During two different periods in 2017, people of Anglo and European extractions became the ‘overall’ minorities of the populations of both Melbourne and Sydney. Respectively, this occurred in Melbourne around Feb-Mar and several months later in Sydney around Sept-Oct. By Jan 2020, the Anglo and European components of either city had been reduced by about 48.5%.

To demonstrate this point, simply board a train during peak hours in either Melbourne or Sydney’s CBDs. Use the evidence of your eyes. This demographic shift has transpired for two reasons. First, because some 390,000 people from Greater East Asia and the subcontinent have swarmed into Australia—either as permanent or temporary migrants—in the seven months since the borders were reopened on Nov. 3. However, there’s another mitigating factor that’s exacerbated this situation, and that’s an estimated 200,000 people who’ve fled Melbourne and Sydney during and, subsequently, because of COVID.

Incidentally, of the 390,000 foreigners who’ve arrived as permanent or temporary immigrants in this period, up to 200,000 of them have been international students. Moreover, about 340,000 of the total intakes have inundated either Sydney or Melbourne. In numerous areas of either city, mass-non-white immigration intakes over the past 15-to-20-year stretch have radically transmogrified them. A glaring instance of this prevails in western Sydney in the Parramatta district. Whereby, in less than 15 years up until 2020, people of Anglo and European heritage were reduced from being over 70% of Parramatta’s residents to now being no more than 50%. But, in some of the suburbs in this electorate, such as Harris Park and Wentworthville, mass intakes of Indians culminate with these suburbs now resembling Mumbai or Kolkata.

However, when breaking down the demographic composition in Parramatta further, the percentage of non-AEs residing in that district who are in the age bracket below 29 is close to 60%. Still, when it comes to those who are under 15 years of age in the corridor of six suburbs between Harris Park and Toongabbie, it blows out to be 70%. This horror is glaringly obvious in 30 public schools in the Parramatta district, where students of Anglo and European cradles account for no more than 10% of the student population.

Conversely, across metropolitan Sydney, there are 23 suburbs in which ethnic Chinese account for between 55–70% of the residents. Moreover, in some of these suburbs, that group make up 80% of all the people. Amongst the suburbs which have been re-colonised or transmogrified since 1995, include Burwood, Homebush West, Epping, Chatswood, and Wolli Creek (it’s only existed since 2005), Hurstville, and Kensington/Kingsford. However, of the 680 suburbs in the greater Sydney basin, Anglo-Europeans are the overall ethnocultural minority in 370 of them. This is particularly evident in all of the 30 newest suburbs in its metropolitan expanse, which have emerged well within the past decade. These suburbs are in the northwest and, particularly, the southwestern quarters of Sydney. In some of these newly minted suburbs—which is also certainly the case in Melbourne—more than 80% of their inhabitants are immigrants drawn from the subcontinent.

The emerging Third City of Sydney is destined to become a Multifunction-Polis (MFP). It will be populated, and the IT businesses will be financed by interlopers drawn from the subcontinent.

Since mid-2018, I have been warning that the emerging Third City in the southwestern climes of Sydney is destined to become an MFP. By 2035, it’s planned for its population to be in the vicinity of 350,000, which will double by 2045. But, the catch with this mammoth increase in population is that they’ll be drawn in as immigrants from the subcontinent. The Third City will meander up 23km in a corridor to Penrith, with the nub of it being the Badgerys Creek Aerodrome.

Back in November 2021, the former PM, Scott Morrison, and members of the NSW LNP government (being with the Minister for Western Sydney, Stuart Ayers, and the Premier, Dominic Perrottet) began gloating about how the Third City was destined to become an “economic powerhouse, generating hundreds of thousands of jobs”.

However, what Morrison, Ayers and Perrottet, along with their treacherous Big Australia collective, neglected to tell us is that the Third City is fated to be colonised by hundreds of thousands from the subcontinent—primarily India. Moreover, the IT and high-tech industries, which are planned to transpire within the Third City, will be overwhelmingly inaugurated with capital investments sourced from India. In turn, the workers needed to operate these businesses will be subcontinental. Ostensibly, the vision for the Third City is for it to become a rendition of California’s Silicon Valley.

How incredibly insane are the champions of the Big Australia program, which is dependent upon importing millions of Chinese and Indian immigrants to achieve their agenda and won’t ultimately end in a sociological disaster? This is so because, in the very likely event that China and India go to war, then it’s inevitable that these two diasporas will engage in violent conflict with each other in the cities of Australia—and, also, will occur in Canada, Britain, and the US.

By 2032, Australia will have two huge diasporas inhabiting the country. The biggest is the Chinese diaspora at 1.65 million—1.2 million are either immigrants from the PRC or their offspring. The Indian diaspora is currently 1.1 million. These two groups inhabit swathes of Sydney, Melbourne, and, to a lesser degree, Perth. Currently, ethnic Chinese are the second-largest ethnic cohort in Sydney, at 13%. This figure includes non-citizens, such as international students.

