Mike Baird’s council amalgamations – his end game is New South China!

Mike Baird's Council Amalgamation StrategyMike Baird is unilaterally applying some “global city council” population fitness test to councils across New South Wales.


No Forced Amalgamations

Ahead of being elected in 2011, Baird with the O’Farrell Liberals promised NSW communities that there’d be no forced amalgamations and that communities would be listened to and respected under a Liberal-Coalition Government.

Now as Premier, Mike Baird has reneged, and the Nats are conspicuously silent.  Baird and his Liberals have returned to form – as lackeys beholden to big business and to the gloss of globalism.  Local communities have received nothing but broken promises since O’Farrell’s public lie about the Libs returning democracy and planning decisions back to local communities.

Baird’s corrupt IPART department received 139 proposals from 144 councils – which included only four merger proposals – but rejected 87 of them as being ‘not fit’, mostly because according to shonky KPMG chinese-standard modelling, they failed some arbitrary density scale and capacity test.

Walcha Council unfit for future ChineseIPART Inquisition:  Walcha is unfit, so merge it!


Baird, like O’Farrell, especially bends over for billionaire donor James Packer and his desire for a Chinese invasion of Sydney.

Today Baird announced his idea of a $8.3 billion underground fast train line from Sydney’s Central Station out woop woop 60km to the Libs planned second airport for Sydney.  Badgerys Creek Airport is all about immigration and free trade imports 24/7.  But instead of the rail line going direct to Central, Packer wants it to go from Badgerys direct to Packer’s Barangaroo Chinese casino, to get his budgeted 10,000 Chinese a day.

IPART Fit for Future Chinese

So the Liberals are to gift Packer’s Barangaroo Chinese Casino with a new international airport, direct train link and its own London-style canary wharf on the water’s edge!

Barangaroo CasinoBarangaroo very fit for Chinese, even resembles Shanghai



Chinese Churn

The Chings will be able to fly into Badgery’s on China Eastern Airlines, then express train it direct to Packer’s casino, unload their wallets and take a few selfies at Barangaroo’s harbour edge before high-tailing it back to Shanghai before the weekend’s out.  Andrew Robb’s Free Trade deal means that it’s only a matter of time before millions of Chinese can fly in without a visa, and even snap up a Millers Point heritage property to the bargain.

Chinese Migration


“It’s crucial to the State’s economic future,” Mr Baird says.


Smiling Mike BairdEx-merchant banker, Smiling Mike Baird now laughing in yellow!