Australia First runs for Cranbourne

Susan Jakobi will stand for Australia First


Australia First Party is sponsoring Susan Jakobi for the seat of Cranbourne in the Victorian state election. Susan was a candidate in the last Federal election when she received 3232 votes in the seat of Lalor.   Ms Jakobi will appear on the ballot paper without a party name, since Australia First Party is yet to register in the State. Susan does not conceal her affiliation.

At a time when Victoria is being turned over to China by the Andrews Labor government, with Chinese imperialist schemes – ‘One Belt One Road‘, ‘edu-cities‘, ‘very fast trains‘, the takeover of the Docklands and other foreign capital projects, Susan sees a patriotic resistance movement as vital.

Ms Jakobi believes that Labor in Victoria has lost control of migrant crime with the advent of African racist street gangs terrorising Melburnians.  In the absence of effectve law and order, it is no wonder that locals are pursuing a citizens’ movement for houshold, family and self protection.

In Melbourne, if it’s not the machete-wielding Negro gangs, then it’s the machete-wielding Islamic jihadists

Ms Jakobi said she is an Australian nationalist and through her campaign she has a desire to build on the ground a new political movement in the state. “We believe that circumstances demand that our policies be before the people,” she said.   “I am pleased I am top of the ticket as I believe it will help people identify me.”

Ms Jakobi’s electoral policy demands include deportation of all African gang members and work to ensure the end of all immigration from Africa.

“I will push to legislate for the right of the citizen to employ appropriate home defence and properly licensed firearms owners to use their weapons against home invasions, now the crime of choice by migrant gangs,” she added.

“I stand for Australian home ownership, and access to the rental market, and access to public housing over the interests of all foreign companies, overseas students and so-called refugees.”

Ms Jakobi also opposes all fast-train projects which she says are part of an immigration program to create a ‘Big Victoria’.

“Rather, I will fight to upgrade existing public transport I reject the open conspiracy to explode the population of Melbourne with the creation of special fake ‘eco-zone’ areas and ‘global growth precincts’ (sub cities) where Australians have no work-rights or residence.”

The Australia First Electoral Manifesto sees the major parties’ globalist vision of Rudd’s ‘Big Victoria’ that is hell-bent on degrading Australia’s urban way of life with migrant traffic congestion, pollution, crime, unaffordable housing, fewer job opportunities, youth unemployment and pushing Aussie kids out of education to make way for cashed-up foreigners.

Australia First Party is well aware that this LibLab globalism is cleansing the Australian identity, meaning essentially that white people become an ethnic minority with their culture denigrated at every turn.  It’s termed ‘White Flight’ for a reason.

Australia First cares about the most disadvantaged citizens of Victoria who have had their lives eroded by the callous policies of the major parties over the decades.

With education turned over to deviant gender experiments and public transport failing our citizens, with old people in public housing terrorised by gangs and violent crime at every turn, ordinary Victorians are being marginalised, the party says. Some people are getting richer while ordinary people struggle with high rents or high mortgages.