Dr Jim Saleam addresses Australia’s Riverina

The Gundagai Address of 2019.  Dr Jim Saleam live at ‘Meet the Candidates’ today at the Gundagai District Services Club for the Cootamundra by-election..


  • The Cootamundra electorate is historically based, it is the cradle of the nation, the birthplace of our national poet Henry Lawson
  • Council amalgamations were a deliberate political economic planning action, never intended to benefit ordinary locals
  • Treacherous former Nationals – Warren Truss, Andrew Robb and corrupt Daryl Macguire
  • In our country there is an absolute a nexus between money and power
  • Australians do not live in an open democracy, but under a globalist ‘system’ (Left/Right) controlling our society
  • Australians do not live in a pure democracy, rather under a ‘controlled society’ by the major political parties and the banks
  • Beware of plans for a ‘new city’ nearby for up to 400,000 foreigners not in Australia yet!
  • Beware of Fast Train ‘CLARA’ daydream planning ‘global growth precincts’ to link a ‘great’ Sydney to a ‘great’ Melbourne
  • The Riverina community risks a future of being dispossessed by refugee dumps, hordes of foreign fake students, and from Coal Seam Gas imposts exploiting arable farmland and poisoning the vital water table and aquifers
  • Vote for Australia First Party to truly challenge the corrupted undemocratic politics.


Concluding Remarks

The party had decided that our president should again run in the New South Wales State electorate of Cootamundra for the poll on March 23. This may have turned into a wise decision.

The first candidates’ forum was held in Gundagai on last Tuesday. Some two hundred local people attended. The meeting featured opening and closing remarks by the candidates and a robust question and answer period.

Video extracts alsoappear on the special Cootamundra Facebook page. The meeting will be reported in this week’s Gundagai Independent.