AFP Speech: ‘The Unarmed Invasion…and How To Resist’

“The Unarmed Invasion:

Explaining the Politics of The Refugee Crisis and How To Resist.”


AFP Speech September 17, 2011

Rooty Hill

Dr. Jim Saleam

The Celebrated Rooty Hill Hotel


The version here is a slightly edited version of the speech delivered on this day. The speech is to be printed as a pamphlet and distributed as a counter-balance to the pro refugee propaganda of media and the advocacy traitor groups which place aliens before Australians.

Fellow Australians, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to speak today to encourage resistance to an unarmed invasion of our country.

I am pleased to speak knowing too that I can map out some practical ideas whereby ordinary Australians can resist the refugee settlement program in defence of their own economic and personal interests.

The Australian People deserve the truth.

I refer to a long term program that has already produced ant Australian results. The boat-people and refugee intrusions began long ago, over 30 years ago, creating enclaves in Australian cities, no-go areas, crime. It resurfaced again in the late Eighties and in the early Nineties – and it has been a constant ever since. From a past emphasis on Asian ‘refugees’ (sic) it has become Moslem Middle Easterners and Central Asians, Tamils, Africans.

But the pace is quickening, towards a great noon, a flood. I call it nothing less than that. Masses of humanity are on the move.

There are today some 14 million official refugees in the world. I use that term both in its accurate and scam aspects; but the numbers of economic refugees are limitless. The bright lights of European capitalism beckon to those ruined by Third World poverty.

Warfare, some of it symbolised by the criminal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in which Australia participates, fuels it all. And what of the civil war in India between the elites and the Communist Party of India (Maoist)?

If the latter wins the war, the escaping Indian rich-class is enough to drown your country. But the problem of refugee numbers goes deeper.

Some people object to the idea of climate change itself. I personally think there is some truth to climate change, even if carbon dioxide is not guilty. This natural change plus the sure impacts of the population explosion are a deadly combination. This year, the world population crosses the 7 Billion mark. This is catastrophe for all. Parts of the world grow drier and a few parts sink beneath the sea.

Are you aware that three countries: Tuvalu, Kirabati and Malvinas want to pack up shop and move to Australia? They all say they are sinking beneath the waves. What do they want of Australia?  The combined total of 425,000 people arrive would here to move onto lands purchased in advance. They enjoy the rights of multiculti. But better, they open up postal addresses to which their UN mail is directed and they keep their seats in the United Nations. I kid you not. Since 2007, these matters have been seriously discussed. If you had told that to your forebears, a straight jacket would have been ordered. Yet, this is the world we now move towards, a nightmare.

For Australia, the population explosion in Papua New Guinea, in East Timor, in Indonesia and in South Asia – is the ultimate challenge. From it will spew the hordes of national destruction. These folks would only be refugees in the political sense in an abstract way. They are simply invaders anxious to eat the resources of Australians.

There is a big picture that threatens us as a people and a country and the micro picture that threatens us all as citizens struggling to get on with life. I will tell you both stories.



The Camp Of The Saints

An epoch or two ago in 1973, a Frenchman, Jean Raspail, wrote a novel, a veritable prophecy – The Camp Of The Saints.

In this work, he described a massive armada of economic refugees setting sail from India for his native France. Eventually they land and take possession of the southern Mediterranean coasts.

He composed this book before there were such Third World outpourings, before even the refugees of the Vietnam War.

However, what is significant to me is the psychological questions, the veritable disintegration of European societies.

Raspail describes the treason of the churches; the foolishness of the Left and the abrogation of responsibility by the traditional Right.

The churches seek to embrace the alien. The Left believes a new world of perfection and social equality will emerge. The Right sees an economic world order with no more barriers of race and culture and any other boundaries which all restrict profit

The refugees come. They care not if you like them or not. They want what you have and they will take it. It is for others, sick whites, to work out the rationales of death.

What is disturbing too about this book is the dialogue. I have heard it echoed by people today. The Rev Tim Costello issued post cards ‘We Are All Boat People’. Raspail has a liberal character saying: “We are all from the Ganges now”.  The other day I saw a Trotskyite communist going on about  the overturn of global capitalism being nigh and the refugee invasion a sign in the heavens – as if clitoris cutters who beat their spouses are socialist citizens; in Raspail’s book the Left sees a new model of revolution in refugee assault which gets them off the hook of ever convincing the working class to embrace the failed models of communism.

