Australian Labor Human Rights abuse allowing 52,000 boat illegals and 1000 deaths at sea

Gillian TriggsTaxpayer Socialists in political bed together. LGBT? – take your pick.


So, Julia Gillard-appointed Leftist Gillian Triggs deliberately waited until Labor and its mass boat people policy was out of power before appropriating more than $10 million in Australian taxpayers money to attack the incoming government with her self-indulgent ‘National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014.

Shocking, shocking, shocking!

Labor's Illegal Children in DetentionGillian, send Labor’s propaganda back to Tanya Plikersek. She let em in.

Gillian Triggs is a Labor Leftist patsy abusing her position as Human Rights Commissioner to personally get stuck in to Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Triggs is a Gillard Emily’s Lister – says everything.

PM Abbott put a “very simple question’’ to the commission, asking “where was the human rights commission during the life of the former government when hundreds of people were drowning at sea?’’  “Where was the human rights commission when there were almost 2000 children in detention (under Labor)?’’

Tanya Plibersek is always behind the smut and smear it is part of her political character.

PlibersekPlibersek, an import only for more imports.