Rape allegations, onanistic behaviour by conservative staffers thrilled at the prospect of masturbating over a female MP’s desk, and who are incautious enough to take selfies, male-prostitutes during Question Time, Parliament House is, for all intents and purposes, a brothel. Caligula would feel right at home in Canberra.

The raising of these allegations, such as those made against Attorney-General Christian Porter for the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl when he was 17 is, obviously, politically motivated. The man at the top of Australia’s legal system is now an accused, by the media, but facing no actual charges. But politics being what it is, he will be cast adrift. Did he do it? We couldn’t say, but there seems to be a general pattern of behaviour with conservatives.

Not that such acts are confined to the government, as long-held rumours regarding the former opposition leader Bill Shorten attests to. Likewise, Nathan Rees, a former NSW Premier was also accused by a woman, now deceased, of being coerced into sexual activities, although she had been a willing participant. Some of the acts she alleged were in the ‘kinky’ category.

Yet, there is a palpable sense of entitlement, especially that felt by Young Liberals, who are being groomed for power, which imbues them with a compulsion to express their privilege through the abuse of females. And males. Its parallels to the Anarchist scene in this regard are striking. The only political group more prone to rape are those who sport the circled-A. Then again, the Socialists have had a severe problem with non-consensual ficky-ficky too.

That aside, NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen has tendered his resignation in place of a police investigation after it was alleged that he raped a prostitute in 2019. Yes, that can happen. It is especially a hazard if it’s an MP or somebody famous who is accused, but if Johnny Nobody was the culprit, it wouldn’t be worth expending breath on.

Nevertheless, the Upper Hunter MP is alleged to have crossed the line with a “sex worker” at a Blue Mountains lookout in the town of Yellow Rock. Initially, the horny National contacted the woman through an adult site and she consented to give him oral sex for $200. But come the appointed hour, a gobbie wasn’t sufficient to satisfy the simmering lust of the pug-nosed politician who allegedly forced himself on her in a set of circumstances that the media hasn’t been generous enough to outlay in lurid detail.

This was 2018. Police were supposedly investigating the incident as late as 2020. But it was when the woman contacted Labour MP Trish Doyle, who raised the matter in Parliament, that the scandal was made public.

Political? Well, would we be cynical enough to suggest that Trish was not acting purely out of feminine outrage and her sense of civic duty? It’s neat when the two dovetail so nicely, the political and the conscientious. Subsequently, the media has outed the old letch as having linked to certain risque Facebook pages on his social media account. The Court of Public Opinion had already passed its verdict, and the legal process is a mere formality to validating that judicious finding.

All of this came after Brittany Higgins, a former media advisor to then Minister of Defence-Industry Linda Reynolds, alleged she was raped by a ‘rising star’ of the coalition after cocktails with staff in March 2019. Thinking she was being escorted home, she accompanied the so-far unnamed staffer, who used his security credentials to sign her into Parliament House, where, according to Higgins, she awoke on a couch in Senator Reynolds office in a drunken haze to find the man on top of her.

The staffer was subsequently axed, but not for the alleged rape. Instead, he was terminated for a security breach, having taken her into the office after-hours. The Australian Federal Police had been aware of the incident. Yet, Miss Higgins chose not to press charges and belatedly lamented she felt as though she was being given a choice between her job and legal satisfaction. However, Higgins resigned later that year.

The incident resulted in the March 4 Justice rally in Canberra, in which Miss Higgins addressed the usual ranks of outraged men and women who still believe that women are somehow oppressed by the ‘male-dominated system.’

That was all bullshit and is not in the purview of this article, but we can suggest that Miss Higgins had every opportunity to report the matter to the police. By all evidence, she was not thwarted by the department at all and was offered support. It was her choice to do nothing, but still, as is a woman’s prerogative, she decided to make a fuss about it nearly two years after the fact. Now, she’s like a patron saint of women victims, and let’s face it, according to the mood of the times, all women are born victims.

Having said, we’re not disputing the wrongness of what (allegedly) occurred, nor do we aim to diminish the impact on Miss Higgins. We’re using her case as another example of what a knocking shop Parliament House is, and in that case, to impugn the entire institution. But, the disgrace doesn’t end there.

To that end, Tony Abbott’s former Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin, has spoken out about “staffer orgies” in MPs’ offices during Question Time. But not just any old orgy, homosexual orgies. Yes, according to Peta, she had recommended sacking a staff member for “lying and disloyalty.”

“When the MP cleaned out the former staffer’s desk, and the computer, that MP uncovered evidence that for many months, that staffer had regularly met with other men during the middle of the day — while the MP was in Question Time — for orgies in political offices,” she revealed. “Labor staffers, not just this man, and several others too.”

These bacchanalias involved signing in “male prostitutes.” What would Sir Humphrey Appleby have made of that lot?

The sickest thing is, you’re paying for that behaviour, folks you’re funding it all.

Those who sit in that house of power, and dictate how miserable you’re going to be, do so with their wedding-tackle up the jacksie of some rent boy. That’s a gross paragraph to write, but that’s what’s happening. Either that or a supposed adult male is pleasuring himself on the desk of a female MP. What’s that about? Is that how a grown man acts? Is that what comes of a good education? Is that the highest level of human evolution those working in parliament house have attained? Monkeys in cages behave like that.

Anyone spruiking for public office should not just be soap-boxing policy, but must be able to back up their rhetoric by the example of their character. Only those who’ve attained the highest possible strength of character are worthy to represent the Australian people, only those who put the nation first, and their impulses last can live up to the expectations of high office.

But we don’t have that, and there is no way we would since the orgies etc are indicative of the filthy system that parliament brokers for. They might as well act that way, fornicating while the nation figuratively burns, since they exemplify everything amoral, sordid corrupt and degenerate about the Western World.