UNA: Questions surround shootings of mosques in New Zealand (Part 7)

We publish unedited, a major article written by the United Nationalists Australia media group on the Christchurch murders.  That the blogsite upon which this article was written was taken down – suggests the State reaction to simple truths and questions.  We make no other comment upon the article and leave the reader to assess.   

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PART 7:  Brenton Tarrant’s background and vigilante motivation

by United Nationalists Australia, March 21 in 2019.


Getting back to the story, reports leaked in after the massacre(s) revealed the accused was a 28-year-old Australian-born man named Brenton Harrison Tarrant.

Originally, they quoted selectively from his ‘manifesto’, which he published variously around social media, and his video, which is now being deleted as fast as it can be uploaded.


Then as the shrewd-scribes of the mogul-owned media dug deeper into his world, they discovered he grew up in Grafton, in northern NSW, and his dad died in 2010 at the age of 49 from asbestos-related cancer.

Tarrant was finishing high school around this time. It must have messed with his head, unless of course there was anything left to mess with, because, well, you know, kids these days and all that.

Tarrant was bullied at school for being a chubby beanbag, which is never a good start to a young buck’s life if by any chance he shows a likelihood of displaying an unhealthy interest in firearms. It’s even worse when inevitably post-gun-spree those who knew him as a kid describe the accused as having been an oddball “loner”.

It starts to fit a pattern.  One of his former teammates from his under-15 rugby league team the Grafton Ghosts who played with the ‘regular white man’ in 2005, Daniel Tuite, told The Australian, “he was picked on pretty bad.”  Tuite explained, “Grafton can be a pretty harsh place… so if you’re overweight and a bit what some people might call useless on the field, you’re going to probably get picked on. That’s why he just kept to himself.”

Replying to an unknown question from the reporter, Tuite added,

“Where we’re from, we’d never even come into contact with Moslems, really.” 

That’s an interesting quote under the circumstances because it means that much of his worldview had to have been gleaned from radical websites.  Nationalists of an older vintage largely had their views shaped by witnessing the racial restructuring of the country they grew up in.

The Internet came along and it became a communication medium that allowed them to share their concerns and feelings about what they have witnessed.    [JH: Grafton has no mosque, and therefore no Muslims – the community is Australian.]

Grafton, NSW – invader free zone.  No fake Third World refugees or invading muslims languishing on White Taxpayer Welfare, instead traditional hard working White Australians and their multi-generation families

So if, like Tarrant, you were raised in a town insulated from the ravages of globalism then your emotions are being stirred vicariously, which isn’t an argument we’re comfortable making since it’s likely to be used against ourselves as justification for censorship, but that’s just another digression.  We have already been censored, so it’s a moot point.

Being a disgusting fat-body [according to fake media] led to Tarrant ditching the daily family-buckets of KFC and hitting the weights.

Fake News:  What fat?


He went on to work at the Big River Gym after leaving high school and was a personal trainer from 2009 until 2010. His gym manager Tracy Gray told abc.net.au, “He was a very dedicated personal trainer. He worked in our program that offered free training to kids in the community and he was very passionate about that.”

Speculating on what went wrong, she said, “I think something must have changed in him during the years he spent travelling overseas.”

With $50,000 as part of a payout from his father’s life insurance, and saving money on cheesecakes and double-beef whoppers, Tarrant earned enough training local sweat-hogs to trade in cryptocurrency like Bitconnect and bitcoin. This is surprising in so far as anything can surprise us about this wally anymore.

But we’ll accept that he was a part savvy trader who instead of building an even greater investment to buy a house or anything practical — Tarrant was hit with the travelling bug. Frankly, nothing is so extraordinary about that.

What is remarkable is that he got rich on a Ponzi-scheme like Bitconnect in the first place. Bitconnect is the subject of a mammoth FBI investigation having cost investors $2.5 Billion and causing many a once cockeyed speculator to fling themselves out of an open window having been left penniless (probably).

However, this regular Aussie bloke wasn’t so regular when it came to his choices of holiday destinations. Your average bogan wouldn’t be able to show his or her face at the local Rissole past the age of 25 if she or he hadn’t made at least one trip to Bali, Thailand or Fiji; somewhere a modest sum of Aussie dollars can let you live like an A-lister for a few weeks.

