Christian Freedom Justice to protect school children from pedo-deviant teachings

“Miss, why do you look like a man?”


Australia’s Christian and decent parents have a right to protect their innocent children from the dark society of sodomites, lesbians and pedo-deviants – who are now carte blanche adopting children to assume status as legitimate ‘parents’.

Christian freedom enshrines the right of schools to prevent perversion contaminating the minds of children and worse – sexual abuse.

Faith-based schools do not want to be transformed into abnormality such as:

  • Homosexual teachers teaching children about homosexual behaviours – showing Gayby Baby in class
  • Trannies teaching anything
  • School curricula perverted to deviant agenda
  • School toilets facilitating LGBTTQQFAGPEDOBDSM+ behaviours 
  • Flying the stolen rainbow flag
  • Mandatory circulation of Roz Ward’s ‘scary-safe’ school perverted literature
  • Poof and Dyke adopters taking over Parent & Carer associations
  • Deviant school camps
  • Lesbians controlling school canteens, because all the mothers were intimidated by them
  • Sex Ed 101 at schools going full-on BDSM occult – consider the class videos?
  • ‘Gender morphing’ – bullying school boys to wear dresses for Feminazi campaigns

Parents continuing to be invited on school camps?

Canberra’s latest sheltered circus impost of deviant marriage last year was always going to be the thin end of the wedge to a slipperly slope of depravity.

Religious schools are to be guaranteed the right to turn away sexual deviants under changes to federal anti-discrimination laws recommended by the government’s long-awaited review into religious freedom.

As for non-Christian religious schools such as the those of the foreign barbaric Muslim cult, they deserve banning across Australia outright.  Former Labor PM Julia Gilliard was notorious for granting Muslims immunity from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Islam, an anti-Australian hate cult, prescribes pedophilia

Rights of the Child Trump Deviant Discrimination

Former attorney-general Philip Ruddock has been appointed to ensure religious freedoms are protected as the government pushes ahead with legalising deviant marriage.  Ruddock’s review panel have agreed that faith-based schools should have some discretion to discriminate in the hiring of teachers on the basis of religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status.

Preferring the euphemism of ‘gay‘ or ‘LGBTI community‘ to hide their abnormal behaviour, sexual deviants are frothing and twisting the Christian Freedom Rights to preserve decency in Australia schools instead as “discrimination against students on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status.

The reality is that it is a cult of orifice abuse and child abuse.

Due to faggot-leaking, The Ruddock Report calls for Canberra’s Sex Discrimination Act of 1984 to be amended to allow religious schools to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status – something some but not all states already allow.

The Ruddock Report notes:

“There is a wide variety of religious schools in Australia and… to some school communities, cultivating an environment and ethos which conforms to their religious beliefs is of paramount importance.   To the extent that this can be done in the context of appropriate safeguards for the rights and mental health of the child, the panel accepts their right to select, or preference, students who uphold the religious convictions of that school community.   School are to have a publicly available policy outlining their positions on decency, and ensure the best interests of the child as the “primary consideration of its conduct”.

This all seems proper and reasonable to protect the rights of the child foremost and to uphold the Christian teachings of marriage, family and morality.

However the report said any further amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act should only apply to new enrolments.  So the current set of deviants, pedos and cross-dressers may continue to run amok kiddy-fiddling like foxes in the hen-house.

Last month disgusting pedophile teacher and assistant principal, Shane Andrew Matthews, was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Deviant teacher thrived under broad-minded schooling regime

The trusted teacher sexually abused 16 primary school students. His crimes were described as calculated, predatory and systematic.

The court heard his victims were boys aged only 10 and 11, and he used reward systems to build their trust and abusing them in special tutoring sessions.

The Catholic Church for instance teaches that homosexual acts are ‘acts of grave depravity’ that are ‘intrinsically disordered’, contrary to natural law and cannot be approved under any circumstances.  Given this, any logical person would ask why a homosexual would want to teach at a Catholic school?

The only answer is because the school is not Catholic anymore (that explains why there are already so many in the system) or because they want to subvert those that are.  A Catholic school cannot hope to have a Catholic ethos if it cannot discriminate against teachers who openly live a life rejecting that ethos, yet shape the character of their students.

Family identity, racial identity, gender identity?  Just a global citizen hybrid.


Deviant teachers at Catholic schools will graduate ‘Catholics’ who think that homosexuality is good.  A Catholic school forced to hire such a person is no longer free to be Catholic. And that’s the whole point of this frenzy of fury from the rainbow activists. They don’t want Catholic students who grow into Catholic adults who won’t accept that homosexual acts are normal.  It’s an abomination before God.

The schools that dare do this will be become battlegrounds with prep students having to break through the Antifa lines just to make it to class.

School suicides are set to skyrocket if the deviants infiltrate Christian schools.

Gay Science classes pre-loaded with leftist deviance