Bakery Hill Maccas should be relocated to fake Chinese cemetery in Ballaarat

That Chinese cemetery in Ballaarat is fake.  It’s empty.  All the dead Chinese were shipped back to their celestial homeland in Canton. They had no business invading Ballaarat’s gold fields anyway.  No-one wanted them.

Dan Andrews of the Foreign Labor Party wants to say sorry to descendants of Chinese gold diggers for invading Australia’s gold fields in the 1850s.  Well Australians didn’t want them then and don’t want them now.  Look at this lot.  It’s not as if they’ve integrated.  Chinese look after Chinese – old Confucius proverb.

Chinese invade Victorian Parliament Steps

Australian nationalists recognise that Andrews is just belly crawling to the new Chinese Imperialism.

Diversity Dan Andrews needs to get his historical facts right and ‘rissen’ to the people.  Our forebears resisted Chinese Imperialism during the Gold Rush and their descendants resist the Chinese now.

From 1852, when a mischief of coolies returned to Canton bejeweled in bullion from Ballaarat’s “new gold mountain”, within three years 11,000 pony tails from the celestial empire had taken over Victoria’s rich diggings.  Around Ballaarat and Bendigo one in four on the diggings were noodle slurping ‘celestials‘.

At Ballaarat they were centred around the diggings area known as ‘Golden Point‘, long since demolished to make way for the appropriately names ‘Sovereign Hill’ tourist village.  By 1869 a demographic survey by police Sergeant James Larner estimated 1500 Chinese comprising 550 miners, 250 gamblers, 266 storekeepers, 120 hawkers,  5 publicans, 15 butchers, 100 thieves, 15 brothel keepers, 150 gardeners, and 30 half-Chinese children.

What vice!

Chinese Camp at Golden Point demolished to make way for Sovereign Hill gold rush museum in 1970


And ever since the mid-1850s, Aussies have fought back against the Chinese invading hordes.

In 1855 Victoria’s Chinese Immigration Act was passed to “check and diminish this influx”, charging ’em a head tax of £10 to land in Victoria and restricting coolie numbers to one per ten tonnes of a ship’s cargo.  But the invaders instead landed cheap in Robe and did their long march to Ballaarat anyway, some 16,000 of them.  [NB. ‘coolie’ is Mandarin 苦力 (kǔlì) for ‘work til ya drop’].

If China was so heavenly celestial why did they leave?  It’s a bit like seeing those silly Victorian number plates ‘The Place To Be’ driving outside Victoria.


In 1857 the Victorian government repealed the Act as ineffective.  So Aussie diggers rose up against the thousands of invading coolies – in various ‘Roll Ups‘ at Ararat, at Bendigo in 1854, at Buckland River in 1867, against the 15,000 coolies at the Lambing Flat Digger Uprising in 1860. Lambing Flat is situated in New South Wales on the eastern outskirts of the now town of Young where the old Blackguard Gully goldfield was set up.

Even a flag was specially made based on what the diggers at the time thought the 1854 Southern Cross Flag looked like during the diggers’ Eureka Uprising at Ballaarat.  Some modifications were added to suit their Chinese eviction purpose. It was close is style, same colour, but resembled more of the St Andrew’s Cross or the Saltire o Scotland.  No matter, the diggers’ spirit of freedom was there.

Aussie diggers in frustration, rustled another Roll-Up again in 1861, because the pigtail coolies were slow on the uptake or else were not ‘ristening’ to da vibe.

“Come on and let us drive the long-tailed devils off at once” – quoted from the Buckland River Digger Uprising. The site of the old Buckland River Gold Field exploited by 2000 coolies is situated in Victoria’s high country region 20km south of the village of Porepunkah at 1954 Buckland Valley Road at a clearing around what’s now called Camp Flat.

Leftist historians attempt to rewrite Australian colonial history by trying to re-brand the uprisings falsely as ‘riots’.  But a riot is unplanned spontaneous angry mob violence in the streets.  Whereas an uprising is a politically motivated, planned and co-ordinated revolt by local citizens protesting against their violated rights.  The Chinese coolies had invaded the Aussie diggings and the Aussie diggers had had enough and it was time for the Aussie diggers to rise against them.

Colonial governments of the time eventually got the democratic message that Australia should not be a culturally diverse society and so ushered in the White Australia Policy to protect our European values and culture.

The Act was soon reinstated.

John B.L.S. Holmes’ letter to The Ballaarat Times, 14 July, 1857. p.3:

“Sir, – What are we to do with the Chinese? A pole (sic) tax of £10.0.0 per head has been found insufficient to stem the tide of almond-eyed asiatics from the ‘flowery land’ to the land of gold. … how will the future welfare and prosperity of this country be effected (sic) by the wholesale immigration of those pagans? They are a people with whom we do not associate, on whom, in fact, we look down with contempt…

… I would suggest His Excellency, the Governor should authorize the formation of volunteer corps …who might be armed, for want of better, with old muskets … and ready to act in concert with the military and police, in several districts.

