True Cause of Australian Independence – Ch 1: The Northern Zone and Chinese Imperialism

This article is an extract of an academic paper first published by the Australia First Party on Australia Day 2016.  It is in 12 parts. The entire paper may be obtained as a PDF in the public domain from the internal link at the end of this extract.  Authors:  Jim Saleam and Lorraine Sharp, Sydney, January 26 2016.

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This present introductory chapter is edited and expanded from some numbers of the nationalist paper, Audacity!, which appeared during the 2013 Federal election period and from other editions published in 2014 and 2015.

The material refers to the dangers facing Australian independence from Chinese imperialism. The primary material was written before Australia First Party defeated the Trade Centre project in Wagga Wagga carried on by a Chinese corporation with links to a spy scandal and prior to the Trans Pacific Pact and the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), and of course the proposals of billionaire ‘Twiggy’ Forrest to tie Australian agriculture to China for a hundred years and the takeover of crucial infrastructure in some States by Chinese corporations.

The situation develops quickly and new material arises every day. It is difficult to keep track of it as the circumstances runs so swiftly against Australia.

Let us begin here.

A new superpower – China – is rising. Its rise was facilitated after 1976 (the year Chairman Mao died) by the regime in Washington and New York. Back then, the growing New World (capitalist) Order was fighting the Soviet Union and would support Pol Pot in Cambodia and then sponsor Pol’s Chinese paymaster to invade Vietnam to undermine the Soviets’ attempt at hegemony in Indo-China. The US system aided China at every turn through to the final collapse of the Soviet Union, a great event which spurred on globalisation. All through the 1980’s and 1990’s too, China’s economy grew, US industry shut down through cheap Chinese imports and America was left in debt where ultimately today, more than three trillion US dollars in worthless paper, are owned by the new Chinese empire.


In October 2012, our Federal government released its ‘Asian Century’ plan. This scheme would see Australia integrated into Asia in every way and Australia’s wealth employed towards a supposedly permanent Asian economic boom. In February 2013, the Liberal Party acknowledged it had a ‘Northern Australia Development Zone Plan’ that would see the country’s north developed as a “food bowl” for Asia and its mineral wealth expropriated for Asian trade on a trade on a massive scale, its projects undertaken by an ant-hill of contract labourers, new immigrants and so-called ‘refugees’.

Australia's Northern Zone

The northern economic zone would effectively be a wild-frontier-new-country, certainly run by the mining oligarchs and their foreign partners and possibly policed by a private police-force-cum-army operated by SERCO, a British multinational that runs Australia’s refugee centres and is an outsource for paramilitary operations for the CIA.

The two plans are alive in the materials publicly available from billionaire Gina Rinehart and her ‘Australian Northern Development And Economic Vision’ group. It seems they have pushed for this plan for years.

Gina RinehartGina Rinehart: worth $20 Billion – seeks to partition Australia

The country is to be divided on the Tropic of Capricorn. In the north of Australia, within the new Capricornia zone, perhaps only 7% of our population lives. When immigration and refugee-arrivals are factored to the north and ‘457 visa’ targets are achieved, European Australians would become an absolute minority in that area within less than a decade. The zone would quickly lose any Australian character.

How can such treachery and subversion be contemplated?

The New Brisbane Line

The new Capricornia ‘republic’ resembles the ‘Brisbane Line’ plot of the Second World War.

Historian Drew Cottle has written a major work on this subject – The Brisbane Line: A Reappraisal.

Cottle spoke of a “comprador bourgeoisie”, a term well understood by the Chinese from their history. It entails a group of the wealthiest persons of a country whose loyalty has no national focus. This group of the super-rich ally themselves with one or more foreign masters and treat their country as a factor of trade or production. In our recent time, the owners of wealth have fused with those who define them in media, who manage them in business and who legislate and police for them in parliaments, public service and police and secret police. In that regard, we now speak of Australia possessing a traitor class of wealth and privilege, a group with loyalty always focused on powers beyond our shores. For convenience we call them the traitor class.

Cottle told us that during the Second World War, amidst all the controversy as to whether there was a military plan to defend only a part of Australia from the Japanese (‘a Brisbane Line’), there was an operative conspiracy on the part of our most prominent business tycoons and certain political forces to allow a Japanese occupation of a northern Australia zone which they could exploit as they liked until war’s end and a treaty was negotiated with the British Empire.

The Brisbane LineFor two generations, many Australians believed that the Menzies wartime government planned to surrender parts of Australia to the Japanese without firing a shot. The forfeiture of land was to be above a line drawn just north of Brisbane. This information was disclosed to a stunned public by the Labor Party halfway through 1943.

