We agree with the official statement of Nationalist Alternative on the Reclaim Melbourne Rally

The Great Aussie Patriot

Our friends at Nationalist Alternative have issued an official statement on the call for a united response to the threat of confrontational violence made to the next Reclaim Australia Rally in Melbourne – Saturday July 18, location TBA.

The Melbourne extreme-left deserves universal condemnation for this threat to the free speech of Australians.

Our Victorian Branch issued a statement in support of the Rally just some days ago (see below).

The Nationalist Alternative statement also covers some political questions which arise from the Reclaim movement.

The primary aim of Nationalist Alternative is to reaffirm Australian cultural and national identity and restore the sovereignty and independence of the Australian nation.

We find ourselves in general agreement with Nationalist Alternative; like them we say openly that we do disagree with some in the Reclaim movement about issues around the subjects of Israel, immigration, multiculturalism and so forth. Yet, we see the logic that we cannot allow political correctness enforced by the extreme-left on the matters of Islamism and Islam in Australia.

Australia Forever

‘Nationalist Alternative Official Statement: In Support of Unity for freedom of speech against Islamic extremism and Communist intimidation tactics’

by Victor Simpson (Nationalist Alternative), June 6, 2015

“It has come to our attention via social media that “The Great Aussie Patriot” aka Shermon Burgess, leader of the United Patriots Front, has made a call to arms for all Nationalist and Patriotic groups to work together for the sake of unity.

Shermon Burgess has thrown down the gauntlet to get all Pro-Australian organisations to work in coalition for the Reclaim Australia Rallies on both the 18th of July in Melbourne and the 19th of July nation wide.

We at Nationalist Alternative welcome this initiative, some of our members were at the recent Anti Communist rally in Richmond and at the Reclaim rally prior, we accept the invitation to work in alliance with other Pro-Australian groups from across the country for these rallies.

As Nationalists we value any mass movement that wishes to defend our great nation.

Sydney Hyde Park Riot 2012
Nevertheless, it must be remembered that many of the groups attending have different interests at heart.

We realise the threat of radical Islam and Islamification of the Western World. But we also understand that the issue of Islam is the one of the many symptoms of mass unrestricted immigration into Western Nations, the blame for which lies with successive Liberal and Labour governments and powerful lobby groups. The system uses the Communists/Antifa as useful idiots

Those on the Far Left (Communists, Anarchists etc) take up the fight for Muslims because they have the delusional belief that they are an oppressed minority. This is a fallacy because Islam is more than capable to fend for itself and do not take too kindly to Far Leftists, homosexuals and deviants in those countries which are predominantly Muslim.

Sheikh Feiz Mohammad
The violent silencing tactics by those on the Far Left do not win them over any new allies either. Every time there is a protest the Far-Left are involved with violence and altercations are guaranteed.  The police know this very well and it is why they face them and have their backs turned to the Nationalists and Patriots. Questions remain as to why the police really do so little to outright shut down and arrest these violent thugs – who is ordering them to allow it..


Bendigo Mosque
Now it is common knowledge that those amongst the Pro-Australian movement have their differences. Particularly on issues like Zionism, Israel, immigration and Multiculturalism/Multi Racialism and White Genocide.

However, it is important that we put aside any problems we have for the upcoming Reclaim Australia Rallies to stop the Political Correctness Thugs and enable a platform for all of us to speak. Together working as a team we can achieve much more in a mass movement to protect Australia and it’s culture, heritage, people and way of life.

Overall, we believe in the freedom and self-determination of all peoples. That is what Nationalism is all about. We wish to defend our Nation against any threats whether they be external or internal.

The future of Australia is in great peril and it is our duty and obligation to meet any obstacles head on. That is why we shall put aside any differences we have with other various political groups for the love we all share for our great southern land, Australia.”

Australian Call to Arms