It is psychic breakdown and cultural breakdown that European societies face with the challenge of the Third World poor. After eighty years of

unreconstructed liberalism, there are no defences to the hordes at the gate. How could there be?

Raspail’s book is now – thank god – an e-book – you can read it on the Internet for free.

I intend to advertise this book by all means. And you should too. Politics is culture and that is the affirmative psychology for survival. Our cultural identity is beaten to almost-submission.

Refugee Action Coalition: Insane Communism Loose!

  • There is an activist pro refugee lobby
  • Demonstrations at detention centres
  • Phone support to the boats
  • Activism in schools and universities and unions and churches

I have said elsewhere that it is insane Trotskyite communism on the loose and I just mooted that they are an important part of the refugee assault. I am not saying that all refugee advocates are Trotskyites, although the main lobby groups like Refugee Action Coalition and those with similar names certainly are heavily influenced by Trotskyite cadres. All the Trotskyite groups: Socialist Alternative, Solidarity, Socialist Party, Socialist Alliance are involved in it. However, and far more importantly, it is the ideological assumptions of Trotskyism that have become the predominant discourse.

The Trotskyite discourse is heard today. Refugees are considered heroes for denying borders. They are the poor moving elsewhere to challenge privilege. They are agents of radical cultural change. They abolish the idea of nationality and race and heritage by the simple act of their arrival and settlement. This speeds the globalisation of capitalism and therefore – the socialist revolution.

The Trotskyites, as I said, fantasise that animists and Moslems, cultural primitives and hyper male aggressives, are a vanguard for revolution that will let gays play with bums, same sex couples adopt and drugs to reign free. Really?. These persons in the refugee camps don’t care for Trotskyism. They would more likely cudgel these filth to death than embrace their creed.

I will explain how the real masters of change, use these communist idiots. The idiots drive the debate, change the definitions of acceptable conduct (that is acceptable to the Establishment media) and whip on public opinion and intimidate others. By their own model, the Trotskyites are the stormtroopers of capital, the fascists of their own delusion.

Access and Business Forces and Privilege

And what do refugees do? They culture bust the native Australian identity. They drown it in psycho-babble and critique. They challenge every aspect of the society and its underpinnings. They are allowed to do it. Powerful forces make the revolution.

I was not too surprised to learn that a NGO, a company in fact, has been established to take advantage of refugee migration. Called ‘Access’, they liaise with councils and companies in rural and regional Australia to peddle cheap labour. They also arrange services. These people are the enemies of Australian workers and small farmers.

This practise has been going on for over 10 years. I was by name mentioned in a 2004 SBS movie as a racist whipping up hate against Afghan refugees at a meat works in Young in 2002. These types of labourers have appeared all over Australia. Now the practise has been privatised.

I noted that SERCO took charge of Australia’s detention centres. SERCO, a multinational with wide holdings across many sectors, which was involved in the criminal invasion of Iraq. is involved in the dark  world of security. Is it the future model of a security organisation, shepherding refugees into Australia, caring for them and then employing them as the cheapest of labour forces. Didn’t Keith Windshuttle predict something like that in his book Unemployment in 1980? And by the way – SERCO owns Greenwich Mean Time. Yes, you heard me right. They truly control time.

Engineers Without Borders get computers for refugees. The housing departments of the State governments deny discrimination, but Community Housing in several States organizes housing. The churches provide language classes. Advocacy centres give legal help. Names like Julian Burnside, David Manne and Marion Le are well known. A gang of legal-twisters commits treason as they did recently in the High Court of Australia forcing the on-shore-processing of so-called refugees. Councils become Refugee Welcome Zones. Schools hold touchy-feely sessions.

The Mayors of Adelaide Hills (Inverbrackie) and Northam in Western Australia are all for it, even if the former is in Stable Population Australia. It’s a case of Anti Racism Uber Alles. The local elites are invited to make money and some do. They then work to familiarise locals with the interlopers to weaken community resolve.

This small overview shows how pervasive the new cult of the refugee is.