The evidence is there, but many dots are missing. The thing that isn’t missing is that Australia’s mining and rural economies were seen then as complementary to the Japanese economy and that common interests existed in the search for profit. It was even thought that a Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere in Asia was not ultimately inimical to our national interest.

The parallels to the present northern zone concept are chilling. Once an enemy gets his hands on any part of Australia – why would he ever give it up?

New Brisbane Line according to Deloitte Access EconomicsRead More:

 You’re just a xenophobe

In 2012, the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) sponsored a meeting on Chinese trade attended by hundreds of Australian company directors, those new Kommissars of capital. The FIRB noted that it was imperative to overcome “xenophobia” where Chinese investment was concerned. We might recall Homer’s adage regarding Trojan Horses. These company directors were not looking at this supposed Chinese gift-horse-in-the-mouth. Quite the contrary. They were prepared to berate their fellow Australians as just plain backward so they could turn a profit. On our part, we would check the Chinese Trojan Horse’s teeth – and its underbelly.

 Commonsense breeds foreboding

We are not disappointed. ‘Anti communist warrior’, John Howard, has been full of praise for (communist) China and has dismissed any concerns at its penetration of Australia. In September 2012, Howard spun a rosy yarn all about a “Chinese middle class” learning “democracy”, hungry for a liberal Western lifestyle and that the Chinese authoritarian regime would one day yield to a lovely parliamentary democracy. Perhaps Howard could deign to tell us where in China’s entire history has its people ever had any form of democratic impulse? Howard said we should welcome the Chinese state enterprises for the benefits they bring.  It must be that he follows Bill Clinton’s rule: “it’s the economy, stupid.”

The Australian newspaper reported in May 2012:

“A Chinese conglomerate represented by former Prime Minister Bob Hawke is bidding to buy large tracts of irrigated land in the Kimberley’s region of Western Australia to establish a major sugar industry there.”

Chinese Bob Hawke

Western Australian Liberal Premier Barnett facilitated the Hawke deal and has otherwise allowed massive Chinese purchases of Western Australian farmland. This has extended to dairy lands.

Bob Hawke selling AustraliaFormer PM Hawke: selling Australia into colonial status


Throughout rural Australia, from the Liverpool Plains where the Chinese attempted to ‘purchase’ good farmlands for coal seam gas mining, to successful land-grabs all across the country, from Cubby Station to cattle companies around Rockhampton, dairy co-ops and abattoirs, the Chinese are giving value to themselves for the worthless US paper dollars they have in abundance.

In 2015, major deals such as Australian Country Choice’s joint venture with the Acton Land & Cattle Company, Chinese billionaire Xingfa Ma’s $47 million purchase of Wollogorang and Wentworth cattle stations on the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria, and Chinese group Hailiang’s $40 million buy up of Hollymount Station, show aggression in Queensland.

Hollymount Station now in Chinese HandsQueensland’s Hollymount Station, and neighbouring Mount Driven now in Chinese ownership

Other deals include M.P. Evans Group’s sale of Woodlands, near Westmar in southern Queensland for $28 million to China’s Fucheng Group, BRW Rich Lister Tom Strachan’s purchase of Lighthouse Station for $14 million, and Canadian pension fund-backed Hewitt Pastoral company’s purchase of multiple stations including Sir Graham McCamley’s Oakleigh and Stoodleigh properties north of Rockhampton for $13 million.

We might say that Australia is being monetised as a piece of real estate, sold off by our so-called ‘allies’ to solve a financial crisis that is truly a genie out of its bottle.

And you’re just a xenophobe if you question it!

 A Riverina ‘Concession’ to China

In the nineteenth century, European powers would carve out in China, zones of influence for economic and political exploitation and in this area they would enjoy special rights of business and trade and a thing called – extraterritoriality. That meant that any European who committed a crime against Chinese law would be dealt with in a European court inside the concession. This rightly rankled the Chinese patriots and was even a factor in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, and later the student uprising of 1919.

We witnessed a Chinese concession was to be established on Australian soil – where extraterritoriality would have arisen through circumstance. The capitalist dog had chased its tail and it is now the Chinese who obtain the concessions. The Wagga Wagga ‘Chinese Trade Centre’ (CTC) had all the makings of an ethnic and legal enclave within Australia.

We saw in  the years 2011 – 2013 too, the running dogs of local money, like bitches on heat, chasing the Chinese; from the mayor of Wagga Wagga  Rod Kendall, through to local State and Federal MP’s like Daryl Maguire and Michael McCormack, the pattern showed a craven kowtow to the new masters. They promised a new suburb of up to 20,000 Chinese, situated right near Australian military facilities, with education for a number of children to the Chinese system with a cross-over of necessary local input, the whole enclave maintained throughout by Chinese. Although Australian law won’t specify, the sheer numbers of the Chinese and their alien quality will guarantee their extraterritoriality.

