Bill Shorten’s Labor renewal needs to go deeper than making rallying speeches

Bill Shorten’s evangelical appeal for 400,000 Australian youth to suddenly sign up and trust Labor is a tad fanciful.  Perhaps it’s all about Bill himself staying relevant and keeping his job.

Is he on notice? Is Tanya starting to make moves for the top Labor job?

PlibersekBill’s talk of Labor engaging with a lost generation is spin before the product, so nothing learned.  With Labor, nothing has changed – ideology, policies, Green gayness and asylum infatuation, a culture of preselections, branch stacking, union membership, factionalism, lobbyists, Sussex Street power, Labor’s faceless men, ‘crony capitalism’ with Mediterranean familia, and being under the feminazi thumb of Gillard’s Emily’s listers.

It’s a complex hard message to sell Billy.  Transparency and democracy within Labor has some ways to evolve, before starting to sell any party renewal message.

For Bill to come out advocating that he will give more say to grassroots members is so far from reality that his evangelism plea in Melbourne today frankly makes him look personally desperate – dead man walking stuff.

Bill even put on a blue tie for the ABC television interview!