UNA: Questions surround shootings of mosques in New Zealand (Part 5)

We publish unedited, a major article written by the United Nationalists Australia media group on the Christchurch murders. That the blogsite upon which this article was written was taken down – suggests the State reaction to simple truths and questions.  We make no other comment upon the article and leave the reader to assess.   

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PART 5:  ‘Is this guy NZ’s Lee Harvey Oswald?’

by United Nationalists Australia, March 21 in 2019.

Names of historical crusaders who fought invading Ottoman (Turkish) muslims


According to The Weekend Australian, photos of Tarrant’s arsenal, all bedecked with the names of his heroes and whatnot, were posted on Twitter days before the shooting.

Presumably, this “regular white guy, from a regular family” was active on other social media, and not exactly hiding the kind of views he would undoubtedly have been expressing leading up to his 35 minutes of glory. Yet, whereas posting certain pro-right material in Victoria can lead to a home visit from ASIO or the Feds, no one in Australian or NZ security had clocked this joker. Or, at least, that’s their story. They can lock up Phil Galea, who posed about as much threat to the community as an unopened bottle of Toilet Duck, but for some niggling reason despite all their resources and powers of surveillance they never catch the ones who actually do something.

They did zilch about Man Haron Monis before he shot dead a homo inside the Lindt Café in December of 2014 and caused the death of Katrina Dawson despite all the background he had, but they took away the guns of UNA editor Chris Shortis because of a trashy defamatory article in a partisan left-wing newspaper that compared him to Anders Breivik. Yet, he’s one of the nicest fellas you could have a beer with.

So, either the Aussie taxpayer is funding a bunch that makes the clowns out of the Police Academy movies look like the nearest thing to Sherlock Holmes and Watson or else we’re all just expendable pawns in a never-ending game called The War on Terror.

While nobody in the Australian nationalist community (the real nationalists) has claimed any great knowledge of this person, big-noting New Zealand-born Lads Society “führer” Thomas Sewell posted on an XYZ journalist’s timeline that “Yes do know who he is, he has been around since before 2016. If it was a false flag then he spent a lot of time mingling around and wasting time for years before doing it. He did not come out of nowhere and was well known for those in the know.”

If by “in the know” he posted a few times in the usual places like the Daily Stormer or Stormfront, VNN or whatever dippy Facebook pages this dummkopf generation populates, that doesn’t amount to much. Half the left-wing journalists have fake identities on those forums and even indulged in ‘racist’ dialogue to give their profiles credibility. UNA estimates that around 15% of those who post on Stormfront aren’t even truly politically motivated or particularly “racist” they just hang out there, are curious, or are trolls.

Little Tommy Sewell is full of shit at the best of times, but we have good reason not to trust this ferret as far as we could shoot him into outer space. His words add up to a validation that Tarrant was, in fact, a genuine ‘White Nationalist’ acting with political and ideological motivation, which directly contradicts those posting around him. He speaks of those “in the know” but anyone who would ‘know’ someone like Tarrant, or hang out where such an obscure weevil posts his gobbledygook ticks “likes” on “extremist” posts is either wrong themselves or as clueless as Tarrant was.

Well, we’ll excuse Herr Sewell on the clueless front, because no nationalist has ever accused him of possessing a grain of wit, but we’ll leap straight to ‘wrong’ instead.

Let’s just rest on the fact that by his own admission he deals with the state by talking to Victoria’s rozzers. In fact, we’ll post a pic of him chatting to cops in 2018, even though we’re not sure in what context this occurred, but since we’re well past giving him the benefit of the doubt, we’ll assume he was ratting out somebody.

Victoria Police are the detritus of the earth, as bent as a nine-bob note, and as UNA editors have had dealings with them, we can say unreservedly that anyone who talks to VicPol and isn’t an ‘anti-fascist’, ‘anarchist’, or somebody on the far left of the political spectrum has grey fur, whiskers, two gnawing fangs, and a tail as long as its body. They also fester in sewers. Besides, if he was that ‘active’ then our pals at Antifa who seem to have gold-pass access to the online accounts of anyone associated with Sewell don’t appear to have had him on their radar.

We shall also reproduce the ‘statement’ the rodent bastard made on Facebook regarding what amounts to a deal he cut with ASIO on behalf of the Lads Society, which, big surprise, has copped a green light from the political police while our UNA editor-in-chief has had his accounts disabled without explanation by Facebook and he has been informed that the corrupt Fairfax media, which defamed him in a fake news article in 2017, are aiming to attack him again whilst he’s hampered by legal complications created in part by the dirty Victorian police.

Facebook have also taken out the President of the Australia First Party and various admins without any reason or means of redress even though their accounts were all validated with passports, etc, and no ‘offending’ posts made that breached their anomalous “community standards”. But hey, we’re only genuine nationalists. You can tell the suspects from the ones the state chooses to “work with” and those it antagonises.

[JH: The Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel) symbol is derived from ancient Germanic (Norse) pagan runic iconography and consists of twelve radial mirrored sig rune paths in ring form merging and fusing into a gold sun centre   It represents the divine ascendancy to greatness in the afterlife. This symbol was crafted in malachite (green marble – ‘ the stone of transformation’) as an inlay in the centre of a new marble floor constructed in 1933 for the Nazi Schutzstaffel Generals Hall in Wewelsburg Castle in Germany.  The castle was leased by Nazi Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler as the Schutzstaffel SS-Schule Haus Wewelsburg (‘Wewelsburg Protective Echelon training school house’) between 1933 and 1945 during Nazi Germany’s Third Reich.]