Fairfax sinister promotion of Chinese property development

See your fucking add here Aussie scum“See your add here Aussie scum” ..says Fairfax Media aristocrat Greg Hywood

Socialist filth Fairfax demands of Australians, the big money of China is upon us so friggen bend over, you White Southern Pawns of Asia!

Sydney Harbour real estate is being flogged off to the yellow filth, not to live in but to control like Chinese dynasties of yore.

Chinese Huang Changran bribed $1.8 million to establish the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology Sydney, helmed by former foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr, and another $1 million to the Children’s Medical Research Institute at Westmead.

Corrupt Communist Party Huang has swiftly moved toward political reinvention.

As head of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, he gives speeches urging Chinese-Australians to oppose independence for Taiwan, Xinjiang or Tibet.

When Xi made his first official visit to Australia as China’s president in late 2014, Huang was there to greet him as a leader of Australia’s Chinese business community.

Which billionaire Chinese are not corrupt?

Chinese corrupt communists buying up Sydney Harbour mansionsFacing North: Unlucky Ching Huang’s death pad in Mosman is the site of an historic colonial massacre


When a little-known Chinese property developer splashed $12.8 million to command an Australian mansion in 2012, it raised eyebrows not just for the price but for the copycat purchases that followed.

A flurry of mainland buyers descended on Sydney property agents with requests for similar properties nearby, but with the proviso that their mansions could not be “bigger and better”. They made clear it was in deference to the original purchaser, Huang Xiangmo.

Rotten Chinese Egg.

Rotten Chinese EggChinese are not Australian and will never be


“When Mr Huang was looking to buy we were also looking for houses for his associates – but they weren’t able to buy until Mr Huang had bought his ‘King of the Mountain’ house,” one Mosman agent told Fairfax Media. “And their houses, as we understood it, couldn’t be higher than his on the hillside or better than his.”

Australians are monitoring the invading scum.

In the following months five more multimillion-dollar homes were sold to Huang’s “friends”, all lower down the hillside in Beauty Point. Agents, baffled but delighted, listened to buyers speak of their hope that Huang’s “good fortune” would rub off on them through living nearby. As word spread of the area’s excellent feng shui, interest from other Chinese buyers surged, Mosman prices broke out of a prolonged post-GFC slump, and long-time residents took to calling the area “Beijing Point”.


King of the Mountain

Lost in translation?

No More ChineseNever trust a Chinese !

Never buy from a Chinese !

Never employ a Chinese !

Never train a Chinese !

Never harbour a Chinese!

Sydney Property sales to Chinese only