and their networks were used for sabotage and intelligence purposes inside the Soviet Union and elsewhere. It did not matter to the CIA what they purported to ‘believe’, but rather just how useful they could be.


  1. The heirs of these people entered Ukraine after communism fell in 1991 and they played a role in developing a so-called Ukraine nationalism which could be used to misdirect Ukraine’s politics. Finally, the CIA overthrew the Ukraine government in 2014, which leads us straight to the present conflict.


  1. Stetsko entered Australia many times from the mid-1950s and had meetings with senior Liberals, so-called ‘anti-communists’ and the leaders of migrant groups. The ABN later became the World Anti-Communist League which functioned for the CIA in many countries, including Taiwan. Its leaders dined at the White House, while it ran drugs in South America and carried out ‘hits’ on people said to be communists.


Yes, these things make for a wild tale, but as the CIA always says: it can be plausibly denied! Who in his right mind in Penrith wants to be associated with all this? It is out of a spy novel, but incredibly – it is true.

Yaroslav Stetsko: a hero in modern Ukraine


What does the Jewish lobby know?!

There is zero doubt that the Zionist leaders of the Australian Jewish community know all this is true – and they probably a lot more. If we were to ask Alex Ryvchin, Dvir Abramovich, Mark Leibler, Julian Leeser, Peter Wertheim, Mark Dreyfus, and Colin Rubinstein, would they pretend they don’t know?  They seem to know everything else about ‘antisemitism’ in Australia!

The Zionists have always known. They have known because there has been a long rotten link between Zionism and the survivors of the German collaboration. The ‘great’ Isi Leibler (sic) who is lionised in the Jewish community and who went on to be the director of the World Zionist Organisation based in Israel, knew this in the 1960s when he sought to disconnect local Zionism from its connections with all sorts of so-called collaborators and local would-be anti-semities. He set up his ‘Research Services’ for that purpose. Thereafter, he would peddle a different version of anti-communism without their help.

See folks, anti-semitism is relative. If going on about it serves a purpose, the Zionists will carry on like raw prawns, but if it doesn’t, then they button up and ignore it. That says a lot. The Zionists are merely propagandists and right now (as ever) exercising leverage against Russia serves their purpose. Indeed, they know but downplay, the relationship between Ukraine’s Jewish billionaire oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and the ‘Azov Battalion’, a group of neo-nazis ‘soldiers’ whose existence infuriated President Putin, but who are fanatically loyal to President Zylensky, the Jewish President of Ukraine. If you are getting a headache by now, that’s how CIA ops work!

Mobilizing Ukrainian migrants in Australia remains useful to Zionists because Russia has come out for a ‘two-state solution’ in Palestine, while their Zionist mates in Israel want to bomb Palestine into non-existence. President Zelensky of Ukraine supports Israel, so some Ukrainian migrants become useful idiots in the Gaza war. If these useful idiots consider Bandera a hero of Ukrainian statehood, they can have him for now. His picture adorns the Ukraine club in Sydney where they toast Bandera and Stetsko and their ‘victory’. Has anyone there objected? One day the Zionists might cry foul – but not for now.


The war in Ukraine was and is NATO’s war. Australians should not be fooled. It happened because a 2014 coup in Kyiv, organized by the CIA and the US State Department, brought to power a group that wanted Ukraine to join NATO and the European Union. Matters escalated until Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. A peace treaty was drafted in which Ukraine agreed to neutrality, but then NATO persuaded Ukraine leaders to continue the war. Our ‘side’ bears the real responsibility for this hideous war.

But now, it seems Ukraine will be defeated in this war. Whatever happens, Ukrainian migrants will likely become a volatile factor in Australian politics. If the survivors of Banderaite politics remain here, we might all expect the ire of this filth for supposedly ‘not doing enough’ for Zylensky. Patriotic Aussies who put our own country first might be on the receiving end of terrorism. Some people may join international criminal networks led by ex-soldiers from this war. Ukrainian migrants will need to be on guard!

But given the full context, Australians also need to be wary of the Zionists and their collaborators who seek to manipulate Australia against its interests.


Australians deserve to be right out of all of this. Our country should itself be a neutral country, armed and dangerous only if someone wants to take our freedom from us, but otherwise friendly to all – which includes the Russians and the Ukrainians. But we cannot have the secret symbols of a foreign war paraded (literally) in our streets as if they deserve recognition by being branded upon us. Where is the RSL? Other veterans’ associations? Patriotic people? Decent Ukrainian migrants, who prefer a new life? It is said Australians are often uninformed or naïve people, but once the facts are in front of us, we get the picture!


On any objective reading of history, tools of the CIA and psychotic murderers do not deserve Penrith Streets being named by them. It was done by stealth, covered up by many but now has been dragged out into the light. It is a sick embarrassment to Penrith City.

When Penrith Council talks to the Zionist leaders (which they will), they might ask them the salient question: why did you say nothing?  The answer will be helpful to all Aussies in understanding that politics is a dirty business.

Australia First party suggests to the residents of Bandera Road, Mazepa Avenue, Lemko Place and Borec Road to call upon Penrith City Council to rename these streets!

George Borec: he carried on the ‘tradition’ in Australia