This octopus would have reached out. It was not really a trade expo centre as claimed, but a command centre. As water restrictions imposed by the UN Treaty RAMSAR continue to destroy Australian Riverina agriculture, we note today that over 70% of the area is under mining claim. Push the farmers off the land and the mines open! Then the true nature of the CTC was deadly.

With fast trains linking it to Sydney and Melbourne and the new super Chinese Embassy in Canberra to oversee it, truly we see imperialism in motion.

Thankfully, the Wagga Wagga scheme was defeated. However, the Shoalhaven Buddhist Centre and the Warnervale Theme Park replaced it. Chinese imperialism is innovative.

Chinese Imperialism in Wagga WaggaArtists impression of imperialist power grab in Wagga Wagga

The destruction of whole sectors of the Australian economy reminds us of Stalin’s expropriation of the peasants after 1928 so as to provide resources and labour for super-projects. We might rightly speak of Australia’s capitalists employing a type of Stalinist capitalism to get their way. They are simply remaking Australia as they see fit in league with the foreigner.

We should not imagine that this talk of super-cities on Australian soil is new.

In 2010, whilst speaking in Sydney to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Paul Howes, Labor impresario and leader of the Australian Workers’ Union, invoked a 1930s plan for a Jewish city in the Pilbara. He said the idea was valid, even if now we could house a mass labour force mainly from Timor of up to 200,000. He said ”key people” in the government agreed with him.

He said a Pilbara city, modelled on the city of Beersheba, could service Australia’s trading partners to the north, as well as a number of industries and exploit the oil and gas of the Timor Shelf. Mr Howes is on a panel advising the government on sustainable population. Really?!

He said the city would end the ”harsh, family-destroying” practice of mining companies flying workers in and out to remote areas, which was ”bad for almost everyone concerned, except the shareholders”. Yes, but these guys are Australians. The new city would be for aliens. Given its planned location and the increasing Chinese interest in north-western Australian, the proposal once again invokes the spectre of Rising Dragons.

 Food Bowl of the north?

In April 2013, an important conference on food production convened in Sydney. Involving the Frank Lowy Institute and billionaire Anthony Pratt and major politicians and global regulators, there was a plan advanced to feed 200 million Asians. However, it seems that this really means 200 million Chinese. In so far as ‘feeding the world’ is any sort of vision, the narrowness of that vision defines its nature and the ominous future planned for our country. It should not be thought that making China dependent on our food production means it becomes docile; quite the contrary, it becomes aware of its own dependence and it could well seek a more permanent or final solution.

Australia Rice Bowl of AsiaWhose bloody food bowl?


With damming of the northern waters, exploitation of the monsoon rains and intense Plantation style farming, it is thought that the North could become a major food producing area within a decade.

All the parties, from Liberal and Labor, through to the Bob Katter party and Clive Palmer’s party, are in favour of this northern development idea. There is no thought of turning some waters south to cleanse the Murray Darling system and sustain the Riverina and Sunraysia agricultural areas. Rather it is all to serve the Asian Century and the Chinese superpower.

But the plan entails the possession of a massive labour force in the hands of Australian capitalists and their Chinese partners.

 Armies of Chinese in Australia?

In the Australian newspaper November 22 2012, (ex-ambassador to China) Stephen Fitzgerald, who is hardly a ‘xenophobe’, warned that the Chinese state involvement in the large Chinese student populations of our cities represents a challenge to freedom of opinion – and democracy! Fact!

We recall that in 2008, almost 10,000 Chinese students mobilised in Canberra to oppose a group of Tibetans demonstrating for the independence of the region from China. Their counter-demo showed organization and power. Since that time, the Chinese have lobbied throughout Australian universities to restrict any activity that offends the Motherland. What is this but interference in the affairs of a sovereign country?

Since then, plans have been advanced to make the Waterloo area of inner-Sydney into a Chinese education precinct and a large area near Geelong into a veritable Chinese university city. With tens of thousands of young Chinese ‘studying’ at any moment in Australia, we may fairly say that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Chinese intelligence should well established! Fantasy? It was revealed that the Chinese company which had purchased Darwin port would possess a militia component linked to the PLA.

To undertake the vast constructions needed to create Capricornia, a labour force of at least a couple of hundred thousands would be required. Further, to maintain the system and to integrate it into the Asian economy and in particular to service the Chinese superpower would entail the massive expansion of existing cities such as Darwin, Cairns, Townsville and Rockhampton and countless other towns and locales. With an alien population and a Chinese business class, the area would quickly resemble as we have said – a new state. Not a ‘State’ of the Commonwealth, but a new state!