… Reports are current that the Chinese have large quantities of gun powder, and that they are well provided with short, sharp, cut and thrust swords …”

Regrettably, leftist politicians renamed Lambing Flat as ‘Young’ after a governor of the NSW Colony, to try to bury Aussie Digger History.  Aussie nationalists still refer to it as ‘Lambing Flat’ – its historically honest name.


John Pascoe Fawkner, perhaps Australia’s Nathan Bedford Forrest, called on the Victorian government of the day to:

“effectively prevent the gold fields of Australia Felix from becoming the property of the Emperor of China and of the Mongolian and tartar hordes of Asia”.

Defending the Australia Felix (Mitchell’s fertile Victoria) was backed by a stream of petitions from European miners stating that the Chinese were “a very ineligible class of immigrant”.   These successfully compelled the government to introduce a Bill “to regulate the residence of Chinese population” – all adult male Chinese residents of Victoria had to then produce a receipt for their entry tax and pay an additional residence tax of 1 pound every two months. No Chinese miner had any right to take legal action for the recovery of a mining claim, property or damages.

After Lambing Flat in New South Wales, no Chinese could become naturalised in the Australia Felix. Father of Federation, Henry Parks warned that further immigration of Chinese would lead to “future discord, anarchy and civil war“. Others such as W. Russel, complained of Chinese vice, disease and dirtiness, and deplored the possibility of a “mongrel” population resulting from the immigration of an “inferior race”.

By 1861, it was generally acknowledged that the Chinese were to blame for the lack of prosperity on the diggings.  A Miner’s Protective League had formed, petitioning for the removal of the Chinese “for the protection of native industry”.

Once the Chinese had grabbed their alluvial dregs, most went back to celestial Canton from whence they came.  Regrettably many stayed downunder and set up noodle houses, Joss houses, noodle farms, Chinese laundries and brothels in beachhead Chinatowns.

The vision of Australia’s first federal government was a white Australia. The first Acts passed by the new Federal parliament in 1901 were the Pacific Islanders Labourers Act, and the Immigration Restriction Act. The first act enabled the government to deport any Pacific Islanders working in the northern states, ridding the nation of cheap non-European labour. The second, more importantly, preserved the white majority in the Australian population.

Looking at Ballarat today, you wouldn’t have a clue there were ever any Chinese at all.  That’s a good thing.

Them’s the facts Diversity Dan.

Leftist Diversity is all about apologising for White Australian guilt. It is multiculti pandering and surrendering of Australian values to the foreigner.

Instead, Australia needs to re-introduce another Chinese Immigration Hygiene Act to evict the Chinese headache once and for all.  If it was bad enough at the height of the Gold Rush with 40,000 Chinese, in 2017 with 1 million, and with large chunks of our land and wealth owned and controlled by China, the invasion is well apace.

Indeed, things don’t change.  With massive Chinese acquisitions in the Victorian economy – from the ‘Educity’ at Werribee, to the Docklands precinct, to the plan for new China cities along a Very Fast Train line – Diversity Dan is merely stating his priorities and his loyalties.

In truth, the struggle of colonial Victorians against Chinese labour on the goldfields, had positive effects on the development of national identity, union organisations and certainly contributed towards the social legislation (wages, conditions, child labour) that made Australia the envy of the European world.

Struggles for national identity in particular are seldom peaceful and encounter-group affairs. So it was when European colonials met with Chinese labour and traders. That is no matter of shame or regret. And we have no doubt that the new Chinese imperialism sees Andrews’s statements for the cowardly complicity in takeover which they are.

In Ballaarat, Golden Point Chinatown was fortunately demolished to make way for the Sovereign Hill outdoor museum to attract the tourist dollar.

In 1977, the foreign McDonalds monkey food franchise tried to demolish buildings at the top of Ballaarat’s historic Bakery Hill.  Bomb threats, fires, vandalism and theft of fittings ensued. McDonald’s managing director Peter Ritchie threatened to “pack up and leave”. He should have.

Bakery Hill was the celebrated site of the birth of Australian democracy in which rebel Peter Lalor on 11 November 1854 addressed a public meeting of about 12,000 miners passed resolutions affirming the right of the people to full representation, manhood suffrage, the abolition of the property qualification for members, payment of members, short Parliaments, and the abolition of the Gold Commission and the diggers’ licenses.

It was where the Ballaarat Reform League lit a bonfire burning the mining licences and first flying the Southern Cross Flag declaring “we swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.”

Back in the old Ballaarat cemetery, Chinese section, only the headstones remain.  So it’s fake.  The Chinese had set up a ‘celestial body’ charity tin to fund exhumations of the graves and ship the dead back to Canton for final burial with their ancestors in celestial heaven.

Best that invading McDonald’s relocate off sacred Bakery Hill to the fake Chinese cemetery.  Sovereign Hill it!

Golden Arches fitting over fake celestials