Australia First warns that halal-kosher encourages Third World barbarism

Sledgehammer Barnaby JoyceNo wonder Third World domestic violence is rife in Australia.  It’s called ‘multiculturalism’

Uncultured, unscreened, Third Worlders with no background checks are let in en mass into Australia having no sense or respect for our First World Western Society – our values and standards.   Third World Arabs, Asians, Africans, Islanders, Jews who reject decent European values, turn up expecting to import their barbaric baggage.

Leftists defend their right to perpetuate their barbarism.

The First World must deny the barbarians entry, trade, involvement in our civilized world, else it’s akin to letting our kids swim with the saltwater crocs and alligators.

Third World BarbarismWell, most Aussies would think this the case, but think again.

Consider Barbaric Halal-Kosher Slaughter

Australian cattle at various abattoirs have been filmed having their throats cut on average 10 times when it should take one, dying prolonged deaths as well as being savagely beaten and gouged.

It’s Vietnam, Indonesia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the entire Third World!

So what do First World civilised Australians expect?  Civilised treatment of women and children, just like they do their animals?  So it takes the barbarians up to 33 cuts with blunt knives, a sledgehammer?


Imported Negro gangs are now to freely roam Melbourne with machetes.

The same imported scum imported into Australia to our own abattoirs do the same thing.  It’s called halal-kosher and the meat is happily bought  by Coles and Woolies.  It’s in all Four n’ Twenty Pies – all sledgehammer meat!

Four'n Twenty Pies all now halal

Third World Barbarism secreted across Australia

As a prominent political party, Australia First Party, has made exposed Australian farm animals are being “tortured and slashed up” by Turd World barbarians gifted property and backyards in our own country.

Case in Point: Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Australia First, in a highly controversial statement, has found a number of Wagga migrant residents operating “illegal backyard slaughterhouses” and creating a huge bio-security risk.

Jim SaleamJim Saleam visiting concerned residents of Wagga Wagga

“Concerned Aussies have noted an increasing foul odour emanating from properties and dogs in adjacent properties being frenzied at the fence,” a spokesperson said.

“They have been observed hacking animals up in backyards in cruel and unsanitary conditions.”

“These people are the perfect storm for an outbreak of disease that could potentially wipe out some Riverina Primary Industries.”

Controversial political figure and chairman of Australia First Jim Saleam told The Daily Advertiser the “barbaric torture” has stemmed from“religious practice requirements”.

“Hitting an animal and cutting it’s throat so that it slowly bleeds is just wrong – and doesn’t coincide with Australian standards,” he said.

“There’s the animal cruelty issue which people feel strongly about, but there’s also the severe risk of spreading disease and endangering lives.

“We’ve had lots of locals tell is this is happening throughout Wagga Wagga specifically, and we fear it likely happens on a national scale.”

Australian law dictates that all animals must be stunned so that they are insensible to pain prior to slaughter.

But foreign Islamic halal and foreign Jewish kosher ritual slaughter practices tell our Australian Government and our Western civilized and moral laws to fu*ck off.  Imams, clerics and rabbis have no place in Australian civilized Western society.

They treat women the same way.

Islamic Wife Beating

Another case of foreigners arriving in Australian and telling Australians to convert.

Simple Nationalist Solutions

  • OUTLAW ISLAM & JUDAISM and any other foreign cults that contravene Australia’s Western Civilised Culture


Live Cattle Slaughter in the Third WorldMulticultural Slaughter, otherwise labelled ‘halal-kosher’

Halal Certified for JihadThird World halal-kosher ‘certified’, funding muslim ‘jihad’ and jewish ‘nakam’, no difference.

Australia’s supermarkets, unless the meat label reads ‘Guaranteed Halal-Kosher Free‘.

..presume you’ve unwittingly bought and funded Turd World barbarists.

Barbaric Slaughter

Australians don’t deserve imported barbarianism.  But be sure, just as our forefathers fought to defend our Australian civilized way of life, we like them, own a right to defend our country.  Since our PC government leans globalist Left against us turning a blind eye to barbarism, Ordinary Australians threatened to a corner, own a right to react and defend.

PC government, so you turn your blind eye. Sleep well.

By morning, by the Australian bright daylight as the cold ocean rolls in fresh, shall a clean fumigated Aussie land awake, blue, rightened.

Mark our word, on our Diggers’ honour.

Gallipoli ANZAC  “It’s alright son.  We took ten of them to one of us, and I’d happily do it again to defend Australia and our values.”


Join and Vote Australia First“Don’t vote informal. Someone’s got to stop the bastards!”


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