As in Africa, China supplies considerable human resources to ‘development’. So they are well versed in the mechanism.

 Chinese imperialism shows its face

They build infrastructure, establish Plantation economies and police their own needs. If we were to say that the labour armies of the future in our country’s north might all be young men between 20 and 30 years, all fit and well-disciplined, could it be that the People’s Liberation Army might ‘lend’ us the workers? And if that was so, would this mean that at any point of time more than ten divisions of Chinese troops would be actually on the Continent in that zone alone? Could this be another reason why US strategists situated an American Deployment Force in Darwin? The regime in Washington / New York has organs like the Trilateral Commission and the Council for Foreign Relations which plan around the needs of the New World Order. Given the rivalry now of the two superpowers and also their interdependence, managing northern Australia, would be a priority.

Chinese New Silk Road NetworkChinese reinvigorated Silk Road globally


The developmentalism of the Asian Century plan and the northern zone plan must place our land under new yokes and the idea that any ordinary Australian could profit from this is ludicrous. It is the scheming of the oligarchs.

The intimidation of Australian political culture by Chinese students would be nothing to the presence of the People’s Liberation Army if ‘the moment’ eventuates. The evolving neo-colonial status of Australia opens up for the coercion of Australians at all levels by the rising superpower and for the contention between it and the declining US superpower of the New World Order system. All this heightens the physical danger of either a clash of the titans on our Continent or even more darkly – its formal division between the two, something the Capricornia ‘Brisbane Line’ seems to suggest. On the one hand, the US concedes an area to the Chinese to give value to its worthless paper but still seeks cooperation with it in trade and investment; on the other hand the stage can be set for military conflict.

 Mad Max of Capricornia

The alienation of a part of Australia into a special economic zone, the presumed cornucopia of Capricornia, must mean the disintegration of all things Australian in the north. That is the essence of the new Stalinist capitalism – smash, slash, burn, level the ground and build again.

Most Aussies have seen the Mel Gibson movie, Mad Max. It depicts a post war world of running-down technologies, lawlessness and government uncertainties.

Could this be the future of parts of Australia between the two zones and in the southern zone as Australians would also come under attack by the communal violence of unassimilable  ethnic groups and a certain break-down of all norms that would occur under the impresses of living in a divided land?

Such a nightmare scenario means that Australians owe no loyalty to the Australian state, whatever that may now mean – and only loyalty to themselves as a People. The social contract is dissolved.

 And the Aborigines too!

In April 2013, David Farley prominent cattleman’s leader, announced that for Australia to produce for the Asian and Chinese markets, it was necessary to rethink the Aboriginal ‘Land Rights’ claims. That was always on the cards. They are heavily in North Australia sitting right on top of the “food bowl” and mining land.

Way back in the 1980’s, there were certain mining and financial interests who opposed any ‘Aboriginal Land Rights’. Hugh Morgan was instrumental in hiring an ex communist called Geoff Macdonald who authored Red Over Black which asserted that the Land Rights movement was an attempt to divide up Australia and benefit some sort of (imprecise) communist cause. These folks, taken together with their allies in various economic-rationalist think tanks, were called ‘New Right’ – meaning they were rabid free-marketeers of the Thatcher-Reagan style. At the time, other liberal opinion militated against them and the Aborigines seemed to come into possession of certain rights over particular lands. But did they really?

This is now in any case – to be overthrown. It is no longer compatible with globalisation and the notion that the Chinese would have any consideration for any Aborigine, is also ridiculous.

Chinese coin found in Aboriginal area

Chinese coin found in Aboriginal area. Will this fact be used to soften up the Aborigines?

There was another aspect of Land Rights which even the free marketeers and

definitely the Aborigines had missed. It disputed the actual sovereignty of the Nation and made Australia vulnerable to partition or recolonization by a false assertion of our lack of legal state validity, a new terra nullius.

Whether any Aborigines see any commonality of interest with white Australians in opposing recolonization is problematical, but not impossible. But their dispossession in the northern zone is certain in the Stalinist capitalist revolution soon to operate there.

 Clashes of the superpowers

In Australia’s history there was also a time when two great powers lobbied over Australia – the British and Japanese empires.

The precedent was set that empires have both convergent and contending interests and the aim of any empire from Babylon to Rome, and on to our modern Tower of Babel, is to secure the interests of its centre to the detriment of even its clients.