The Psychosis Of The Refugee Cult – What Does It Cost?

As incredible as it may seem, the aggregate cost of the refugee part of the recolonization of Australia since 1995 (the year before John Howard became Prime Minister), has approached $100 Billion. That is the full cost: the navy, processing, courts, detention, burnt down centres, administrative appeals, security reports, police, crime, the on-going gifts from the Foreign Aid budget, housing, welfare payments and assistance of every kind, health – and even cigarettes. That is almost enough to have created socialised medicine in Australia.

I have reviewed much of the literature. It is put by all that there is no choice, that there are these ‘obligations’ that bind us. There is not the slightest question. This liberal totalitarian mindset is the dominant politics.

The public debate is a charade. The Lib/Lab parties criticise each other back and forth about stopping boats or human rights matters or whether they are hard or tough or able to stop smugglers and so on. Is there a solution in Nauru or a solution in Indonesia or East Timor or now in Malaysia? Neither machine says that the program must end and the UN arrangements be scrapped. That is the solution. But global politics has slated Australia for recolonization. There is no resistance from the elites. The game is played by the political actors as if they are not puppets and that they are real players.

I am concerned for my own Australian People. I care for humanity, but my Australian People come first.

What of family breakdown which now affects one in four children? What of old age pensioners living in neglect? What of run down hospitals? What of a lack of social infrastructure in remote areas? What of teen suicide? Sure, if there’s something to pass to a starving man in a camp fine, or if there’s a ridgy- didge peace mission that might stem an outflow of displaced people, fine. But we are not a charity, nor are we a lifeboat. For Australia to even do what the moral do-gooders would have us do, Australia must be a viable reality itself. So I put Australia first. The lifeboat is full already.

A New Politics

This refugee crisis, which will intensify into catastrophism – is one aspect of a generalized crisis of our political and economic order which can only fuel a new politics in Australia. In a world in chaos, it is just one more disaster

On a petty level, I announced I would be a candidate against the Liberal liar Shadow Minister For Immigration, Scott Morrison. Just to punish him personally if one gets enough votes, if people follow the ticket and preference the sitting member last. BUT, that is hardly the point. I believe in the power of agitation and propaganda, not in electoral effort and the aim is to make a mass question of the refugee invasion, of The Camp Of The Saints and so forth. And this too is just a small part of a larger game.

The refugee matter cannot be solved within the parameters of liberal, democratic or globalist politics, whether pseudo communist or capitalist. If just a part of the Nation resolves that the Nation will live, then it has the moral right to do as it must to achieve that result. It has the right to wage a political struggle outside of the norms of politics because it possesses the moral power.

This spirit would need to ultimately command not a government but must command the State.

If a new Australia tears up United Nations treaties and agreements on refugees; if it revokes citizenships confirmed in falsehood; if it proclaims the Nation has an ethnic basis and ‘discriminates’; if it overturns the Human Rights laws of the liberal present, then in those areas alone it has shattered the constitutional order.

The Social Contract between Australians and their State was broken long ago. The refugee issue shows that conclusively. The present State is giving away our country and would disintegrate the nationality – and for what? Profit for some and a ticket to nirvana or heaven for others? I think of the homeless Australian who might still recall his forebears once tried to create a Workingman’s Paradise.

The Spirit Of Resistance: How To Resist?

It is possible to resist the refugee policy.

In South Australia we pioneered the idea of a Community Strike. The media went wild and the Immigration Minister denounced us.

We have issued a new leaflet about it and you should take one with you today, copy it, discuss it and do what is proposed. I might resist politically and so on, but it is the people’s struggle that is decisive.

First, the Australian must disengage from those who do him wrong in politics, community groups, schools and so on.

Shun those persons who collaborate with the anti Australians. Tell them your thoughts and walk away. Boycott all companies and institutions that collaborate in the program and take your kids out of schools on multicultural brainwash day.

Second, cease funding any group which pursues the anti Australian cause.

Cease donating to churches, schools, community groups and other organisations which fund refugee settlement. If charitably minded, help a neighbour, a fellow worker, a homeless person, a fellow Australian.

Third, preserve or establish your own community networks and groups.

