A class of Melbourne schoolboys have fallen victim to the growing trend in Australia’s Marxist-controlled education system.

Year 11 male students at the co-ed Parkdale Secondary College in Mordialloc were forced to stand in front of a class as a female youth worker humiliated them for being white, male, Christian “historical oppressors”.

The radical feminist, who works for the Kingston City Council, was hosting a mandatory lecture on privilege, gender newspeak, and intersectionality last Wednesday when she ordered all non-coloured male students to stand up. The crazed feminist then slammed the boys for being “privileged” and “oppressors” before returning to her “anti-European” Marxist lecture.

The move was blasted by Kingston councillor Cameron Howe who took to his Facebook page and posted, “Disgraceful behaviour from Kingston City Council!”

“Reverse racism is becoming more prevalent and not only does it not belong in our schools, but those who hold these toxic views are not morally or intellectually superior to others,” he wrote.

Along with one of the student’s fathers, Howe called for the feminist youth worker to be sacked.

“The council needs to take this extremely seriously, there are a lot of furious parents of young boys and we need guarantees that something like this will never happen again,” the man told the Herald-Sun.

Likewise, female students weren’t impressed. A 16-year-old female student told the same source she was “shocked” by the module and “ashamed” that the males had been targeted by the radical Marxist.

“It was so messed up, we thought for a moment it was a joke, but then we realised it wasn’t and we were so upset and angered by it all,” she said.

“She basically said straight, white, Christian males were oppressors and they held all the power and privilege in society.”

The school’s principal, David Russell, was in damage control mode. No doubt obliged by the communist-sympathising Andrews’ government to conduct the lecture, he issued a statement to parents apologising and saying, he did not “support or condone this approach and messaging as presented by the guest speaker.” He indicated that he had written to the Kingston Youth Services and Kingston City Council to express his disapproval.

A similar disgrace occurred last month at Brauer College in Melbourne where male students were subjected to the same Marxist hatred.