Australia’s ‘education export’ a fraud belying mass Chinese alien invasion

There is a massive government fraud by Canberra that education is an export industry.

Crap!  It’s blatant backdoor immigration. The vested interest political class spruik that it is worth $20 billion a year to Australia; that ‘international’ students pay for secondary and tertiary education in Australia and then return overseas.  The reality differs.

This is the typical promo image touted for Australia’s ‘Education Export’:

Australian University Education Export FraudIt’s asian, it’s always asian


There are two fraudulent component to this.  First, the ‘international’ students are in fact 90% Chinese aliens.  They can’t read the English exam papers, yet “qualify” since they’ve paid cash to the uni and the uni doesn’t want to upset the lucrative Chinese cash stream.  Second, they then stay in Australia as immigrants using the wedge leverage that they “qualified in Australia”.

It’s bullshit.  It’ ain’t no $20 billion export industry.  That is the fraud.  It’s an economic ‘growthist’ scam contributing to destruction of the fabric of Australia society.

Chinese Aliens Ahead

The government, both Labor and Liberal taking in turns, just spruiks this as a scam to avoid funding tertiary education in Australia.  Let the unis and colleges get cash funding from the foreigners, they say.

And so the corrupted Australian Bureau of Statistics reports total spending by ‘international’ students in Australia – including course fees, accommodation, living expenses and recreation – was $19.2 billion in 2015, up from $17 billion the previous year, firming up education’s position as Australia’s third-largest export after coal and iron ore, as well as its position as the largest services export, well ahead of tourism.

Of course Phil Honeywood, executive director of International Education Association of Australia says the data shows ‘international’ students are making a significant contribution to the economy at a time when resource exports were flagging.  “International students” is code for wealthy Chinese aliens who pay cash up front to study then stay in Australia.  No accounts receivable.  It’s money for jam.  The government is happy – Chinese aliens have no HECS debt.  Government doesn’t have to fund tertiary education, the Chinese now do.

Separate figures from the federal Education Department show about 650,000 international students were studying in Australia in 2015, more than 10 per cent more than the previous year.

No that is immigration on top of the 300,000 plane arrivals year on year!  And we wonder why Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are gridlock and no-one can afford a house or apartment in these cities any more?

Last February, the international education industry promoted itself by holding “the world’s biggest English lesson on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Organisers say the event, on February 12, is expected to attract 3000 international students.”

The Chinese aliens all brought their smartphones and apps and cheated online using WiFi.

Alien education immigration

But it gets worse.

‘Education Exportfraud is simply Backdoor Immigration

Education Export‘ is a backdoor immigration scam.  It has nothing to do with exporting anything.

Foreigners, and their cash, are invited to study in Australia under a variety of visa options – Visa 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 580, or 402.  That gives unfunded universities, colleges and schools in Australia direct access to foreign cash.

The backdoor immigration scam kicks in on graduation…

“The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) allows international students to remain in Australia for up to 18 months after they complete their studies to travel, gain work experience or improve their English language skills. This is a good option for students who wish to extend their stay for quite some time and work towards achieving permanent residency. The post-study work stream of this visa allows international students completing an Australian bachelor, masters or doctoral degree to remain in Australia to gain practical work experience after they graduate. Graduates of bachelor and masters by coursework degrees can apply for a two-year work visa at the completion of their degree; masters by research graduates are eligible for a three-year visa; and PhD graduates can apply for a four-year work visa.

Many international students enjoy their time in Australia so much that they apply for permanent residency so they can continue to live and work in Australia. You can express your interest in applying for permanent residency through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s SkillSelect migration program, which could lead to permanent residency through a Skilled Independent Visa, the Employer Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. For more information, see the Migrating to Australia section.”

Read More:


And then…BYO Village Visas.   Once ya get ya residency, Bingo!

Generous Welfare Australia offers a “Family Stream” programme, where under Visas 103 or Visa 804 ya can invite ya folks from ya village here.
The Australian immigration system sets aside over 60,000 visas each year for Australian permanent residents.  And they can all bloody go on welfare – free Medicare, Centrelink, Aged Pension, Disability Pension. Woo–hoo!

