Islamic invasion of Brisbane means 150 extremists sapping Queensland Police Service of millions and millions

Every month in Queensland, muslim blow-ins somewhere demand yet another mosque be built, like in Maroochydore, and locals Aussie have had a gutful.

And Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart wonders why there are as many as 150 islamic extremists now needing constant monitoring because they are considered high risk terrorists?

The ‘moderate muslim‘ is a myth.  The silent ones are equally complicit in terror as the ones with the suicide vests, guns and knives. Islamics are on the police watch list because of intelligence, behaviour or their associates and family (Arab muslims).  Most are in the state’s southeast corner. They include teens but range in age, sex and employment status.

It is understood police fear they could become lone wolf attackers, financiers of terror, returned foreign fighters let back into Australia, or someone who intends to sneak into the Middle East to become a jihadi for ISIS. Some suspects have been monitored for years requiring labour-intensive listening, translating and decoding phone calls and digital communication.

Queensland Police reckon they can disrupt planned attacks, especially in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  But they are worried about next year’s Commonwealth Games.

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan says the 2016-17 Budget handed down $16 million over four years to boost surveillance capabilities and to fund labour costs to enhance intelligence analysis, dedicated online investigation and counter-terrorism teams, improved counter-terrorism technical support, and to fund counter-terrorism training.  “This includes world-leading courses in behavioural observation (muslim) and suspicious activity recognition (muslim), and active armed (muslim) offender training.”

In the 2017-18 State Budget, the Palaszczuk Government announced it would invest a further $46.7 million over three years for a world-class weapons and counter-terrorism facility at Wacol for the Queensland Police – including indoor firearms ranges, a scenario village, and specialist training areas to increase the capability in managing islamic terrorism.

Islam costing Queensland hundreds of millions


It just shows the scale that Islam is costing Queenslanders, diverting hundreds of millions in taxpayer wealth away from badly needed infrastructure.

The Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers has called for extra resources from the Turnbull Government has revealed the extraordinary spyware capability available to law enforcement agencies, which are operating under a terror level of “probable”.  Leavers says that while the Federal Government had pumped $1.5 billion into fighting terrorism, the funding had not reached offices on the coalface.

“Queensland police are being swamped with potential terrorism targets we are monitoring,’’ Mr Leavers said.  “The Federal Government needs to step up to start delivering to increase counter- terrorism capability.  “The Federal Government are asleep at the wheel when it comes to properly resourcing the states to fight terrorism and monitor terrorist targets,” he said. “We need a massive injection for resources.

“The only way it appears we, as a state jurisdiction, will get anything out of the Federal Government for counter-terrorism is after an incident, and by then, it will be too late.  “We don’t want to be in a situation where we will be saying ‘I told you so’. We are in a situation now where we are saying we need resources to fight terror upfront.  “This should be a state and federal partnership.”

Where There’s a Mosque, there’s Terror Brewing

So where’s dem wannabe jihadi suspects?  Every one of the suspects attends a mosque.  The Islamic Shia Council of Queensland knows but stays silent.  The leftards embrace it as ‘multicultural’.  Islam is a secret cult that needs to be outlawed.

The only culture that should be encouraged in Australia, is our Australian home-grown culture.

Islamics by the tens of thousands arrive in Australia every year – mainly Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  They come here for the good life.  They reject Australian cultural values, our way of life, English, our dress, our food, our First World standards and Christian morals.  They stick to themselves, in their urban enclaves and ghettos.  They reject Australian child care, kindergartens, schools tertiary institutions.  They demand their own exclusive schools from K-12 and beyond.  They are totalitarian and hateful – female segregation, face coverings, FMG, underage forced marriage.  They demand a local mosque wherever they live.

Well bugger off!

Australia First Party supports Kim Vuga


In south-east Queensland where the terror threat in the state is greatest, is where the muslims are concentrated.  They are concentrated in southern Brisbane and the Gold Coast, where all the mosques have been approved by the Queensland Government.

  • Algester Mosque (southern Brisbane)
  • Baitul Masroor Mosque (southern Brisbane)
  • Buranda Islamic Mosque (inner Brisbane)
  • Capalaba Mosque (southern Brisbane)
  • Darra Mosque in Oxley (southern Brisbane)
  • Dreamworld Musalla in Coomera (Gold Coast)
  • Eagleby Eagleby Kotku Mosque (southern Brisbane)
  • Gold Coast Mosque ‘Paradise Masjid in Arundel (Gold Coast)
  • Harbour Town Musalla in Biggera Waters (Gold Coast)
  • Holland Park Mosque (southern Brisbane)
  • Ipswich Mosque
  • Kuraby Mosque in Underwood (southern Brisbane)
  • Kingston Mosque (next to the Logan City Mosque – cos ya can’t get too much Allah)
  • Logan City Mosque in Marsden (southern Brisbane)
  • Lutwyche Mosque (Masjidus Sunnah) (northern Brisbane)
  • Masjid Taqwa in Bald Hills (northern Brisbane)
  • Masij Moorooka (inner Brisbane)
  • Moorooka Musallah Mosque (inner Brisbane)
  • Muslims Organisation Sunshine Coast in Budinna (plotting for a Sunshine Coast mosque)
  • Slacks Creek Mosque (Australian Centre for Disunity)
  • Darul Uloom Academy in Buranda (inner Brisbane)
  • Rochdale Mosque (Masjid Bosnian Islamic Society) in Eight Mile Plains (northern Brisbane)
  • West End Mosque (South Brisbane)

