Migrant saturated Melbourne set to return Labor for more migrants, terror, congestion and blackouts to condemn Victoria

Victoria is headlong following leftist South Oz into summer 4pm air-con blackouts.

Migrant-saturated Melbourne (urban pop. 4.8 million) is polled to vote for leftist Labor tomorrow for Victoria (state pop. 6.3 million):

  • More immigrant sprawl and congestion
  • More immigrant welfare handouts
  • More immigrant infrastructure – sky-rail, toll roads, rat-swing highrise, congestion
  • More Islamic terror and ethnic crime waves
  • More Negro savagery invading and carjacking Melburnians
  • More Chinese ‘One Belt and Road’ imperialism signed-off by Dan da traitor
  • More summer blackouts
  • More el cheapo Chinese renewables
  • More White Flight from Melbourne
  • The 1.5 million White country sensible Victorians should now claim minority disadvantage, if not persecution status.

Labor’s Premier Dan Andrews:  “I am possessed by an ideological mission to ruin Victorian White wealth and culture.”


Labor’s anti-White Dan Andrews is the Devil incarnate of depressing Joan Kirner of 1990 when neo-communist b#shp*gs became quota.

Welsh Witch Gillard danced with the Demented Devil – Bandura’s Social Learning Theory in action.

(Pearls-envy back then)