Family Stream ProgrammeThis is why you are stuck in traffic, can’t afford childcare, can’t get your kids into a good school and can’t afford a home in Chinese-popular Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.


But it gets worse.

Chinese alien imperialism threatens Werribee

Chinese aliens threaten Werribee

Think Labor’s Daniel Andrews again; you know, Frankenstein.  He wants Melbourne to be colonized by Chinese aliens.

Another fly in from the Chinese Communist Party, Bill Zheng, has unveiled China’s plan for a new city of 80,000 around Werribee. Linked in to the globalist system of the sale-of-education as an export, Chinese aliens will be the prime residents.

Bill Zheng, Australian Education City

The word is that Chinese consular services will operate at Werribee and the place will take on a sort of extra-territoriality (which means it is virtually subject to Chinese policing).  There goes Werribee mansion and the wildlife park.

Chinese Consular Officials

This is the biggest thing to come to Victoria and it is the mobilizing issue for all nationalists in Victoria.  It smells of like the former Wagga Wagga Trade Centre idea, or the dodgy Chinese Chappypie China Time Theme Park still threatening Wyong on the New South Wales central coast.  Both are Chinese gated communities, whose sole purpose is to establish a cultural foothold in Australia in preparation for mass immigration.

Chinese Gated Communities

It amounts to Chinese unarmed invasion.  It makes our new subs redundant before they are even built.  The Trojan horse aliens would have already breached the wall of the city.  Our submariners on return to base will think they got their bearings wrong and ended up in China.

China has come up with another innocuous sounding organisational brand name behind the invasion force: ‘Australian Education City‘ (AEC).

That is a con in itself, because it has nothing to do with Australians, but all Chinese.  Co-incidently the acronym is the same as the Australian Electoral Commission, but then 80,000 of the Chinese aliens will be allowed to vote, so what’s the diff?.

Australian Education City

It is another mass gated enclave – Mandarin speaking onry!   And Bill Zheng (not his real name) spruiks it will be a $20 billion project.  He read about our unis $20 billion export industry, so felt that sounds like an appealing number to use.

He is actively trying to lure Australian universities to join China’s project with a promise of an inside track to large numbers of international students and big research dollars from China.

In a document titled “2016 Prospectus” his outfit claims that universities which partner with AEC “will have access to new sources of research funding made available by the Chinese government and multinationals”.  It says partner universities “may be able to access funding and co-research opportunities that may otherwise not being [sic] available to non-Chinese institutions”.

The document was circulated to Australian universities early in February 2016.  It is not long after China abandoned its mass invasion of Wagga Wagga in the New South Riverina.  Try, try, try again.  Cheaper than a hot armed invasion of Australia, or trying to surround us in a siege – our coastline is just shy of 20,000km.

Alien invasion

Zheng’s scary fruitcake proposal is for 400 acres of empty land at Werribee between Melbourne and Geelong to house 80,000 residents (Chinese yellow aliens) in a 50-storey tower, and 50,000 students (Chinese) in high schools, vocational colleges and “some of the most prestigious university faculties from Australia, China and the United Kingdom”.

Yeah, yeah.  They just have a fancy crest above the door looking like something out of Oxford so that prospects gush with envy.

University of Melbourne coat of armsLatin motto suits the Chinese alien invasion force.

It translates as “We shall grow in the esteem of future generations.


Zheng claims he is in discussions to establish two huge high schools to offer the International Baccalaureate on the site, one of which is the prestigious public selective boys school Melbourne High. The high schools, designed to appeal to “international students” (aka Chinese aliens), would feed the partner universities with nearly 1000 students a year.

The prospectus says work is due to begin on the site in 2017-18 with a planned opening in 2012-22.

AEC has already put similar proposals to universities in the UK, China and the US.

Think Chinese Imperialism.


Dr Jim Saleam, President of Australia First Party warns:

“While there is no doubt that there is a serious political question around the subject of Islamism in Victoria, this matter subsumes the question. We need to place the matter of Islamism within a wider framework of cultural assault and dispossession.

In the dialogue we must have with all nationalists outside of Australia First Party, we will put this subject (Werribee / Chinese imperialism) in the first place.  In the dialogue we must have with the ‘patriot movement’, we must suggest that the matter of Islamism is just not as they would have it.”

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