Gillard’s Immigration-kneejerk Minister signs off on mining corporate scabs to fly in

What does Australia’s Immigration Minister think he is doing?

Chris Bowen has secretly partnered with corporate mining magnate Gina Rinehart to authorise the fly in of 1700 foreign scab workers for her mining project in the Western Australian Pilbara.  That’s the population of Mount Barker, southwest WA!

What about Australian miners?  These billionaire miners are nothing but corporate scabs!  It is not as if they can’t afford to pay Australians decent Australian wages, hard fought by unions and workplace agreements for over a century.   It is not as if they can’t afford to train Australian miners.

The likes of Rinehart, Palmer, Rio Tinto, BHP and others just think they can abuse Labor’s 457 temporary visa system to import cheap foreign labor to boost their already obscene profits. Trouble is these 457 arrivals don’t then fly home, but end up staying after the work is done and become yet another burden on the Australian taxpayer. The billionaire miners couldn’t care less; they’ll just cry “skills shortage” again to Foreign Labor and get another mob of scabs from the Third World.

Rinehart’s mining company, Hancock Prospecting, has snubbed Australian workers and done a cosy deal with Chris Bowen for its Roy Hill mining project 280km south of Port Hedland, under what has been euphemistically called an Enterprise Migration Agreement (EMA)   Such an agreement is outside Australian workplace relations system, standards and culture.  It permits resources companies to hire low-skilled and semi-skilled workers from overseas.  It undermines Australian hard-fought minimum wages. It is Third World employment coming to Australia. EMA is Labor’s WorkChoices!

It is as treasonable as Austrailan Workers’ Union National Secretary, Paul Howes, suggesting Australia should sell the Kimberley to Israel and set it up as a Jewish enclave.  What smack are these bastards on?

Howes, in his speech to Australian Jews on 6th August 2010 said that he envisages Australia’s Kimberley region being converted like the Negev Desert, from being a desert wilderness to being “tamed and turned into farms and orchards and pastures and factories, with secondary industries such as tanning, tinned fruits, jams, leather products, mats and bricks, with a dam across the Ord river and hydro-electricity, all done by 75,000 Jewish settlers.”  (The Australian, 7th August 2010 headed ‘Aussie Israel’ a model that should inspire‘).  Send Howes to Negev for good!

And the ACTU, the NSW Labor Council and rank-and-file members of Perth unions and the Labor Party all support his mad scheme!  Such talk is scurrellous, undermines Australia’s national unity and highlights the extremism of multiculturalism.

Labor claims Australia has a lack of skilled workers particularly in the mining sector, but where is the industry training of Australians? Corporate Scab Miners couldn’t care about their workers and their families and help set up social infrastructure.  Instead the likes of Rinehart, Palmer, Forrest and Kloppers do the cheap fly-in fly-out option.  Then when they’re through with the workers, they dump them – end of contract with no warning.

It is scab labor and it is anti-Australian.  It is prejudice against Australians. It is a return to the bad old shearing days of the 1890s, when cheap Chinese scab labor was employed to replace Australian shearers.

It was when Australians defended their rights for decent minimum wages and conditions.

Look out Australia!  This precedent is set to allow US energy giant Chevron to similarly do a scab deal with Chris Bowen to get foreign scabs for its $43 billion Gorgon liquefied natural gas project in the Pilbara.

  • Where are the so-called “genuine efforts made to employ Australians”?
  • Where is the record of 457 foreign scabs returning back to their foreign countries after job done?

Meanwhile, Gillard’s Foreign Labor Party has stood back allowing its politically correct policies of ‘Free Trade’ allow cheap foreign imports to undermine Australian manufacturing and bleed thousands of workers. Cheap foreign airlines have seen last week Qantas sack 500 aircraft engineers and closes its base at Tullamarine to try to remain competitive.

The Foreign Labor Party is all about dumbing down Australia’s economy and workforce to compete on a level playing field with the Third World.  If these bastards get their way, Australians will be living in Bedouin tents.

Don’t take Labor’s rot.  It has got to stop!

“So we must fly a rebel flag,
As others did before us,
And we must sing a rebel song
And join in rebel chorus.
We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting
O’ those that they would throttle;
They needn’t say the fault is ours
If blood should stain the wattle!
(extract from Henry Lawson’s ‘Freedom on the Wallaby, Australia’s 1891 Shearer’s Strike).