American President Joe Biden is indeed a crisis statesman — since he worsens a crisis rather than makes things better.

After his caregivers pulled him out of the headlights from what they described as a “four-day vacation,” he finally addressed the nation over the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. Mentally, sleepy Joe is on a permanent vacation, but his speech was given the tick by someone in his administration. In it, he stated, “I stand squarely behind my decision.”

Perhaps he was referring to removing US troops from The Ghan. Yet, he may have meant his choice of ice cream flavour after the media address. He babbled some other words and ultimately blamed Donald Trump for anything negative. He also criticised lazy Afghani soldiers, ineffective leaders, and some spotty kid from Wisconsin who he saw in a funny YouTube video about cats.

His egregious address came after scenes out of Kabul reminiscent of the American withdrawal from Saigon in 1975.

The consensus among media commentators and ex-servicemen is that America and its allies have caused great shame. No word about the futility of having made the dire mistake of entering the grave of empires in the first place.

Noteworthy is the stockpile of cash and arms the US accidentally (sic) left behind. As Nick Griffin said, “Just like they did in Iraq after ousting Saddam, the US Deep State, has armed and then destabilised a weak regime in Afghanistan, which very predictably then falls to Islamists.

“In Iraq, they did it in the hope that the head cutters would go on to destroy Syria. This time they probably hope that the arms will end up being used by the Muslim Uigar terrorists against China and by assorted scum against Russia.”

A reverse Stockholm Syndrome appears to have beset the ex-soldiers et al. regarding this rocky desert junkyard. They feel for the civilians and the population. The women’s rights crowds are aggrieved that the Taliban won’t be maintaining any diversity hiring practices. 

As for Australian nationalists, all we can say is that we told you so. The true crime was for John Howard and the government of the day sending our boys there to begin with.

As in Saigon, the US has fled without providing relief airpower or anything that might slow Taliban progress. 

The White House circles are of the borderline indifferent position that “if not now, then when?” That’s a good point since US citizens felt the same about hanging around as they do now about the way their troops have left. But not really, since Afghanistan was the forgotten war. Most didn’t think about it all until disaster pushed it into the headlines. Nevertheless, the outcome was inevitable unless the US was committed to seizing Afghanistan as a US province.

The bleeding hearts are already demanding we honour their service by granting them asylum in our countries. Morally, they have a point. However, a moral position would have kept them out of Afghanistan from the outset. Nationalists have no moral obligation to a war we opposed. All the successive globalist regimes have done is to kill our soldiers and import more hostile Hajis. Our attitude is simple; it’s not the people’s mess, but the governments’. Let them acknowledge their failure and face up to an international court of justice.