Cronulla Civil Uprising manipulated by biased media

Mainstream media reporting of the Cronulla Uprising of December 11, 2005 was prejudiced against the beachside locals.  Ordinary young Australians were blamed for all the violence.  Cronulla was wrongly and unfairly branded by the media as “bogan” and “racist”.

Indeed, the Cronulla’s Leb Riot against Australians resembles Broome’s Jap Riot against us same Australians back on Christmas Eve 1920.

History repeats.

Daily Telegraph Leb AppeasementSydney’s Daily Telegraph tabloidship has long presumed a ‘holier-than-thou‘ moralist control over its Sydney readers.

F*&% Off!


Herald Sun brands White Australians racistIs this objective journalism or someone’s political blogging in newsprint?

Australia’s democratic freedom of the press is contaminated by a cronyistic media duopoly.  On the one hand, Fairfax and the ABC supporting Labor and Leftist political agenda, while on the other hand Murdock’s powerful corporatised News Ltd is biased as a mouthpiece for everything the Liberal Party does and wants.  No mainstream media is independent. No mainstream media backs the Ordinary Aussie battler and his/her rights and values.

The left-wing, politically correct media (read ‘multicultist‘), manipulated the affray at Cronulla.  Opportunistically, editors used the visuals to slur Australian patriotism, and to justify multiculturalism.  Love thy immigrant Arab, lest he turneth against you!  It is a globalist agenda jointly promulgated by Liberal, Labor and The Greens.  Ordinary Australians have no say.

So the dozens of pictures of the Cronulla misrepresented ‘riots’ were strictly limited to showing only many White Australians males going after one or two cowering males of ‘Middle Eastern Appearance’.  Some journos even invented stories of neo-Nazis being involved.  There were Lebanese-aligned Rebel bikie gang members at Cronulla, but no mention was made of this by the media.

Not one print media picture showed the armed gangs of Lebs, nor the widespread street damage caused by the Lebs across eastern Sydney – the dozens of cars and shopfronts trashed, nor the photos of local surfer Dan with a Leb knife protruding from his back.  No mention was made of the racist abuse and threats made by Lebs towards Australians (especially of the sexual insults against Australian women).

No mention was made of the Lebanese thuggery, weaponry and criminal planning.  No mention was made of the two decades or more of Leb intimidation and violence against Sydney’s beach-going locals.  No mention was made of Lebanese cultural disrespect for Australian laws.  Many Lebs derive from lawless hill tribes of Northern Lebanon for decades enmeshed in civil war.

Ten years on, the media still maintains its selective reporting and contempt for Sydney’s beachside locals defending their beach and their livelihoods.

The entire reporting was a collusion to deliver a message of Australian “race riots”, which of course can only be perpetrated by White Australians.   Locals have never forgiven the media, nor their political masters, particularly Labor’s NSW premier (and member for Bankstown) at the time, Morris Iemma.

Leb criminal gangs of Sydney’s south-west, their numbers and their criminality have been allowed fester and grown beyond the resources of NSW Police to control. Lebs and Middle Eastern Arabs are behind nearly all of Sydney’s illegal Glock handgun importation, Sydney’s consequential gun crime, drug crime, ram raids, car theft, home invasions and drive-by shootings; so much so that NSW Police have since 2006 set up a dedicated Middle-Eastern Organised Crime squad.

Arab culture is backward, violent, unAustralian and it isn’t going to change.

Lebs drive shooting of Lakemba Police StationUnder fire … the Lakemba police station after the attack, which prosecutors said was to teach police a lesson for “hassling Lebanese people”.

Ex-NSW Police detective Tim Priest had been warning of the dangers of Lebanese criminal gangs for years.

What is fact is that the Cronulla Uprising of Sunday December 11, triggered massive retaliation by thousands of Lebs who were well-organised, well armed for two nights of violent gang rampage across eastern Sydney on the 12th and 13th.

Don’t believe anything you read in the newspapers.

Cronulla normal without the LebsCronulla, back to ‘Aussie Normal‘ without the Lebs