Most have seen the Tom Cruise film ‘The Last Samurai’. Little do they know that there was such a Samurai revolt in 1877-1878 and it had one great effect. It destabilized Japan such that its internal needs briefly overcame its imperial ambition and therefore no Japanese colony, as to be established by South Australian and ‘Home’ agreement, would be founded in the Northern Territory with some 50,000 Japanese settlers

That was the time when, like the China of today, Japan was sending out surplus population and building a trading empire from Hawaii to South America and Manchuria, Taiwan and Korea.

The betrayal of the Australian interest by Britain is a sad fact for old-time loyalists, but it shows us today how empires work.

The comprador bourgeoisie of the Brisbane Line period acted upon solid precedent as do the Sinophile-sychophants of the traitor class of today.

Headlines in Australian newspapers late last year proclaimed, “All Eyes On China In Asian Arms Build-Up” and “Shun US ‘Tiger’ And Japanese ‘Wolf’, Colonel Warns”. And early this year from Sinophile Greg Sheridan, there was –  “Asia Pacific Powder Keg”.

The rise of the new Chinese superpower and its imperialist ambition occasioned Julia Gillard to journey to China in March 2013 and announce that this country’s subservience to the New World Order superpower did not mean that it was hostile to China. Indeed, the Prime Minister welcomed every Chinese economic intrusion into Australia. This visit was undoubtedly linked to the Asian Century plan and the northern development zone plan.

Another headline in recent times reveals, “China To Wean Australia Off US”, implying that the Chinese imperialists are seeking greater leverage over the Australian traitor class.  The Chinese promise is that the swollen udder of their milch cow will wean them off the drying breast of a Colonel Sanders in his dotage.

As China’s navy expands its influence over the entire Pacific region, contentions emerge at every turn. Chinese traders have jumped into every Pacific country and the Chinese navy stages visits to Auckland. The Chinese spar off with Vietnam and the Philippines over oil rich areas and threaten to reintegrate Taiwan by force. Chinese agents have also been active in Papua New Guinea, one short jump to Cape York. Australia has verbally sided with the American superpower and its allies against Chinese encroachments in the South China Sea leading China to obliquely threaten Australia in December 2015 if its aircraft violated China’s airspace. It is all a witches’ brew that may conjure up an ‘error’ that could produce a major conflict.

 The Reckoning

In 1888 legendary Australian labour leader, William Lane, authored a fantasy novel in his paper The Boomerang.  Entitled White or Yellow? A Story of the Race-War of A.D. 1908, Lane imagined a time when corrupt Queensland politicians and the plantation owners and mining interests would encourage a massive Chinese intrusion into Queensland. It would destabilize the colony’s politics and bring a civil war between a people’s party and the rich. The latter would rely upon the Chinese for support. In Lane’s story the partisans of Australianism prevailed.

The Race War of 1908, William Lane 1888

William Lane’s revolutionary pamphlet

A similar and more influential work was the novel by C.H. Kirmess (Sir Frank Fox) The Australian Crisis, published in 1909. This work was so widely read in the young Australia that it precipitated a mass clamour for the foundation of an Australian navy and played a role in instigating an Australian militia – the Citizens’ Military Forces.

The work ‘predicted’ that the British Empire would betray Australia and that the Japanese would invade northern Australia to secure its food supplies, the British also occupying parts of Australia in order to protect its interests and enforce Australian compliance to obtain a suitable peace. Australia would fight civil war to reestablish itself against British-incited divisions and to stand firm against the Japanese. Australians would found an irregular ‘White Guard’ partisan and militia force to leader national resistance against imperialism.

Our readers can locate the Kirmess novel at:

It would appear that Australia has not only had direct experience of imperial and comprador attempts to divide it, but that Australians have also theorised in the past about these very subjects.

We patriots of today call these facts in aid of our current struggle.

If we can be so bold, let us again turn to Chinese history for a model to deal with those who have forsaken their Nation. It was Jiang Jing, wife of Mao, who during the Cultural Revolution used the Red Guards to ‘drag out’ and punish those who were not following the Chinese line of revolution. It would seem to us of our Australian national resistance that a ‘White Guard’ needs to ‘drag out’ the traitor class and to create the conditions to expel all imperialism from Australia – and take national independence.

 The Brisbane Line Shall Not Pass

Given that Australia has now acceded to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement and the Trans Pacific Partnership which allows the full penetration of Australia by Chinese imperialism, we have signed for future frictions among the various foreign intruders with the new superpower – on Australian soil. Each foreign power has a set of whores who service it and the local traitor class attempts an overall approach to ensure the continuance of its rule. In truth, the class is also overwhelmed by events.

We shall now turn to the past to explain how it has come to this.


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