They must be able to use the prime Aussie phrase “Been there, done that” in a raucous strine when chatting about overseas adventures with fellow drinkers. But describing his sojourns abroad would’ve left anyone of an inquiring mind prying into his travel itinerary forming the opinion he was not as normal as he liked to believe.

See, Tarrant’s travels included North Korea, Turkey and Pakistan.

He also went to France, Spain and Portugal, which are pretty typical places to want to visit, and God-knows-where-else, but those first three really have us scratching our heads, which is difficult when you’re wearing a tinfoil hat (another joke). [Ed – After this article went to press, and before WordPress removed our blog on the say so of Australian authorities, it was revealed he had a three-month visa but spent nine days in Israel. He also visited Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina].

Also scratching their heads are his family, who’ve copped death threats and been forced into hiding. Following Tarrant’s spree, NSW cops raided the North Coast house of his sister Rosie where his mother Sharon sought refuge. The counter-terror team also kicked-in the door of Tarrant’s mother’s boyfriend. Including his other sis Laurie, all are “assisting police with their inquiries”, while being held in protective custody at a safe house.

Not in hiding, but equally shocked, is Brenton’s old gran, Joyce Tarrant, 94. She was so caught off-guard by the news she stuttered that always delicious maternal phrase when something like this occurs, “But… he’s a good boy”. What’s more, he always ‘made it home for Christmas’. Still, what else is the poor old duck supposed to do?  One minute you’re sitting there enjoying a Lipton tea and an Iced VoVo the next moment someone’s informing you that your grandson is the worst mass-murderer in New Zealand’s history.

Tarrant’s mother Shazza was also rudely hit with the news she had brought into the world something straight out of an encyclopaedia of psychopaths. Journalists called her while she was giving a double-period English class at Maclean High School where she is — or most likely in the past-tense now was — a teacher.

His bamboozled family aside, we still can’t knock out of our noggins this business about his choice of holiday destinations.

North Korea?  Who in the name of Rasputin visits North Korea besides Dennis Rodman?  What the hell is in North Korea anyone would want to see?  Starving North Korean peasants wrestling over cement bags because there is no rice to eat?

And Pakistan?  Half of those he allegedly killed on the 15th probably came from Pakistan. Besides, it’s sort of contradictory to his whole anti-Moslem shtick, and the fact that according to his manifesto he had been planning these attacks two years in advance. Why would you go somewhere to get better acquainted with the people you were about to rub out, such intimacy tends to have the opposite effect?

Pictures posted to Facebook (but since deleted) by Israr Osho Thang, owner of the OSHO Thang hotel where he stayed in the snowy surrounds of Minapin Pagar on 23 October 2018 quote Tarrant gushing:

“Hello everyone my name is Brenton Tarrant and I am visitong (sic) pakistan for the first time. Pakistan is an incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world, and the beauty of hunza and nagar valley in autumn cannot be beat.
Unfortunately many tourists are choosing other countries due to the stress, difficulty and steep requirements of obtaining a Pakistani visa.
Hopefully in the near future the Pakistani government and Mr Imran Khan will make the necessary changes to the visa program so to encourage tourism and make it viable once more for the world to come and experience the beauty of Pakistan.”

Now, call us doubters, but if those were Tarrant’s actual words then we are in reality the team that puts together the weekly Q&A programme for the ABC. Nobody would use that kind of talk unless he had a gun to the head or-else he was offered free curry and beer for reading from a prepared statement on behalf of Tourism Pakistan. We suspect the latter. Still, it’s just another contradiction to add to the burgeoning list attached to this whacko.

And Mr Thang’s Facebook page has been copping stick from Indian rivals who’ve screen-grabbed those snaps of Tarrant and are using them to infer that in some bizarre black-op Pakistan had radicalised Tarrant to commit the act of terror against fellow Moslems. That isn’t such a bad theory when you weigh it all up because there is a hell of a lot not right about this story and truth be told, readers, it’s giving our writer a throbbing headache. Wading through every frame of that nauseating video was one thing, but being assailed by all this baffling and contrary information is not so good for the part of the brain that processes bullshit.

