Support the People’s Request to the Governor General for prerogative directions to end illegal state land taxes. Complete the petitioner’s details and email as outlined.

People of The Commonwealth in Victoria, and other States, under squandering politicians, are to be further screwed for higher Land Tax on holiday homes, superannuation investment properties, and vacant land they own.

Holiday home ownership, has been a part of Aussie culture for  generations,  secured through hard work and thrift to provide enjoyment for family, friends and neighbours, Superannuation fund homes and properties require the same input to attain retirement independence, but this cultural heritage means nothing to money grabbing politicians.

This increased financial impost on Aussies, is leading to the forced  sell off of properties, and extensive decline to quality of living. Is this connected to the “own nothing” U N Globalising agenda; the eradication of Fee Simple land Titles, or just making more properties available for Chinese/Indians purchasing all and everything as they take up occupancy?

But, are these State Land Taxes even valid, or are they unconstitutional,  unlawful schemes of politicians that must be countered?

In 1910, the Commonwealth Parliament under the Constitutional  S51 taxation power, legislated a  Land Tax bill, effecting exclusive power for land taxes as Federal Law, and collecting  same until in 1952 where under a    taxation review agenda, the Federal Legislature ended imposing Land Tax.

State politicians in 1956 subsequently returned to grabbing for land taxes, but was/is this Constitutionally lawful?  The records of the Constitution Convention Debates clearly record NO! – As an example:-

Hansard 22-9-1897  The Hon. R.E. O’CONNOR (NSW]: The moment the commonwealth exercises the power, the states must retire from that field of legislation.

Hansard 30-3-1897  Mr. REID: the moment the Federal Parliament

legislates on one of those points enumerated in clause 52, that instant the whole State law on the subject is dead.           

Hansard 2-3-1898 Mr. OCONNOR.-Directly it is exercised it becomes an exclusive power, and there is no doubt that it will.

For State Land Tax to again have become Constitutionally lawful, a Referendum would have been required  to return land taxation power from exclusive  Federal level to the State level, however this has never been undertaken or considered by money grabbing  politicians.

What can be done? To resolve such Constitutional legality issues, High Court action is available to People of The Commonwealth at public cost. However, the responsibility and authority of the Governor General can first be called upon for action to direct legislators to comply with the provisions of our Constitution, and for the politicians responsible to be removed from office.

This action is by a People’s Request to the Governor General, General David Hurley, to uphold Constitutional provisions/Law, and  engage with the Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus to ensure illegal State land tax legislation is rescinded. In addition, refunds within Statute of Limitations time frame, to property owners already defrauded are requested.

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Australian People’s Request


To the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC,

Governor-General of The Commonwealth of Australia


Dear Governor-General,


The below recorded People of Our Commonwealth honourably request you to invoke prerogative powers to direct Federal and State Legislators to immediately rectify Land Taxation as Constitutionally exclusive to Federal Legislation, as effected by the 1910 Land Tax Act.


The People thank you in anticipation of your fulfilling of the duty and obligation as the Governor-General, to ensure the legal principles embedded in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 are unimpeached by illegal actions of politicians.



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Email: ausfirst@australiafirstparty.biz