Australian Law and Order demands national overhaul

Night after night across ethnic Sydney, local media reports overnight drive-by shootings and home invasions by ethnic foreigners. Typically, victims known to local police are not prepared to co-operate because the crimes are ethnic gang related.

Since when did residency come without condition of obeying Australia’s laws?

Sydney’s Liberal Barry O’Farrell has sat back and allowed Sydney’s west to descend into gangster ghetto following the US gun culture.  O’Farrell has proven to be a timid teddy bear politician.   How long before ordinary Australians are gunned down because some gang juveniles are just bored?

Sydney Drive By Shootings

Australia’s recent ethnic crime wave is not confined to Sydney.  Ethnic crime dominates crime statistics across urban Australia.  It is concentrated in the urban areas where Whitlam’s ethnic ghettos and enclaves have been formed.  Bankstown, Logan City, Broadmeadows, Mirrabooka are all foreign urban ghettos where ethnic gangs roam, fueled by an open immigration government agenda.

Urbans ghettos have been encouraged by LibLab multiculturalism naivety that sends a deluded consistent message to new arrivals that it is ok to keep your extreme cultures and views, your unChristian values and to ignore Australian mores and laws.   Instead of engendering respect by immigrants for Australians and encouraged to assimilate, the Multiculturalism Mantra has rejected assimilation, and has evoked this ethnic crime wave.

Australia’s renowned tolerant society is justifiably tolerant no longer.  Our urban society is destabilising.

So how are African youth gangs conducive to Australian society?

Perth's Sudanese Gangs

Federal Labor allows illegal guns to bypass Customs and so proliferate, and the Greens couldn’t give a crock.   The Greens blindly welcome anyone from anywhere claiming that thousands of unskilled Third Worlders on welfare can only enrich Australia’s cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity.  The Greens want Australians to celebrate the congestion, the ghettoes, the ethnic crime wave ruining urban Australia.

Friggen nutters Greens one and all.

Sydney Gun Haul

Australia First Party, if elected, shall:

  • Scrap the many obsolete State/Territory criminal laws and transform Australian criminal law consistently into one national, relevant and respected Australian Crimes Act, after extensive public consultation with the dominant community, government prosecutors and law enforcement fraternity
  • All foreign born criminals in Australian custody shall be deported from Australia and prohibited from ever returning forthwith
  • State police shall be nationalised into a new Australian Police Force and all state/territory involvement made redundant.  Serving personnel shall be invited to transfer to the new national force with full accrued leave entitlements, and not required to relocate.  The states’/territories’ infrastructure shall be utilised and consolidated.
  • Police pay, conditions and numbers shall be dramatically increased in full and open consultation with the various police associations and unions.
  • A new national Order and Justice Department shall be formed, replacing all related official entities, to be responsible for all law enforcement across Australia, absorbing the Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Customs shall be overhauled and no foreign born persons shall be permitted to serve within its ranks
  • The Castle Doctrine shall be enacted nationally
  • A national crack down on criminal gang membership and associated crime and violence
  • Parole shall be abolished nationally
  • Plea bargaining shall be abolished nationally
  • Historic trial by jury shall be abolished, in favour of trial by three expert judges
  • First offenders denied bail shall be incarcerated separately from convicted prisoners
  • Nationalise Victim Impact Statements (currently in South Australia) be mandatorily made a focal point by judges in deciding sentencing and to facilitate increased restitution and compensation orders.
  • Penalties for contraband, illegal imports, people smuggling and all forms of smuggling into Australia shall be severely increased to mandatory life imprisonment.
  • People smugglers and their boat crews shall, if convicted, receive mandatory life imprisonment convictions, then be auto-deported to the country of departure to serve out their sentence there at the cost of their country of origin.  Why should Australian taxpayers have to fund foreign criminals? Any country that does not honourably commute Australia’s imposed sentence on its criminals, shall not receive any Australian foreign aid or diplomatic support throughout the term of each sentence.
  • A plebiscite shall be put to the Australian people to decide whether convicted paedophiles should be subjected to chemical castration

Australia First is serious about Law and Order

Is this not what Ordinary Australians expect?

Australia First for Australians