Meanwhile, Indians are currently the third-largest ethnic cohort of Sydney’s population, at about 8%. But in 2032, Indians will overtake the Chinese and become the second-largest ethnic group. Collectively, members of the Chinese and Indian diasporas are already hurtling toward becoming a quarter of Sydney’s entire population. Since 1980, the number of people who identify as being Anglo or European in metropolitan Sydney has dropped from 90% to only 47%.

To establish a comparison between the ethnocultural make-up of Sydney now in 2022 and that of 1990, is to state that 32 years ago, ethnic Chinese were only 3% of Sydney’s population mix, whereas Indians at that same point were less than 1%. However, within a decade from now, Indians are projected to double in numbers and will comprise a whopping 17% of Sydney’s population. This will overtly occur within the colony called the Third City. Meanwhile, the percentage of ethnic Chinese in Sydney will increase from 13% to 15%. Succinctly, almost one-third of Sydney’s entire population will comprise two ethnocultural groups. Each is riddled with enduring degrees of loathing for one another.

The Indian diaspora is permeated with intense religious hatred going back centuries. These hatreds flared up in western Sydney between Hindus and Sikhs from January to May 2021, with a sequence of vicious confrontations occurring.

For centuries, Hindus and Sikhs have been in conflict with each other in India—let alone with either group hating Muslims. Well, between January and May 2021, the two groups engaged in more than a dozen vicious confrontations which played out in Parramatta and the western suburbs. The most galling of these ensued in Harris Park on a Saturday night in April. Five Sikhs pulled up at a crossing in Harris Park and were severely injured with bats and iron bars by a group of Hindus.

Yet, despite the enduring centuries-long hatred that’s perpetuated between Muslims and Sikhs in India, we have greed-driven cohorts in political and business spheres pushing the Big Australia agenda, totally disregarding these situations. Tragically, this collective of scum can’t or, indeed, refuse to even entertain the indisputable reality that Australia is hurling towards a sociological cataclysm by being swamped with millions of culturally unassimilable immigrants.

So, given that it’s a mere decade away from when non-AE ethnocultural groups will account for 60% of the overall populations of Sydney and Melbourne, it’s inevitable that non-AE ethnocultural groups will duly vote for members of their ethnic persuasions. This has already occurred in the most recent federal elections, with Asiatics winning the seats of Fowler and Reid in metro Sydney, and also Tangney in Perth. However, in addition to Asiatics winning those three seats in electorates with overwhelming numbers of Asian voters, very reliable sources calculate that “75% of Chinese voters in LNP seats voted against it because of the staunch position it held against China.”

Australia is inundated with liberals and progressives who relentlessly push for the country to flaunt its racial and cultural diversity. This is in anything from television programs, advertising, employment, and politics. However, what this extols isn’t diversity, but divisiveness. After all, it’s a total certainty that, as more concessions are conceded to the array of diasporas in Australia, they will push to be granted autonomy from the mainstream.

By 2032, there’ll be between 16 and up to 24 seats in the federal parliament, which will be occupied by non-AEs. They will mainly encompass members of the Indian, Chinese, and assorted Asiatic persuasions. Bizarrely, whilst each of these diasporas has nothing in common with the other it won’t stop them from burying their hatchets and forming a new political party. In the event they win 24 seats, it means the new party will comprise up to 15% of the seats in the federal parliament.

When this comes to pass, this new party, comprising a clique of non-AEs, will then utilise their numbers to form a separate entity, to push their barrows of self-interest. Therefore, for either Labor or the LNP (presuming that the LNP still exists-when taking into account what’s already happened in WA and at the federal echelons), this new party will force Labor or the LNP to submit to its demands; instead of getting its support, to form a coalition.

Well, make no mistake about affairs, because I’ll guarantee an unconditional requirement that this new party will demand from either party to form a coalition government, is for it to dispense with channelling largesses to indigenous Australians, in the form of reparations, for the continents that are being invaded and colonised. This is so because Chinese, Indians, and all other non-AE groups don’t consider themselves invaders! Thus, they aren’t burdened with white guilt over the dispossession of indigenous peoples.

But in addition to cutting largesse to indigenous peoples, the same scenario will occur for well over one million poor Australians with low skills. After all, by 2030, the financial structures of Australia will be in such dire circumstances that there won’t be the capacity for governments to carry those people who are down and out on generous welfare schemes.

Try to fathom how progressive-minded souls in Western nations can be so deluded to think that you can radically fracture the sociological infrastructures of the societies-by way of mass intakes of immigrants from diverse cultures and then imagine that they won’t inevitably organise against the host society. Of course, in Britain, this insanity is well beyond reversal. And this is conclusively proven by how academics with subcontinental and African heritages in universities have cut British writers from their curriculums; one of these writers is Chaucer.

Alas, the agenda to destroy Western cultures and, of course, its variance of ethnicities is also gaining momentum in the US and Canada. But the ultimate result of open-door, non-AE immigration intakes into Western nations must eventuate with the host societies morphing into the cultural dung-heaps that these immigrants emanated from. And the irrefutable reason that all these societies are cultural dung-heaps is that they’re all splintered on being multicultural.

So, given that the most dysfunctional societies on earth are those that are intently multicultural, begs the question: why are progressives so obsessed with inaugurating the inherent strains that have been destroyed by open-door immigration programs?