Gillard’s Misogynistic Weapons of Mass Deception

Most Australians have a hatred of politicians, especially self-centred ones and to a lesser extent incompetent ones.

But the bullshit detector is primal with Australians.

The tripping goof Gillard has unleashed its director of Labor’s Dirt Unit’s, Nick Reece, to distract public attention from goofy Gilllard’s chronic policy failures, implementation failures, and redirection of Australian wealth to foreign interests.

Gone viral is Gillard’s Mysoginistic Weapons of Mass Deception.

Drawing upon 1880’s suffragattes, the absolute misogyny!  All men cast as women haters, especially any man that questions Gillard’s excesses, abuses and misjudgments.   Tony Abbott, or a man critical of the Gillard look out!  It is the man witch hunt of Salem all over!

Goofy Gillardism is Labor contra-Macarthysim. And the redhead witch’s 60 media advisers – spider eyes cast Social Media righteousness on any dissention.

The Gillard gifts billions to foreigners, and condemns vulnerable Australians to deeper poverty and disadvantage.

Ditch the Betrayal Witch!