Legislate rights for Child Rape Victims to be ‘Redress Creditors’

Gillard’s selective commission into institutional child rape (the 2013 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse) has logically concluded that institutions had “seriously failed” to protect children since the 1960s, as expected.   Some 230 prosecutions have commenced.  It has made 189 recommendations.

Yet Gillard pardoned selective known types of pedos in Australia to continue their evil upon our most vulnerable – children.

Pardoned from investigation and prosecution by Gillard’s blind eye were/are:

  1. Family pedophilia in Australia – past, present and ongoing
  2. Rapefugees typically from the Arab and African badlands with scant background checks, often found driving Ubers
  3. Female genital mutilation being multiculturally rife in Islamic ghettos in Sydney – like in Lakemba, Punchbowl and Bankstown
  4. Female genital mutilation being multiculturally rife in Islamic ghettos in Melbourne – like in Coburg
  5. Aboriginal pedo inebriates roaming in outback Aboriginal communities – like in Roebourne and Tennant Creek.
  6. Civil libertarian judges conspiring with and pardoning pedos with wrist slapping good behaviour bonds, so pedos can maintain their habit.
  7. Child Rape Tourism – known pedos granted holiday visas to handy South-East Asia and the Pacific for pedo-smorgasbording – like off to Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, the Cook Islands.
  8. Dark Web online grooming of kids by pedos.

A Redress Creditor for future adulthood – part of the next ‘Stolen Generation’ for sure


Historic child rape victims (PC-euphemised as ‘survivors‘) are now restricted to their belated compensation of just $150,000, irrespective of how many times they were raped as children/youth or how psychologically traumatised, debilitated, or lingering the trauma.  It’s another Canberran one-stop-shop/closure imperative oversimplification so the media may move on.

As many as 60,000 survivors may be eligible for compensation.  Well if they all get $150,000 each (not likely) that totals $9 billion in compensation.  Who pays – Australian taxpayers?

Many victims have passed on, many have committed suicide, many pedophiles have since died and escaped justice.  It’s another government classic case of too-little-too-late.

And what actually will change?  How are the blind eye turning complicities (rebranded ‘mistakes’) of the past not being repeated now?  The Catholic Church still despicably upholds its unnatural celibacy dogma on its priests, and has outright rejected the Commission’s calls to report abuse disclosed in confession.

Gillard’s selective commission cost Australia taxpayers over $500 million. Typical Labor, she under-estimated the timeframe and under-budgeted $377 million, so it blew out by two years and another $126 million.

Liberal Attorney General George Brandis reckoned in 2016 a belated national investigation into historic institutional pedophilia was justified.  Most survivors who approached the commission had already disclosed the abuse, but it took them on average 22 years to do so.

What about investigations into current pedophilia evil:

  • In pedo-condoned families
  • In Islamic cult institutions and their compliant FMG-ritual parents
  • In the institutionalised deviant brainwashing of Australian school children the being rolled out by Roz Ward‘s perverted ‘safe school’ sect
  • The proliferation of Dark Webbers grooming kiddies online
  • The pedo-holidaying in cheap South East Asia and Pacific Islands


No doubt in a generation’s time, it’ll be time for another round of selective investigation into ‘mistakes’ condoned by governments across Australia now.   But similarly by then the perpetrators will have got away with it, thousands of victims will have their lives ruined, many having suicided.  Those in authority will have retired and the authorities will have had name changes. It’s same old, same old.


So the federal Budget in 2017 allocated $600 million in additional redress – another Gillard oversight – not her money.

That will blow out too, because it was the fudge boffins in Treasury throwing darts blindfolded to derive their guesstimate.  Trust Treasury with forecasts?   Now late in 2018, Gillard’s selective commission reckons the national child rape redress scheme will cost a whopping $4.3 billion to provide compensation and medical and therapy support to 60,000 victims of “abuse” (child rape) – “more than first thought”.  But then that doesn’t include administrative costs, such as IT costs, which are expected to be “substantial”.

Apparently, Federal and state governments are to be “funders of last resort” under the Commission’s redress model, picking up the pieces where non-government organisations have closed or been bankrupted and, in some cases, funding their own redress where they were responsible.

Let the pedo-institutions go bankrupt – sell all their assets!

The Pope declares the Confessional:  “The Go To Pedophile Cone of Silence

Victoria’s Attorney-General Martin Pakula said the state ­“remains open to a national ­redress scheme” but he has yet to see any detail.  “They still need to explain what funding the commonwealth intends to contribute to victims, how they will administer the scheme, what type of abuse they intend to cover, and whether they will take responsibility as funder of last resort,” he said.

Catholic Church national wealth in Australia alone is estimated to be $30 billion. There are calls for the Catholic Church’s tax-free status to be reviewed after a Fairfax investigation revealing the extent of property, assets and investments owned by the church in Australia.11 Feb 2018.

The Catholic Church should sell off all its assets for starters and simply fold. The same with the other churches, Islamic institutions, cults, the Salvos, Scouts, Swimming Australia, faith schools, government schools and juvenile detention facilities.

Just start again with new terms of reference – all pedos!

Australia’s great moral shame is that authorities and laws have not protected our most vulnerable, our children, from the evils of deviant predators, and still don’t.

So to morally redress those failings, national legislation needs to be made retrospective to legislate rights to child rape victims to be redress creditors.  That is, redress financial compensation needs to be legislated as a debt owed by the perpetrators to the victims.

That needs to apply to anywhere on Australian territory, and to offences committed by any Australian citizen anywhere.

So for instance, if as a First World nation in Australia we say a human life is worth nominally $1 million in 2018 as an economic loss value, then child rape is worth half a life and so $500,000.  That is per offence.  That is a debt owed by the perpetrator to the victim, extracted from his (typically a rapist is a male) to the victim, payable if not out of the perpetrator’s assets, bankrupting that perpetrator if necessary, else extracted out of the assets institution that was entrusted with the care of that child, liquidating that institution if necessary.

That does not pardon the offender.   Murder is the intentional taking of another’s life.  Rape is taking half of another’s life – each offence.

In a decent society, the loss of life from murder needs to be met with life in prison – the term of one’s natural life.  Commensurately, so rape needs to be met with half-life in prison – 40 years gaol – for each offence.

Child rape is pedophilia.  It is a heinous crime warranting severe penalty.

In March 2018, No FGM Australia released its “FGM Prevalence in Australia: 2018” report which uses global prevalence figures and ABS data to estimate the number of Australian women and girls born overseas who are victims of Islamic female genital mutilation.  The figures are staggering.  A “survivor” group of over 200,000 Australian women and girls are likely to have had their clitoris razored off or be at risk of being razored.

All Islamic-razored under Gillard’s watch