The following article is a piece we have created from communication with an individual who, up until recently, considered himself a “National Socialist” (also commonly referred to as Neo-Nazi by the left wing). The broad spectrum where this ideology lies is in what is referred to as the dissident/alt-right.


DISSIDENT RIGHT – The broad term used to categorise the “dissident” (term for those opposing an authoritarian state) right-wing ideologies such as White Nationalism, National Socialism/Neo-Nazism, Fascism, etc. This dissident right is also referred to as the “alternative right” (Alt-Right). It is said that the dissident right is the in-between area between Conservativism and Nationalism.



I want to explain a shift I’ve had. I used to consider myself a National Socialist; however, I came to the realisation that Australian Nationalism is the most authentic.

I became suspicious of the government and dived deep into different conspiracies. I concluded that the corrupt elites have a malevolent agenda. This agenda furthers a totalitarian world order. I came to understand an underlying racial issue is at play; With the promotion of multiculturalism and mass immigration – one who was previously suspicious of a government would inevitably also be suspicious of their immigration agenda; flooding Australia with millions of non-Whites. On one hand, it’s about exploiting foreign workers, and on the other, altering the National DNA. We see all around the West the cultural erasure and replacement of our people.

For a long time, I wondered who was responsible – Was it Satanists? Freemasons? Zionists? Jews? After pondering this for some time and doing research, National Socialism appeared to provide me with the answer: It was all of the above! However, the common culprit was the Jewish element.

After coming to an understanding of who the great global antagonists are (Jews) and who are being antagonised (Whites), a black-and-white dichotomy evolved. This Jew vs. White paradigm had me skipping over the importance of a uniquely Australian outlook and its Nationalism in favour of a pan-universalist White perspective.

Considering that these crowds do not have a historic indigenous ideology the most appropriate term to describe them is the “Alternative-Right” or “Dissident-Right” – a broad spectrum of anyone subscribing to the generality of White Identity talking points.


What’s more, they are inconsistent, since their belief system is not static, they find themselves in a flux: one day identifying as a “patriot”, the next a “White Nationalist” and then a “National Socialist.” Or below them is another nebulous sub-specious of groups such as “Christian Nationalists”, “Ethno-Nationalists” and really, they’re so busy trying to define who they are that they fail to see that they’re all ‘Australians.’

But then their game is about finding a tribal subculture that is suitably “edgy” or else “original” rather than embracing the identity they’re born with. They speak of being ‘European’ before being Australian. But no European, as in a Frenchman, a Dane, a Spaniard, an Italian, a Serb, a German or Englishman regards Australians as “European.” So, they’re demonstrating a cultural cringe about who they really are. Or else, they adopt the position of Anglophile and adopt a romanticised notion of the colonial past that is never coming back nor that any self-respecting Australia would accept since it implies, we are merely transplanted Brits with a lower status.


Regardless of the above, I delved deep into the dissident-right community only to get a bad taste of different “fringe” sorts, which encouraged me to exit. A lot of my close associates had a similar experience, considering that the characters this dissident right spectrum attracts are not ordinary Australians but can be individualists, (putting it politely). The optics of these groups sends a negative message to the majority of ordinary Australians, leaving only room for the fringe.

Ordinary Australians are busy with jobs, caring for their families, and trying to plot along through the ever-worsening social circumstances. They do not have the mental room to facilitate considerations of National Socialism when they struggle to put food on their plates. Any attempt to win over Australians must touch upon who they are. The ordinary Australian looks at politics in the light of – Okay, what will this group provide me with? Will this group help my family financially? Will this group improve my town? My livelihood? This is where Australian Nationalism comes in. Australian Nationalism provides the answer to this: Promotion of Australian interests, putting Australians first and worrying about our unique situation rather than a situation overseas or people overseas. Australians who do not fully understand politics but understand the idea of “Australian for Australians” or “Australia First” will support whatever groups further that.

