Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians don’t have a Mandela

A lot of media and leftist chatter has been directed in recent weeks at the position of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia and the usual cries have come forward that they need a spiritual Mandela (sic).

They don’t need one. Nor would they really want one if they looked more carefully at the man’s legacy.

Charisma, like that of Mandela, appeals to the media but in reality little political change has been achieved in his country to have justified the recent hype.

The media claim that South Africa has changed out of totalitarian apartheid and by Mandela’s influential selfless conciliation averted certain civil war, but still across South Africa widespread abject poverty prevails.

South Africa has since descended into one of the most violent, corrupt and fragmented societies. Under African National Congress rule, the distinction between one charismatic man’s supposed dream and the legacy of nation-change deserves to be made above racial evangelism.

What pragmatic socio-economic benefits have ordinary South Africans gained under Mandela and since under his successor Jacob Zuma, both subscribed to the corrupt African National Congress Party.  Reconciliation?  Respect for the rule of law?  Socio-economic equality?  Opportunity out of abject poverty?

No. Mandela only as a figurehead, played a role in galvanising the indigenous masses to vote to unseat a minority divisive regime. But has the new regime simply reversed the divisiveness and like a Mugabe dictatorship reversed Ian Smith’s colonial Southern Rhodesia?

Compare John Curtin?  Does Mandela rate against this great man of his nation?

Australia's Prime Minister John Curtin

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders don’t need any allegedly super-virtuous foreign example to follow, but they should have an opportunity to achieve internal territorial government across tribal areas, instead of perpetuating themselves as a disaffected and culturally degenerating rabble otherwise intergenerationally forever on the teat of White taxpayer welfare.

  • Do traditional Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders really want to integrate and assimilate with the traditionally dominant (White) Australians?
  • Do Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders truly wish to bleach their culture – or like the Maori retain their distinct cultural identity?
  • Do Whites wish to take on Aboriginal cultural values in their home?

Clearly, no.

Integration is a leftist utopia.  Whereas voluntary triculturalism between White Australians, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders will follow a  proven socially comparable national model as in New Zealand.

There exists a sense of urgency, before the foreigner overruns all traditional Australians.

Too Many Chinese

Collaboratively, White Australians, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders need to realise our collective enemy.  Our shores are girt by foreigner hoards eyeing us off. There must be a transcendent unity amongst us.