Australia’s worst Muslim Leb Import set for divorce because bride is too Aussie

It is not surprising that the deputy mayor of Sydney’s inner ethnic enclave of Auburn is Lebanese.

The Arab is a property developer on local council, selling to Chinese and Koreans, with council inside knowledge et al.

He has a massive ego. His father is a convicted fraudster.

He does this big $50 million wedding, arriving by helicopter and commandeering the local street as if he’s Auburn’s godfather.

Samil MehajerTypical ethnic, just like in the Lebanon.

But bride April Amelia Learmonth who grew up in the suburbs of Wollongong and enrolled in the Illawarra College of Beauty Therapy is already unhappy being forced to wear the nijab, recite the Qu’ran and obey her husband.



The parents are not talking.

Samil Mehajer violentGirl, get out quick!