Australians with any brains and common sense will spit out any ideology that promotes foreign interests, ideologies, iconography, or people. The problem with a lot of the dissident-right ideologies is that it is largely imported ideologies that have no deep rooting in Australia, Australians, and their culture. Modern National Socialism is a demented form of traditional German National Socialism. National Socialism was made for Germany by Germans; however, George Lincoln Rockwell adopted it for shock value but was assassinated after trying to shift away from Nazi iconography and into an American-centric model.


I ditched dissident-right ideologies after realising all of this. It is not palatable to Australians. It is not Australian. There are no deep roots in Australia from these ideologies. These ideologies are reactionary to a tyrannical system rather than appealing to Australian sensibilities, which are not accustomed to the regimentation of those cults. Nationalism does not walk in the shadow of other ideologies but casts a shadow of its own.


A transformation from subscribing to this “National Socialism” to true Australian Nationalism was a process of combining common sense with the realisation that an unnatural mixture of disparate ideologies results in nothing fruitful for Australians—only leading Australians away from the light of Nationalism and into a confused blur of self-styled movements. A better gambit to win over Australians is by putting them first, not pretending to be German or “worshipping” figures from the 20th century.

A lot of the identities promoting dissident-right ideologies are not actually Australian.

Not having roots here, they are mystified about Australianness and, lacking a firm identity, more easily relate to the nebulousness of pan-universalist White Nationalism. But while we are unified in our struggle, Whites have their own lands, culture and customs, and while the enemies we share are common, we must fight them where we stand, to defend what is uniquely ours. Because that’s what the enemy wants, they want us to forget who we are. It seems like they’re all asking for the same thing: that we assimilate into their concept of who we should be.


Australians must prioritise Australians. Australia has been the rope in an imperialist tug of war before and after the Federation. England pitted us against the fortunes-seekers sent by the organised Chinese gangs on the goldfields. We fought them off. Then the plantation owners wanted to replace us with Kanakas and Indians. But our Labor movement dispatched them too. We were England’s cannon fodder in two world wars and then America’s. Today, all that is killing the Australian project—arrested at its moment of development—is down to a Stockholm Syndrome that convinces us we need a superpower protector. But in the end, we become the experimental dish for its globalist experiments.


Those in the ‘dissident-right’ circles do not understand the above. They believe that their strong political potency, therefore, creates a positive impact. But it does not.


A lot of these groups are green-lighted by the State because they’re useful to manipulate in the execution of their narrative.


A lot of these groups are allowed to be around by the State they oppose because they are useful. They have an anvil and hammer relationship. These factions are the “anvil” holding Australian politics in place, and the State is the “hammer”. The system understands that if they occasionally target these groups, more people will reason that “They must be onto something because the system targets them.” While these groups get maximum media coverage, Nationalist groups such as Australia First Party get zero. AFP has something they don’t: tradition behind them. Their greater threat lies in their ultimate reasonableness.


These other groups are repetitively tangled in scandals and drama.

When they make stupid mistakes and cross the boundaries, they are arrested. Yet, certain of them walk while others, with lower profiles, don’t. Observing how a certain element receives comparative preferential treatment I was forced to ask myself what was happening behind the scenes. It’s like a script that is regularly repeated.


I want to make a difference for Australia, not aid and abet the globalists in erasing us from our past and future. I understand that this is a struggle and that ideals are tested; that reality does not accord with expectations. For this, I’m prepared to recalibrate my notions of what constitutes “victory,” because in this struggle the dedicated Australian is not just defending against the Left, but the wreckers on the Right too.

The third position means removing ourselves from their spectrum altogether. Being an Australian, my interests, my goals, my enemies are clear. They are anyone and everyone who doesn’t belong here and would try to distract me from pursuing the destiny of me and my people.

Whether they’re a Jew or a ‘Nazi’ who wants to use me so that he can live out a roleplay fantasy, none of them are part of the Australia I dream of. And that is the realization of the White Working Man’s paradise with prosperity for all Australians. And since Australia is White, and we were the only country to have a White Australia Policy, I don’t see how I need any other worldview to guide me.