Preserve your family and community groups that underlie your heritage as Australians – your ANZAC commemorations, your local historical societies, clubs and sporting groups. You are no ‘boat person’, but a native of the soil.


Fight Time

Australia First will fight to lead the people’s struggle and encourage it on.

Long ago, a great Australian Sir Phillip Baxter, founder of the Australia’s atomic energy program and Chancellor of the University of NSW, broke with liberalism in the early 1970’s when like Raspail he predicted an over-population crisis that would produce unarmed invaders. I met this seer who spoke in 1977 to a group of young Australianists. He told us that Australia would end up being a very valuable piece of real estate in a global war for space and resources. He said he’d be long dead by the time the hour would strike. He said he had to leave it to those in his audience to fight the struggle for survival. I heard that message.

It is now five minutes to midnight. Those who misrule us want to change our country into a polyglot mess and a cheap labour haven, robbing us of our land, our wealth and our birthright. I affirm the Ned Kelly dictum: ‘I do not recognise your law’. I have opted to resist. Like the heroes of Eureka Stockade we affirm our loyalty to our Australian fellows to defend our liberties and our heritage as Australians.


Reproduced below, the leaflet distributed at the meeting


© 2011 Australia First Party
Distribute this leaflet freely


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One Option: The Community Strike!


It is possible to take passive resistance against the refugee policy of the government.  You can do it as an individual as much as a member of any organized group. You are not alone and you stand undefeated. You have pride in your identity and you wish to stand up for the future of Australians – old folks, youth, homeless, workers.

Your cause is moral and correct.


Australia First Party proposes to you the model of a Community Strike – which means organized passive grassroots resistance:

You aim must be to make the support networks put in place to push the refugee program, increasingly unmanageable, expensive and mis-focused, while at the same time serving your Australian Community and the ordinary Australian.

So: there are things NOT to do and things TO do.

Rules of Engagement:  NEGATIVES

1. No Australian should collaborate in any way with any government agency or private organisation which operates refugee services. That means: answer no question, give no information render no assistance of any description.

2. No Australian should accept any employment arising from the intrusion. Sometimes jobs are offered by different outsourced companies or by agencies: reject the offers! Sometimes contracts are advertised. refuse to tender. Blacklist to your friends anyone who breaks the rule.

3. No Australian should let a school-child participate in any refugee-awareness program. Schools now have officially sanctioned propaganda sessions which you can object to. If your school operates any regular so-called education programs, withdraw your services from all school activities. Subtly persuade your friends to do likewise.

4. No Australian should attend at any church or community group that supports the refugee invasion. This means refusing to donate to any charity or program operated by your church or community group You should make your feelings known. In the case of the churches, you should approach members of your congregation to cause difficulties for the misguided faction in whatever way you judge proper.

5. No Australian should communicate with any so-called refugee save in the most extreme of circumstances.

6. No Australian should buy from any company or person who supports the refugee intrusion.

7. No Australian should associate with any Australian or other person who violates these rules.

Rules of Engagement:   POSITIVES

1. All Australians should show direct charity and support to any Australian truly in need of assistance or care.

2. All Australians should take and destroy all pro refugee propaganda distributed by your union, community group, church, university etc.

3. All Australians should work to preserve or establish our own community networks and groups such as your family and community groups that underlie your heritage as Australians – your ANZAC commemorations, your local historical societies, clubs and sporting groups. You are no ‘boat person’, but a native of the soil and you must teach that to each other and to your children.

4. All Australians should collect information which exposes any aspect of the refugee program and turn it over to your favoured organisation for political use.

5. All Australians should counsel other Australians as to the real significance of the refugee program – that is part of the cultural and ethnic dispossession of Australians and also, the actual physical deprivation of our People through misspending on refugees.

6. All Australians should take whatever opportunities there are to create dissent: talkback radio, voting out incumbent politicians, talking to fellow Australians, organizing your own letter-writing group (for newspapers), making vexatious complaints. You should advise young people to read the Internet book The Camp Of The Saints by Jean Raspail which explains the psychosis that underlies support for refugee admissions.

7. All Australians who can should display National Flags or Southern Cross Flags – houses, clothing, cars etc.

© 2011 Australia First Party
Distribute this leaflet freely