An as-yet-unnamed Aboriginal group (s) of several dozen that protested today outside the historic Old Parliament House in Canberra is responsible for a fire that destroyed the building’s entrance.

ACT emergency services arrived at the scene just before mid-day on Thursday, December 30, to find the building’s façade completely alight.

A raucous mob of mixed Aboriginal protesters and their white supporters chanted “let it burn” as flames engulfed the nation’s most significant historic building. Australia’s greatest Prime Minister, John Curtin, declared war on Japan in that very building. Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister, was quick to condemn the indigenous firebugs, calling their actions “an absolute disgrace.”

A stand-off between the arsonists and police lasted over two hours, with police restraining themselves from busting heads due to the “cultural sensitivities” of these communist-backed guerrillas.

While the hardworking firemen fought to keep the blaze from spreading, the group continued to chant tired agitprop slogans like “long live us” and “stop telling lies.”

The fact that the building no longer serves as parliament did not deter the proselytizing pyromaniacs in their stampede for attention. A witness is claiming that the fire may have been a “smoking ceremony” that got out of hand, but this is unlikely given the relish with which the protesters cheered the senseless destruction.

The building is an ongoing (and perplexing) target of the mob inhabiting the Aboriginal tent embassy, which just last week conducted a “sit-in” on its steps. Questions as to how this ongoing siege of Australia’s historic parliament has been allowed to escalate into deliberate arson must be answered. The licence granted to these bums was bound to end badly.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the attack, which has echoes of the BLM violence currently sweeping American cities. As temperatures in Canberra hit a high of 29 degrees Celsius, it is a wonder the damage was not much worse, but for the efforts of the brave firefighters. ■