Having checked into New Zealand’s customs and had his passport stamped with visas from North Korea, Pakistan and Turkey, whereas any security conscious immigration functionary would’ve paused at least for a moment to question Mr Tarrant on his travels, it appears that nobody in the Land of Fush & Chups on duty at customs flickered an eyelid. They just validated his papers and told him to head on through.

His bags were probably stuffed with explosives for all we know, as well as exotic reptiles, and banned steroid vials. We bet if he was dark-skinned, wearing a skullcap, robe and sandals, they would’ve taken him into a private room for a quiet chat about whereabouts he’d visited and who he’d met while journeying through such destinations.

But that’s what you call White Privilege, folks, and we’re dead against it.


White Privilege on the African continent


Next up, we guess, is the whole shooting-license deal.   There was no reason to believe, that Tarrant was not a fit person to hold a shooter’s permit which entitled him to obtain a Category A gun license in November 2017 when he buys a bolt-action hunting rifle from the nice folks at a Dunedin sports store in 2017. Darren Jacobs, the chief executive officer of the Hunting & Fishing NZ stores which owns the outlet where Tarrant purchased his hunting blaster, said that none of his store workers recognised Brenton from court pictures but there was a record for the sale of a rifle to him.

Yet, while his license would’ve entitled him to buy a heavy-duty piece of firepower like an AR-15 — which until he came along you could actually legally own in UnZud — the store had no record that such a weapon had been sold to him.  Furthermore, it doesn’t generally stock them.

[JH:  Tarrant’s Crusader A-15 is emblazoned with the names of historical White crusaders fighting the islamic invaders plus other anti-invasion messages.   The indicated symbol is the ancient Norse Germanic ōþalan runic alphabet [also, ‘Elder Futhark Odal’ rune (ᛟ) – dating from 2nd Century Anglo-Saxon northern Germanic tribes.]

‘ōþala’ means ‘inherited estate from one father’s kin lineage’.

[Odal was associated with the concept of inheritance in ancient Nordic property law.  Runic inscriptions are found on ancient Nordic artifacts of nobility – including jewelry, amulets, tools, weapons, and, famously, runestones – from the 2nd to the 8th centuries.

Many of these laws remain in effect today throughout Norway egian property. These are the Åsetesrett (homestead right), and the Odelsrett (allodial right). The tradition of Udal law found in Shetland and Orkney in Scotland, and also in Manx law on the Isle of Man, is from the same origin.]

Where Tarrant obtained his high-powered arsenal remains unclear, although our writer recalls reading somewhere that he may have bought them online, which sounds a bit iffy.

In fact, it would’ve been a difficult weapon to obtain full-stop… and not cheap either. His Bitconnect money must really have lasted him to have lived so comfortably for so long and travelled so widely AND been able to afford weaponry that would no doubt come with a substantial price tag.

Understandably, his ex-chums at the Bruce Rifle Club on NZ’s South Island where Tarrant had been a member since (it doesn’t say), reported that “the club felt ‘betrayed’ after it heard Tarrant was the suspect behind the killing of at least 49 people  [Ed: upgraded to 50]”
Club vice-president Scott Williams admitted that Tarrant was a member and that he practised at the range with an AR-15 and a hunting rifle.

However, he made of point of adding that he never expressed his views towards Moslems while he was secretly imagining the paper targets were Hajis running for their lives in an open bazaar somewhere in Turkey. We can obviously add Scott and his shooting club to the long list of those who would love the opportunity to lynch Tarrant.

So, in summing up, we have a former fatso loser teen from a hick town in NSW who shed the lard and obsessively took up weights while inexplicably creating a fortune from trading an obscure cryptocurrency which sent most other investors onto Queer Street. There has been no evidence that Tarrant held a job in the time he was present in New Zealand and we know of no checks done on his credit etc. but he had the wherewithal to spend seven years visiting countries like North Korea, Turkey, and Pakistan, the latter of which he wrote about the friendliness and wonderful character of the people.