More bloody mosques than Maccas!


And the Universities in SE Queensland know, but stay silent – they’re desperate for the sharia finance.


List of Tertiary Institutions Complicit in Islam

They hide Islam as ‘multi-faith‘, but then advertise five prayers a day, with mats and facing Mecca.

  • University of Queensland – MSA St Lucia Musalla (hidden inside 323 Hawken Drive St Lucia Campus (inner Brisbane)
  • Queensland University of Technology – Gardens Point Campus in (G-H Link Building) Room 217A (Brothers) and 217B (Sisters) ; and at at the Kelvin Groove Campus B104 (Brothers) and 104B (Sisters)
  • Griffith University – MSA Griffith Musalla (hidden inside Risen Church multi-faith centre) at the Nathan Campus, Building N35/170 Kessels Road, Nathan (southern Brisbane) – Sisters up the back (seen but not heard)
  • Iqra Quran Academy, 1418 Beenleigh Rd, Kuraby (southern Brisbane)
  • Darul Uloom Academy, 6 Agnes Street, Woolloongabba (inner Brisbane)
  • The Islamic College of Brisbane, 45 Acacia Road, Karawatha (southern Brisbane)
  • Australian International Islamic College, 19 Chisholm Rd, Carrara (Gold Coast) and at 724 Blunder Rd, Durack (southern Brisbane)

But wait for it!  That last one listed at Durack now has plans to build a “Middle Eastern and South East Asian cultural hub” at the school. Give the muzzies and inch and what do you get?

Australian International Islamic College

In May 2017, some masterplan for full-blown invasion beachhead has reared its ugly head.  The oxymoronic ‘Australian’ International Islamic College at Durack, in Brisbane’s southwest, has submitted a development application that would expand its K-12 college to more than 2000 students, childcare centre, medical FMG centre, aged care 120 residential apartments, halal shops, and another mosque of course – muzzies only!

Anti-Australian Education

The college has done a need assessment study which concludes the development would have an “important cultural orientation towards Mecca”.

It’s a future enclave, no-go zone, where sharia law will be practiced behind closed doors – FMG, pedophile marriage, polygamy, whippings, stonings…

The islamic college’s project manager is overseas in Saudi Arabia arranging for sharia finance to fund the invasion.  Yet the same islamic college is still owned $2 million in unpaid school fees by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  In 2012, the college lost its Queensland Supreme Court bid to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its education official Ahmad Ibn Mohammed Al Saif to recover $2,140,361.68 promised to them by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education for educating foreign students.   The court ruled on the grounds that a foreign state was immune from litigation in Australia.

Unlucky.  Trust an Arab?

A petition against the proposal signed by 120 local Aussies rightly says NO!  “The apparent exclusivity of the proposed development to a religious group will offer hardly any benefit to the community it is situated in as a whole and is inconsistent with the multicultural community that already exists in the suburb,” it states.

Of course if any Aussie complains on the legitimate basis of Islamic invasion resistance, they are deemed ‘racist and ‘islamophobic’ by the anti-Australian Human Rights Commission.   So local Moorooka Councillor Steve Griffiths has submitted an objection to the imperial masterplan but emphasised it was only on planning grounds, not cultural or religious ones.

It the government won’t listen, and sides with the islamic invaders to destroy Australia, then what do you do?

Meanwhile in 2016, a Queensland government commissioned audit by Deloittes found the Islamic College of Brisbane Board had misused $20 million in Australian taxpayers’ wealth over the previous four years to pump the coffers of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils – so it can build more mosques and fund terrorism.  Same with the dodgy Malek Fahd ­Islamic College in Sydney.

Now muzzies try to lose weight every autumn.  They call it ramadan.  But pig shooting is seasonal all year, yet what to do with the pig heads?

Well, enterprising Queenslanders fed up with the spreading tentacles of islam contaminating Queensland are sending a strong message that evil islam is not welcome in our country.  A few week’s back, a backpack containing a pig’s head was unceremoniously dumped at the gate of the Islamic College of Brisbane.   Some say on the fence would have been better.

Getting the Message.  Islam out of Australia!