Mike Baird and his smiling Lindt Cafe betrayal

Mike Baird, upper crust Kings School toff and current Liberal Premier of New South Wales, is preferencing foreign muslims ahead of needy Australians.

The Australian victims of the Islamic terrorist attack on the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place have been thrown $1500 in gold coin charity in government compensation for being ordinary Australians buying a coffee in downtown Sydney.

Martin Place flowers for Lindt Cafe victimsSydney community’s spontaneous floral tribute to their own terrorised in a Sydney coffee shop,

just for buying coffee


It’s no wonder Lindt Cafe victims relied on Channel Nine and Seven for funds to pay for their life-changing trauma.

New South Wales and Australian governments failed Sydney people catastrophically in every security sense.  Each victim inside and outside the cafe deserves millions in Liberal Party monetary compensation.  Daily cumulative interest morally ought be the rate matching the Tax Office and effective from 9:44am Monday December 15, 2014.

Baird frankly couldn’t care, outside his media profile next to the community flower bed and his weasel words about some token memorial.

Mike Baird Lindt Cafe Betrayal

Instead the smiling electoral liar is regularly out at muslim Lakemba in love fests with Man Monis islamics.

In October 2014, Mike Baird attended a foreign muslim festival in unAustralian Lakemba, to celebrate Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival of sacrifice. Prayers rang out through Lakemba’s Mosque as imported muslims prayer matted and feasted at the end of their annual Hajj.

Mike Baird addressed the crowd as ‘family’, “In NSW we are one family: we have different faiths, we have different backgrounds but we are one family. I assure you of the government’s support of this (muslim) community.”

Mike Baird has ruled out introducing any ban on Islamic veils in the NSW Parliament.

Back on July 27, 2014 in Lakemba, Mike Baird declared himself a “friend” of foreign muslims speaking to thousands of Islamic worshippers outside a prominent mosque in Sydney’s South West.

Mike Baird Muslim

Baird said he wanted the Muslim community to know they would always have an ally, while turning an electoral blind eye to muslim nightly drive by shootings across south-west Sydney, roaming in predatory packs of gang-rapists, swarms of murderous criminals waging blood-feuds against one another with guns in the midst of suburbia, families force-marrying barely-pubescent and prepubescent girls, “preachers” proclaiming that uncovered women are like meat left out for cats, and plot after plot after plot aimed at mass-murdering innocent Australian civilians.

Mufti Mike Baird